Saturday, September 11, 2010

Denver's IFTD Show and WorldAngling's New Supernatural Saltwater Video!

The WorldAngling Crew is Back Again

The IFTD show is finally back in Denver again and the excitement has been building for weeks with friends of mine coming into town for AFFTA's annual show. The anticipation for new products coming out in 2011 has got us pondering as to whether this show will be another doozy or a good one to remember.

With the show comes a number of parties, catching up with out of town friend's, building new relationships for FFA and plenty of videos to watch! Thursday night was the Drake movie awards night and there's some great stuff out this year so far! Worldangling was back with even better stuff than last year,checkout their latest video, it will definitely get you excited for Saltwater.

Eastern Rises also was shown and after talking to Travis Rummel some yesterday, I need to post that sweet video up the next few days as well! Can't wait for more fun today with the gang from the social media area and hanging out with people like Dave Whitlock, John Dietsch, Andy Mill and Bob Clouser to say the least.

LINK to Supernatural

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Fishguy said...

I had some buddies head out to the show this weekend and all reports say the show is moving? Any news on that?

Troutdawg said...

Yeah I just heard that myself. A shame but I understand, hopefully it makes it's way back.

Fun show thought and lot's off good stuff out next year. Will do a recap write up the next few days,thanks