Monday, July 12, 2010

Top Summer Fly Fishing Destinations! From Montana to Costa Rica

It's Time For A Vacation

When Summer finally arrives most of us have already been out a few dozen times, well atleast most of you should have been out that much! Whether it's pre-runoff, prime run-off or post, we all plan around these times to maximize the most from being out during this Season.

Besides planning that Summer getaway you've been daydreaming about day in/day out for months, the next question is how long before my Summer vacation begins. One of the best parts of Summer fishing is not the actual trip itself -though exciting, but the planning one does ahead of time in preparation.

Where is everyone headed this Summer for that much needed getaway? Here are a few choices if you're still on the fence.

Is there a more impressive venue for a Summer fly fishing trip? The country's top dry fly fishery 100x over and more water to fish than many states combined. I should also know, I lived there many moons ago and get back whenever possible. It's also where I'll be in a few weeks after to Peak rush of Tourons (a term we conceived when living there between tourists and morons). I've been daydreaming about this place for the last 6 months and it doesn't help when you have friend's that keep coming home reminding me of how great it's been lately.

The summer months in Yellowstone see good dry fly fishing on most of it's area rivers and increasing insect activity on the many lakes which offer good fishing. It is a superb time to hike to backcountry fisheries as the small mountain streams are warming, trails have dried out and fishing can be excellent on these out of the way rivers. The small streams in the area are at their best at this time of year and these places are a lot of fun to fish dries to smaller trout. The Madison in Montana remains the focal point for much of our fishing, as few fisheries in the area can match the fish present in the river.

Florida Keys
Most of you who know me know one word gets me every time, well okay two words Saltwater and Tarpon! Those two together can cause me to stop everything I'm doing, float away to Big Pine on a hot Summer day and imagine a 100lb Poon ripping line into my backing from my Riptide Tibor reel. If you haven't experienced this in the last year there's something wrong with you, if you haven't done this at better jump on board bucko!

Although tarpon are caught year 'round in the Keys -except during the worst of the winter cold fronts, the months of April, May, and June are considered "prime time." And as anyone who has fished for tarpon during prime time at some of the more popular spots (Channel 2, Seven Mile Bridge, Bahia Honda Bridge and Key West Harbor) will tell you, there are a heck of a lot of people who think fly fishing for the Megalops atlanticus is really something special, I'm one of them!

Rocky Mountain National Park is to those in the Rockies, the next best place to visit when you need an all inspiring Mountain Range without having to break the bank or use your frequent flyer miles. Hundreds to trails leading to every water imaginable, brook trout and greenbacks on a 3wt, what could be better? Well maybe it's the 20 elk you passed earlier or the sunset that still has you marveling at your digital camera from.

When the temps warm up and the lakes start to thaw out "pretty much right now" most in Colorado know that Greenbacks are on the bite! There are plenty of hot spots to fish in Colorado during the Summer and one of the main decisions to deal with is, where are the people not fishing and where can I fish that run off is not taking place? Good thing to know and especially how to deal with. With a little bit of research and some know how, a few locations in RMNP can provide you with all one needs to escape for that Rocky Mountain high adventure.

Costa Rica
One of my favorite Saltwater destinations by far -sorry Belize, Baja and the Bahamas, is Costa Rica! What is it about this place you ask? Hmm between some of the best offshore fishing around and pretty sweet inshore action for Roosters and Tarpon, it's hard to compare with anywhere else for me.

Golfito Sailfish Rancho is one of the top flyfishing destinations on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Come live in a wonderful relaxed section of the coast while you pursue the dream of a Sailfish or Marlin on the fly.

Rogue River Oregon
Rogue River Summer Steelhead is an anomaly among steelhead runs. Rogue River Steelhead return from sea at 2 distinct level or age groups the first referred to as the Half Pounder is very numerous over 300,000 per year driven by the need to feed. Making these steelhead very aggressive and great Fly fishing subjects. Rogue River Steelhead have been to sea and returned to the river with as little as 6 months at sea.

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