Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Fishing in Colorado!

Hike and find some new Trout Water!
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A friend of mine found a new area to fish while searching out on Google Earth for some new water to try out. We set out on Sunday to Hike into Bison Creek near the Indian Peaks Wilderness. It was a long Haul and no trails to follow but we made it in and got into many fish! Off a forest road onto an unmarked 4 X 4 road for about 8 miles before we found a spot to park.

One of many Brownies that feel victim to some big Fluffy flies! Between H & D's, Coachmans, Beetles and Stimulator's, they all seemed to work pretty good. Average fish size ran between 12-15" . Great Scenary and the perfect day to be out fishing someplace new with no crowds. No trails and only the creek to follow up and down.

Andrew with a Wild rainbow. Battle scars from our Journey....word of caution next time: Wear boot guards (I forgot) long sleeve, and no shorts!! The further down we went the better the fishing we found but also the more bear skat we found so we weren't the only ones in the area it seemed.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun place to fish with no crowds and all! I think I've heard of that before