Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dogtown..Touching TV Program Worth Checking Out!

Special TV Show: Dogtown, Pit Bull Recovery and Documentary!

Saving the Michael Vick DogsGo
behind the scenes at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary as former fighting dogs rescued from Vick’s property learn to curb aggressive behavior and live peacefully with humans and other dogs. Watch the two-hour season premiere Friday's in September 9PM ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel.
Link to and TV show on National Geographic
Other Episodes:
DogTown Program ScheduleSaving the Michael Vick Dogs ET/PTFeaturing Cherry, Meryl, Denzel and GeorgiaNew BeginningsFriday, Sept. 12, 10 pm ET/PTFeaturing Wylee, Nochi and WillaProject RescueFriday, Sept. 19, 10 pm ET/PTFeaturing Johnny, Baxt and TuffyNew LivesFriday, Sept. 26, 10 pm ET/PTFeaturing Wycheck, Knightly and KarinaTo read more about the “DogTown” series, visit the Nat Geo website.

Every year, countless numbers of dogs are given up on.They are unwanted, abandoned for medical or behavioral reasons, the result of extreme abuse, or the unfortunate victims of circumstance, many of these dogs will be unable to find permanent homes, and euthanized when individuals and institutions throughout the country, and the world, are unable to care for them any longer. For many of these dogs, Dogtown represents a dog’s last chance for redemption, hope, or survival. Dogtown is a last resort.DOGTOWN follows these dogs from their initial arrival at Best Friends, through their various medical and/or behavioral transformations, all the way through adoption, a lifetime spent at Dogtown, or in rare medical cases, death. While most of these dogs deserve homes—unfortunately, not all will find them.

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