Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Denver Area Carp Slam Tournament! Denver Trout Unlimited Benefiting The South Platter River

Denver Trout Unlimited's Annual Carp Tourney...It's Back!

This is a great event every year and glad to talk more about what the boys have planned for the Slam this year. I can still remember back when I was the Activities Chair for the Denver TU many moon years ago helping to start this with the boys. Tim "Fishman" Emery still get's the ball rolling each year and does one incredible job to promote this every year. Man has it grown into a Success thanks to him and efforts of some friends at TU each year, sorry I'll be out of town this year chasing Yellowstone Cutthroats in Montana and covering many of Yellowstones tops waters, so not able to help out or enter this year! I'm going to miss the antics from our Pal Barry Reynolds again as well as
many of my other DTU and Caro friends.

It's brought to you by the Denver Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam teams up professional and amateur fly fishers to chase the elusive common carp on the waters of South Platte River in and around downtown Denver. The tournament is challenging, and fun! It also benefits restoration efforts taking place on the South Platte River.


Anonymous said...

Should be another good year for this. I hope it's a big turnout again like last year.


Dave Maynard said...

What a great venue! Big fish in the big city! ( i live in Monument) This is my first Carp slam and can't wait. Thanks to Tim all the sponsors for your hard work on putting this together. Im new to Carp on the fly but I feel like a kid catching my first fish ....it's awesome!
Dave Maynard
Fish the Baja