Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Fishing in Florida!


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Tailing redfish, busting snook, and laid-up tarpon are the main course for the Charlotte Harbor fly fisherman. The fall season is characterized by low tides that congregate the fish into very shallow water. The Florida redfish are tailing on the flats in large numbers, and the Boca Grande snook are found in inches of water ambushing baitfish. Casting a shrimp, crab, or baitfish imitation at the fish with proper presentation will yield big results. Florida redfish are an exceptional fly rod game fish. After all, they love to attack flies and can be found tailing, backing, or pushing bait every month of the year in knee-deep water. They are primarily bottom feeders, and oftentimes, they are unaware that their tails are flopping out of the water awaiting your fly.

The average size of Florida Redfish is 4 to 8 pounds and measures 24 to 30 inches in length. Watching tailing Redfish is almost as rewarding as hooking up with one of these beautiful fish. Snook fishing is awesome this time of year. Large numbers of snook are found deep in the Florida mangroves crushing and destroying schools of small baitfish. Surface flies are the primary producers this time of year and yield vicious strikes. Poling the banks as well as wading the shallow water offers the year's best sight fishing for snook.

The thrill of hearing, stalking, and sighting a busting snook will challenge any angler to maintain composure while presenting the fly. These rod-benders measure 22 to 32 inches on average and create the ultimate challenge for the skinny water angler. Laid-up and cruising tarpon are found on the deeper flats and edges in the Charlotte Harbor bays. With the right weather and water temperatures, late season Boca Grande tarpon opportunities are available. Backcountry Florida tarpon fishing.

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