Monday, July 19, 2010

Denver's Trout Happy Hour, The Boys Are Back and So Are Big Golden Dorado's!

Let The Stories Begin!

It's another email again from a few weeks back requesting "When are we having another Trout Happy Hour?" It seems to have been on everyone's mind and after plenty of fishing trips to report from some of our members, a Happy Hour was scheduled immediately.

Summertime brings on the heat, but it also brings out a few frosty's from our favorite Brewpub the Irish Hound here in Denver. After a quick announcement it was now time to get the Fellas together again. Be it Tim who just got back from a week in New Hampshire, Kyle from Compleat Thought who is still reeling from his Henry's Fork Trip, to Steve who just returned from a 10 days in Missoula chasing big browns, to our newest member Joe from Flyrecipes, to Nick from Reelescape Films who brought me a copy of his Drake Film Festival DVD "In the Land of The Cutthroats", Todd who fishes every water every weekend around the state and Charles who just got hitched and headed to Yellowstone the exact time I'll be there with my guys.


We can't forget one of the oldest members of the group Dr. Fred Miller. He would have loved to join us but some lame excuse via his Iphone last week "I'm in Bolivia Fellas chasing massive Golden Dorado's" not able to make it this time. Only Dr. Fred could have been given a hall pass seeing how he's traveling it seems every week to some foreign location, whether be it Mongolia catching huge Taimen, Russia or planning another Chilean Trip again.

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Fishguy said...

Sounds like a great night out and that's one big Dorado!