Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Fishing in South Park

Fall Day on The Dream Stream

It's that time of year again to head to the hills, enjoy a nice day out on the water and chase some big boys down on the South Platte. I hit the Dream Stream each Fall a few times and sometimes it's good other times not so much. Regardless of hoe your day goes it's always nice to hit some good water on the Dream Stream, 11 Mile Canyon or Antero-Spinney for some hot action.

cutty boca-southplatte

The Dream, or now called the Charlie Myers section, is a tough place to fish whether it's early Spring chasing Cutty's, Summertime throwing Trico's or Fall time in search of some monster Browns. Most days you can expect crowds and more crowds, wind, tough casting conditions or in my case last Fall, a whiteout snowstorm so make sure you pick the right day for your South Park adventure.


One thing that this day brought me was an empty parking lot, clear blue skies, any hole I desired and even a few decent fish. Big Browns? Not quite but the I'll take a wind/crowdless any day any I can get! Will I be back? You know it but I much prefer a cloudy, cold Bronco's gameday to get the fish active and crowds away again.

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