Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fly Fishing News of The Week!

Summertime Fishing News: Whether fly Fishing Saltwater or Fishing Yellowstone, it's all here!
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Montana Fishing Outdoors: Not the best year for the big bugsYes, the big bugs will come. The annual salmonfly hatch is spreading eastward across the waters of Montana and that should be a joyous time for anglers. http://www.billingsgazette.net/articles/2008/07/03/features/outdoors/21-henckel.txt Don't

Bring a Green Drake to a Hex Hatch
As the Hex hatch makes its annual march across the U.S., a spate of articles on how best to match these giant flies made their appearance this past week. First there was Eric Sharp telling folks not to tie their flies too big: Hexagenia limbata are not the size of small airplanes. Then Ken Allen wrote a characteristically detailed piece in the Kennebec Journal on hex hatches and how they fit into the Maine fly mix, where they are often confused with green drakes: The real difference is the double gills found on body segment #1 on the Hex.

Fly Fishing for Northern Pike
"Picture this. You've just made a 70 foot cast into a flat peppered with last year's pencil reeds. The water is only two feet deep and you are watching your big feathered streamer dart in one -foot pulls under the surface as you strip it in. Suddenly there is a huge boil and the streamer disappears." Larry Myhre describes a post-ice-out trip to Ontario's North Caribou Lake, detailing the gear required to catch 20-plus-pound northern pike. In the Souix City Herald.

What Makes John Gierach Tick
Jack Ohman did a fine interview with John Gierach when the author was in Portland, Oregon, recently. In it, Gierach says some suprising -- and not surprising -- things about how and why he writes. "'I wish I could say that I had seen this cultural opening in fly fishing. And I wish I could say I saw the moment for a manifesto and wrote it. I didn't. I just wrote the book I felt like writing. And it slowly, very slowly, but steadily got more popular. To this day, I think I wrote too quickly after "Trout Bum." And for better or worse, it made me. I have great affection for that book. But I don't think it's my best book, by a long shot.'" In the Oregonian. "You Gonna

Finish That Sandwich?"
By Marshall Cutchin
Wes Smalling says that before realizing he should probably buy most of his flies, he once fit the prototype of the Fly Shop Guy: "He's that guy who's recently become obsessed with fly-fishing and fly tying. He pops into the store at least once a day -- he never buys anything -- he just hangs around complaining about how expensive everything is and asking a million annoying questions: What size lead wrap do you use for a wooly bugger? Who invented the conehead wooly bugger?" In the Jackson Hole Star-Tribune.

Time Is a River Author Alice Munroe
By Marshall Cutchin
Alice Munroe, author of the best seller The Beach House and of the new book Time Is a River, says fly fishing isn't just about catching fish. It's about feeling life. "Monroe says she is taken with the spiritual and intellectual aspect of fly-fishing, just as her character Mia is. '. It's what brings you back every time, trying to figure it all out. It's all about doing the dance with the fish.'" Craig Wilson interviews the author for USAToday

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