Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shark Week Is Almost Here....Oh Yeah!!!

It's That Time Again

Shark week is back again and the next big question arises, is your TIVO ready? Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is anything but tame when it comes to excitement. Whether it's the incredible actions scenes, amazing leaps by Great Whites captured in HD, to the countless stories that encompass years of unknown knowledge that still cause curiosity as to what is known about this beast of all beast!

Shark Week is celebrating a record 23rd year returning to the Discovery Channel starting this Sunday, August 1 9pm ET. Fly Fish Addiction has been a Shark Week fan as long as I can remember. I believe it was my Sophmore year of college coming in at 1am that Sunday when "The Week" actually started, I stayed up all night watching and never missed an episode that week let alone a year since -that was some ago!

Other shows have popped up from Expedition Great White to popular Shark videos to watch, there's never a shortage of Sharks on TV lately. Can't wait to tie into more Florida sharks sometime soon again on the fly or make it back out to San Diego and fish with master sharkmaster Conway Bowman.

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