Friday, July 23, 2010

Tarpon Anyone? Shots Of The Week

Shots To Get You Through The Weekend

Okay, I still can't kick the Tarpon in me this Season. What can I say seeing how I got sidetracked from chasing my favorite fish out there this season, maybe a late Summer/Early Fall trip will get me back into Silvers!

Jan Bach is back at it again taking Poons to another level and capturing Tarpon the way we like to see em! I talked about Jan Bach awhile back on FFA and still can't get enough of his shots still!

Tosh Brown is back as well making me one jealous Saltwater guy! More great shots by Tosh and can you say a perfect wallpaper shot. Tosh also has been mentioned many a times here on FFA also and when you take great shots like these, you'll be on my site a ton!

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