Friday, September 3, 2010

Final Recap From Our Yellowstone Fishing Trip! Gallatin River, Firehole River & Slough Creek!

Too Much Water Too Little Time
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This is our Final recap thread from our trip this week. Yes I know you've been enjoying all of our adventures and great pictures from our Yellowstone Trip this week but you know it had to end sooner or later!

Sit back, relax and enjoy a few more pictures from Yellowstone and start your planning for a trip this Fall or next Summer, you won't regret it I promise.

One of many nights fireside recapping another great day and recounting many lies about how big they were. Getting dark at 9pm every night made for some very late night with a few cocktails. One vantage spot from our Cabin in Gardiner, Montana overlooking the Yellowstone River.

Waking up in the morning creekside to Buffalo's and yes we had a few walk inches from our tent one morning. Nothing like getting out of the tent to 2 big Buffalo's walking by to greet me for breakfast. If you camp at Slough Creek, plan ahead it can get very corwded and space can be limited, if you make it the location is so hard to beat.

Finishing the trip up to more great dry fly fishing on the Gallatin River outside of Big Sky, Montana. Gorgeous water and pocket water hole hopping made for some early evening action on big caddis patterns. The Firehole River is widely known as a top river to fish, one thing to remember. When it's Summertime the "Firehole Thang" makes the water a bit warm so keep that in mind when targeting this River, primetime would definitely be early Fall when things cool off and browns move up.

Slough Creek is one place everyone must try once in their life. After fishing there over countless years; I still get excited to make it there whether the fishing is good or bad!

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Anonymous said...

I would like to fish in Yellowstone one day.

All the best.


Troutdawg said...

Great place to visit and I hope you make it here one day, it's well worth it! Problem is there's too much good water and too little time