Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Top Fly Fishing Summer News!

Top Reads for Fly Fishing July and August!
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Ed Engle on Spider Patterns: "Doing It Wrong and Catching Trout"
"Edward R. Hewitt is credited with modifying an existing spider pattern in the 1920s into what he called the 'Neversink Skater Fly' (named after his home river, the Neversink in New York). Essentially all he did was reduce the existing spider pattern, which had a tail and some other extraneous parts, to its fundamental elements, which were two extra-long, stiff rooster spade hackles tied onto a fine wire, short-shank, size 16 hook." Ed Engle gives talks about Edward R. Hewitt's popularization of spider patterns and offers tips on how to tie and fish them correctly. In the Boulder, Colorado Daily Camera.

California Mudslide Damages Historic Hatchery
The state-owned Mount Whitney Fish Hatchery, which supplies fish to much of southern California, was severely damaged by a mudslide that also closed California Highway 395 for several hours Sunday.

Wisconsin's Driftless Area
"Less than a five-hour drive from Chicago, this relatively undiscovered region of wrinkled valleys and limestone bluffs contains 63 spring-fed creeks running 220-plus miles. Called the Driftless Area because glaciers advancing from the north 10,000 years ago didn't manage to flatten the landscape, it boasts some of the best fly-fishing in the Midwest." Brian E. Clark offers a detailed introduction to the interesting fishing for browns and brookies to be found in southwest Wisconsin. In the Chicago Sun-Times.

Hot Water, Hot Fish
Vermonter Drew Price ignores the naysayers and throws big flies at whatever wily, finned critter will eat them, including carp, longnose gar, and even bowfin. "Price's preferred form of fly fishing is more cage match than ballet. He likes casting huge, garish flies to big, brutish fish using heavy, powerful rods that would have Hulk Hogan grunting with approval." Lawrence Pyne in the Burlington Free Press.

Tom Rosenbauer: Fly Reels for Beginning Anglers
In his latest podcast, Tom Rosenbauer offers an excellent introduction to the many considerations involved in choosing and setting up a fly reel.
"There have never been as many great fly reels on the market as there are today. There are many different price points, and there are many different places to buy them. Orvis, of course, makes great reels, but there are great manufacturers like Ross, Abel, and Tibor. The good news is that what you buy today is going to be less expensive with better features and better quality than what you bought ten years ago.
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