Friday, September 12, 2008

Is This Your Cup Of Tea?

Fly Fishing Competition come back to Colorado!

The Fly Fishing Cup!
More on their Website Here

Whether you're into this or not feel free to read more or about and get involved, I'm thinking of finding another area to fish personally...a bit too many crowds for me.

Practice WatersThe Arkansas River - practice water is at Hayden Meadows.The Blue River - from the Town of Silverthorne to the Dam.
Ten Mile Creek - from Officers Gulch on I-70 to Copper Mountain Resort and above.
Upper Colorado River - any public above Cottonwood put inCompetition WatersThe Arkansas River - from the DOW access above Granite.
The Blue River - Blue River campground and below.
Ten Mile Creek - from the town of Frisco to Copper Mountain Resort.
The Upper Colorado River - above the junction of the Eagle - all private 2 miles up.


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