Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Top Summer Flies! Have A Look

A Few Of Our Favorites

Thought I would share a few of my favorite flies of Summer fishing. Sure there's countless flies one encounters throughout Summertime in the Rockies, but I highlighted a few of my favorites that helped catch a few trout.

Grasshoppers, or what we call "Hoppas" are one of my favorites during late Summertime. How can you beat casting large grasshopper patterns all day long getting hammered by hungry trout. I know on many of my trips this Summer this was my lead fly, but it was our Yellowstone trip to Slough Creek where hoppers really became a mainstay for flies used on that trip and dry fly action!

Damsels for a Stillwater fisherman is like candy for a little baby, both go hand in hand. For those of you that enjoy lake fishing and some serious Summertime bites, Damsels and Callibaetis are the top flies to watch when hitting your favorite lake. Recent outings to Antero, Delaney Buttes and Spinney all produced well thanks to this favorite!

How can you talk about Summertime flies wihtout including the Stonefly (as pictured above). A stonefly can really be utililized most of the year and in fact on a trip to the Frying Pan River early Spring a guy we ran into had caught a rather large beast on a Stonefly in early March. From a recent trip to the Madison River in September we were still hammering quite a few trout still on the Golden. Almost every month on any given river you can use a stonefly pattern to catch trout and if you need to use it ealry/late in the season, go for it! With all the variations of stoneflies out there, change it up and I can almost gaurantee you plenty of Success with stones.

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Great looking pictures as usual there TDawg!