Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stillwater Flies, Top Fly Tyers, Tips & More!

One Can Never Truely Know Enough About Stillwater Fishing

It's Summertime...Let's hit some Stillwater! If you're fishing the states this may help, if you decide to fishing other areas ie: Patagonia not sure. I can remember awhile back talking with my pal Ryan formerly of AEG Trout Bum Diary about when he fished Stillwater down south in Chile. Boy did I get some wild stories about stillwater fishing in Patagonia and the techniques they had to use down there, pretty impressive and if you saw their video..WOW they grow em big down there. I never did get a big one when I was down there but his wisdom always helped when I was traveling to various areas he's hit before.


Choosing a fly while Stillwater fishing can often be a difficult process for most of us. There are thousands of patterns at our disposal, the problem is where to begin. Under the perfect conditions most should be successful. Questions we ask ourselves: Do we choose a dry fly or a nymph? Perhaps a big streamer of some kind or even 2 at a time, what color or size do we choose? How shall we move it through the water? We often base our choices upon criteria we choose and not necessarily something the trout might find appealing

These questions can be easily answered by doing many things to prepare before your day out on the water. What I like to do is to prepare months in advance with notes regarding prior years at the lakes I will be fishing. Also as it get's closer I will talk to local fly shops, check fishing reports, bring extra flies if possible, an example being from a recent trip to North Park Colorado, we caught Trout on a total of 20 flies....that's a little too many to decide from but things change every day, hour and by the weather so be prepared! To be honest most lakes will leave you a guide year in year out, from Ice out flies to specific chironomid's, Callibaetis flies, damsels, scud's and cranefly's in some areas.

Do your homework and don't be disouraged, Stillwater areas have the largest fish you will find anywhere, the hardest fighting fish, sometimes the most remote areas to enjoy yourself and things will pay off I can promise you.

Denny Rickards Site on Stillwater Fishing.
He's always friendly to talk to and very helpful when
I'm heading out for a weekend on the Lake

Brian Yamauchi
He has patterns that will blow your mind as well as I'm amazed at how he schools me everytime we get out on the water, man do I have a lot to learn

We will also be talking about watercrafts to look into later this week as well seeing how it's always best to fish Stillwater lakes frim a boat to reach various depths and weedbed areas.
To use a bellyboat or Pontoon will be the topic we will discuss so stay tuned!

Tackle-Fly Rod equipment and fly lines to use
We will also be talking about what style rods, reels, fly lines, techniques also to use the next few days.

Brian Chan, his name is synonymous with Stillwater and
great patterns to learn about as well

Gary LaFontaine Stillwater Info

Stillwater Fishing in England, they definitely know their stuff
Rules of Fishing and being Successful in Stillwater
Catching My Fair Share Local tyer friend with some impressive flies

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TheFlyFishingBroker said...

Great post. Very informative.

Troutdawg said...

Thanks and as most know, stillwater is an ever evolving game that you can never know enough about so believe you me, I'm still learning as much as I can!

Anonymous said...

Nice write up on Stillwater fishing!


Troutdawg said...

Thanks, the countdown is on for me being winter now. Can not wait to get on a few lakes soon!

Anonymous said...

Great patterns listed and I'm always learning more and more about new patterns to tie and Rickards is the man.


Troutdawg said...

Rickards has some great patterns. Well if my pals Yamauchi or Tak's aren't working than I'll try his, one of them definitely will keep me hooked up all day on the lakes.