Sunday, September 7, 2008

Welcome to Fly Fish Addiction Blog!

Our FFA Blog is only a few months old and we're hitting the Top 100 Fishing sites Rankings! Our main website Fly Fish Addiction has been around for close to a year and also has had great Success so thanks to all for your Support and help with our websites!!

With the FFA blog, we built this for all fisherman so feel to interact with this site and get involved. We can post recent trips for you, important fishing subjects, pictures or commentary!

How can I have my information published? Just email us to publish your pics or trips!

How can I comment on FFA Blog? Just click on the "Comment section" below the thread and you DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP OR LOG IN, you can put anonymous, your name, or your google/hotmail name if registration needed!

How can I get more reports from FFA? Go to our FAQ on our main FFA Page HERE to send us your information. If we can list any information you do not see, or improvements needed feel free to let us know!

Thanks again for your support and for our 50-70 hits a day average with us still growing daily!


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Thanks for such a great site!