Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guides Report Card from the members!

Guide Reports are In...Take A Look!

So we got a number of emails in from members about guides they've used over the years and who was good, the bad and the ugly while out on the water. If Saltwater is your fancy than we have it all! Here is the Thread we started about members to send in their guide reports. No full names or screen names given to protect them from the unpopular call outs from guides possibly.

Saltwater Reports
Keys Area- Jake M Minneapolis sent in
He stated that a few years ago he was there with his son and Peter Robbins guided them out one day, A not so pleasant experience. He didn't list the guide company name just the guide. ** out of 5

San Diego- Larry D. from Dallas used this outfit last year and though the guide tried his best, he was super under qualified and really didn't put them on fish at all.
Seaforth Sportfishing * out of 5 stars

Freshwater Reports
Alaska- Way too many outfits there so not only did I have a bad experience with a guide who put the others on the boat onto fish but left me out to dry and forgot our lunch, he got no tip and a definite bad review from me. Midnight Sun service got a ** out of 5 from me

Alaska- Another report came in from Kelly G from Atlanta sent us about a report that was so-so. Besides the crappy weather the guide showed up late, unprepared, took forever to get going and didn't say much. Not good and went back to another Outfitter the following year. What an ass and stay far away is the report
Larry's Fishing Charters (nice name) * out of 5

Idaho- A report came in that was good and bad? Patrick P from Denver sent one in where the Guide put him on a few fish but the biggest of the day he dropped the ball. He didn't net the fish right and Patrick lost the biggest fish of his life...ouch!
All Flies service 6 years ago (not sure if still around) *** out of 5

We'll talk about Local area guides the next few weeks from Montana, Colorado and New Mexico that people sent in

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