Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Colorado Summertime Fishing Adventures! Yampa-Delaney-Spinney-Antero

One Week, A few Out Of Town Guests, Plenty of Rods Bent!

Summertime in Colorado with some out of town guest means there's going to be plenty of stories to be told and lot's of trout caught. Friend's Brian and Rob recently made the trek back to Colorado to hit some of our top fisheries and they timed it perfectly! Whether it was the Yampa, Delaney Buttes, Spinney or Antero, they couldn't have timed it any better. Great to catch up with them and I wish we had more time to fish together since I got short on time and missed some time on the water with them.


Brian ,Rob & Vincent out on the Lakes

Vincent Su from Flywheel and his friend Sean also joined me in South Park for some fun, a few nice fish and some crazy weather. What's fishing Stillwater in the Summer without some insane wind, rain, hail and whitecaps....oh yeah welcome to South Park! Anytime I can get out with Brian to fish or even Vincent, I jump at the chance. These guys know their Stillwater flies and hook ups are never to far from them. Hopefully other friend's like Travis, Todd, Tak and Dave can join in on some fun on our next adventure.


My Fat Snake River Cutty from Antero,Damsels = Trout sushi!

The Yampa River is a popular fishery and if you can time it right, like the guys did, it can be pretty insane as to how good the fishing can be. Between some big browns caught by Rob (7lb browns) and a 30 fish day by Brian, I'm planning a trip back up that way as soon as possible.


Delaney Buttes is another favorite of mine and one I know quite well. I should, Brian taught me a ton as to how to fish this place and everytime I fish there with him he puts on one heck of a clinic as to how and catch fish! This guy could probably catch trout on a bare hook he's so good. Last year on a Delaney trip, he had 10 landed before I even knew what hit me, still got some learning to do I guess. It didn't matter though, even at Spinney Brian still managed an epic day even with a 7lb bow and 20+ fish!


Why do we fish Stillwater? The takes, the size of fish, the camping inches away from the water or maybe it's the fun we have everytime we get together who knows. One thing is for sure, the more you do it the better you get and the more knowledge one has for increasing their chances of catching fishing, whether to North or South Park.

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Bigerrfish said...

following and rolling ffa's blog


Fishguy said...

That's an adventure! Not sure if I liked the Jackass shot more or the big trout, keep em coming.

Troutdawg said...

Thanks to the guys at Bigerrfish for pimping us out and we'll do the same here for ya!

Hey fishyguy, you need to get out this way hit a few rivers and get on some beasty trout sometime soon. Fun Summer so far