Monday, September 29, 2008

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Happy Autumn
By Marshall Cutchin
Gordon Wickstrom celebrates the first day of fall and notes that for many, the season produces just the opposite of dread. "When a fisherman today takes to the creek in its autumn glory, or a hunter to a water hole on the prairie to shoot doves, he knows that his intense response to it all is protected by the knowledge that he need not bury himself like the ant in dark, frozen slumber and so try to survive: He can go home-- and turn up the thermostat." In the Boulder Daily Camera.

Fly Fishing for Lake Erie Shoreline Steelhead
By Marshall Cutchin
In a short video, fly fishing guide Karl Weixlmann discusses essential gear and flies for catching steelhead from the Lake Erie shoreline.
The accompanying article also gives lots of advice on technique: "After making the cast, I like to tuck the cork handle of the fly rod under my arm pit and use both hands to strip in the fly line and dump it into a stripping basket. You simply cannot outstrip a steelhead that's bent on eating your fly in open water. Another retrieve that works on the lakeshore is to strip the line in erratic spurts from 1 foot to 3 feet long with your line hand while keeping the line tucked under the cork handle with your rod hand."

New Video: "Drift"
By Marshall Cutchin
In the Denver Post, Charlie Meyers talks about the "warm and fuzzy" reception given the new Patterson/Klug/Bie production "Drift," which was screened this last Tuesday at the Fly Fishing Retailer show. "'I wanted to take the Warren Miller formula of visiting familiar settings and showing the beautiful things about them,' [director Chris] Patterson said of a domestic selection that includes the Frying Pan, Bighorn, Green and Deschutes rivers. For a balance of the exotic, the movie visits Belize, Andros Island in the Bahamas and, as a fireworks finale, the rivers of the Kashmir sector of India. Patterson, a novice angler, came away surprised at the challenges."
You can watch the trailer for "Drift" on the Confluence Films Web site.

The Bahamas: Bonefishing Green Turtle Cay
By Marshall Cutchin
"'A lot of deep-water sanctuary and access, and a variety and surplus of bait to sustain these fish,'' [George] Poveromo wrote in an e-mail. 'Big fish can drop off into the [Sea of Abaco] within seconds and be safe. Those on the oceanside flats can drop off into a channel or deep water within seconds. Then there's less fishing pressure here.''' Sue Cocking fishes the off-season at Green Turtle Cay and still manages to catch fish in only a half day of fly casting. In the Miami Herald.

Mazomanie, Wisconsin: Best Town for Nude Fly Fishing?
By Marshall Cutchin
Forget about those expensive waders. With its art, culture, and nude beach on the Wisconsin river, the Town of Mazomanie would have to be on your list of cool (too cool?) places to live in Wisconsin. "The September issue of Budget Travel named Mazomanie one of the '10 Coolest Small Towns,' noting that the village is saturated with artists. Mazomanie's comeback is partly due to historical society members who saw the potential of their hamlet nestled amid rolling hills, the Wisconsin River, Black Earth Creek (a Class A trout stream) and farm fields."

Apache Trout: A Good-News Conservation Story
By Marshall Cutchin With scientists from all over the world rushing to examine new Amazon plant and animal species before they are gone, it's nice to think that even in our over-managed United States diligence and dedication can still preserve what may one day prove a vital link. Thank the White Mountain Apache Tribe, the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for a recent example. Over the past couple of decades, they've brought the Apache trout back from the verge of extinction by building fish barriers and removing non-native trout in 27 Arizona streams. "The small, wary native trout is closely related to the rainbow, but exquisitely adapted to the small, flood- and drought-prone streams of the region. They boast the largest dorsal fin of any trout -- which helps them hold their position in a small creek in heavy flows." Pete Aleshire in the Payson, Arizona Roundup.

Alaska Float Plane Crash Was Result of Corrosion
By Marshall Cutchin The crash that killed a guide, pilot and two anglers on their way to Alaska's Royal Wulff Lodge last year was caused by corrosion in the wing, according to a federal accident report. Unfortunately, this kind of corrosion would be undetectable without removing the wings, so the FAA sent a special bulletin on Sept. 9 to all operators of the type of plane involved -- the Helio Courier. "[Royal Wulff co-owner Chris] Branham said he bought the plane from legendary Bush pilot Lowell Thomas in the 1980s, and his lodge uses three other Helio Couriers. The reason his company chose this type of plane for the lodge was its reputation as one of the safest in the world, he said." Elizabeth Bluemink in the Anchorage Daily News.


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