Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gas Prices Changing The Way We Fish!

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So I was thinking about how these gas prices have been going up steadily lately and when will it end. Fortunately I'm taking a few weeks off from fishing every other day and focus on a little work. That and being fortunate to have fished nonstop the last few months when the prices were not as bad, well just a bit lower also helped.

The big question is, how much are you being affected by the recent spike in prices? Nothing like paying $65 to go driving down the road to fish for a few hours! Enjoy the 4th Holiday Weekend and if you head up to the Mtns to wet a line, prepare for crowds and higher gas prices reaching $4.50.

Better yet I wonder how many will be putting off big trips to Florida, Alaska and Russia due to the higher costs?

Local sites to help:
http://www.gaspricewatch.comfind/ cheaper gas in your area gas gouging

Time to get out the bike again and throw the rods on!
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