Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fly Fishing For Carp With Dave Whitlock! I'm Waiting For The Call

Soon To Be Fishing With The Master

I finished the IFTD show here in Denver with a few things to to think about. One is how good it was to catch up with old friends in town, two was that my bank account needs to improve before I take advantage of all the pro deal forms I received over the week and lastly, if not most important was running into friend Dave Whitlock.

Just finding time to talk to Dave was a special treat, especially seeing how his booth was stacked with people throughout the show. I was able to catch him the last few hours on Saturday and it was well worth the wait!

I was able to talk a little fishing with the Master about his favorite fish species... Carp! Okay, Golden Dorado's are a close 2nd seeing how he is very addicted to this new targeted species. Both of which have their own uniqueness but I suppose the Dorado may take all species as to the beauty of this Southern fish. I almost targeted Golden Dorado's on my last trip to Argentina but time fell short so no go. Dave talked away as if it was a youngster getting into fly fishing for the 1st time, he loved to go on about these fish and his new addiction.


Back to Carp now...So Dave and I rambled away about the current state and future of Carp fishing as well as our top destinations to chase em. The Great Lakes still reign supreme for top level Carp action and despite it's popularity, carp are getting edgy to the pressure it's still a place everyone needs to try sooner or later. The topic of Colorado Carp Fishing came up and I ran with it! I fish a great deal for Golden Bones here in the Front Range area and know some great spots. Once that was mentioned the next question by Dave was "Man if only I knew Denver was hot on Carp and we had more time we could have hit some water!" Perhaps not this time but Dave asked for my number to call me when he comes intown again visiting family memebers to go out one afternoon. Uhh sure, I'll be happy to take out a legend for an afternoon fishing and learn from the Master himself!!

Whether or not that actually happens who knows but to get to talk to a guy that most all of us look up to in the Industry and for what he does for the sport, is a day that I will definitely look forward to.

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AYearOnTheFly said...

I've been reading alot about the gathering in Denver. Sounds like a good time. I might have to make plans for next year.... Fish with a master...sounds like something for you to look forward to.

Troutdawg said...

Yeah pretty fun time had by everyone and between the video awards, new gear to look at and meeting people like Whitlcok, it was definitely a good time.