Friday, February 6, 2009

The Bonefishwhisperer and The Saltwater Experience!

Someone who know's how to catch big Bonefish is the"Bonefishwhisperer" Cordell Baurn. Capt Tom Rowland and Capt Rich Tudor make up the complete Saltwater experience with their show, check it out!

Capt Tom and I have one thing in common besides fishing, yes it's a little different, but we both have a thing for MMA...mainly the UFC! Tom has had many MMA guys on his show in the past and when he's not out fishing or shooting his shows, we're often talking a little UFC.

Tom got his start years ago living and guiding on the Henry's Fork area than Salt grabbed a hold of him. After years in the fishing circut, winning casting competitions and on the Redfish fishing tour with Rich, they decided the Keys were the perfect place to stay and have never left!

Tom mentioned the other day that his show was #1 on Versus, I see why! I watch this every week & when I can't his virtual website has real-time for each episode. Between catching 800lb Hammerheads to monster Permit, their show is exciting! Tom is a great fisherman, eager to help others & truly a genuine guy from what I've encountered!

Checkout their website and fishing forum HERE and also their episodes for the past few years via livestream feed also.

I've known Cordell Baurn for a little bit now and one thing about Cordell that seperates him from others is that he can catch bonefish and permit when others can't. Thanks also for the Fishing info you gave me for my Boca Grande Tarpon trip coming up also. He was recently written up in Florida Boating Magazine for his knowledge and guess what, because he can catch some huge Fish!

Cordell moved to Miami 5 years ago from guiding in Alaska. He systematically figured the secrets to unlocking the potential in the waters right here in Miami just minutes from the urban skyline. He has spent hundreds of days putting in the time and doing the work it takes to be a top guide specializing in flyfishing the flats the hard way, the green way (aka his secet weapon fishing canoe). He also got involved with the bonefish tagging program. He has become quite successful at catching targeted species from pushpoling himself and others in his canoe or simply wading.

Link to Coredell's collection of fish, guiding service and Saltwater Tips!

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