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What can be said about fly fishing in Florida that hasn't already been said? Florida provides some of the greatest saltwater fly fishing opportunities in the United States. Anglers can chase a variety of highly prized species such as marlin, bonefish, tarpon, redfish, and snook. Options range from deep sea fishing to patrolling hard bottom flats to prowling mangroves and estuaries. Some of the greatest fly fisherman have called Florida their home. Regardless, successful fly fishing in Florida involves understanding the methods and seasons of fishing in the various regions of the state. The west coast, Gulf of Mexico, Panhandle, Everglades, and the Florida Keys all make for unique fishing playgrounds for the adventurous fly fisher.
Flyfishing for Permit/The Guides PerspectiveCapt. Tom Rowland describes the difficulty and excitement of the Permit fishing experience.
Tarpon Fishing and Catching The Elusive Silver King - Megalops AtlanticusGrowing to lengths of more than eight feet and weighing more than 280 pounds, it is easy to see why the tarpon is one of the most sought after saltwater gamefish in the world.
Everglades 1-5 of 9
Florida Saltwater Fishing reports - not necessarily fly fishing
Florida Everglades Reports - Florida fishing reports, stories, discussions & other stuff
Flamingo / Everglades Fishing Report
Sightfish.com Everglades reports - Florida Everglades fishing reports
Everglades Still Offer A Place To Get Away - By Frank Sargeant from Capmel.com
see all Everglades listings
Florida Keys 1-5 of 32
Saltwater Angler - Shop/ Online retailer with a fishing calender for the keys and monthly reports for Key West fishing
Florida Keys Info-Net - Fishing Links to boat rentals and tackle shops in the Keys
Reel-Time - Fly Fishing Reports for the Florida Keys
Helicon Fishing - backcountry flats light tackle and fly fishing in the Florida Keys
Florida Keys fishing reports - Florida Keys fishing information
see all Florida Keys listings
East Central 1-5 of 9
Florida Sightfishing with Capt. Nathaniel Lemmon - Light Tackle and Fly Fishing Backcountry Charters
East Central fishing reports - not necessarily fly fishing
Central Florida East Coast Fishing - lots of general fishing info for Florida and this area
southfloridasportfishing.com - East Central
Stuart Reports
see all East Central listings
Northeast 1-5 of 8
Amelia Island Florida Fly Fishing - Northeast Florida guide-brief article on the area
NE Florida Flyfishers club - Northern Florida Fly Fishing club
NE Fishing report - NE reports-Not necessarily fly fishing
Saint Augustine Fly Fishing Club Web Site
southfloridasportfishing.com - North East
see all Northeast listings
Northwest 1-5 of 10
Florida Panhandle fishing reports - not necessarily fly fishing
Gulf Coast Angling - reports for Pensacola, FL and Orange Beach, AL
Fishing Chronicle Jacksonville reports
The Jacksonville Florida Fishing Chronicle
southfloridasportfishing.com - North West
see all Northwest listings
Southeast 1-5 of 11
South Florida Sport Fishing online - Good detailed reports for regions of FL written by local guides. Includes a forum too
Fly Fishing the Southeast - Fishing reports and a decent article/testimonial on tying permit flies
South East Florida reports - South East Florida reports from a local guide
SE fishing reports - not necessarily fly fishing repots
Books Tapes for SE Florida Fly Fishing - Books and Tapes for SE Florida Fly Fishing. Subjects include Flyfishing, Saltwater, Freshwater, Tackle and Tying.
see all Southeast listings
Southwest 1-5 of 11
marco-island-florida.com - A good series of articles on saltwater fly fishing in southwest Florida
Fly Fishing South West Florida - Article on fly fishing southwest Florida
Chart on which fish are active when
Florida Fly Fishing Guides - List of Florida Fishing Charters, Guides, and Outfitters by area and type of fishing.
Fishing Southwest Florida - useful Southwest Florida info including tides
see all Southwest listings
West Central 1-5 of 13
Florida Flyfishing,Flyfishing School - Based in Sarasota, this guide offers fly fishing instruction and some brief overviews of species and flies for Florida
Sarasota Florida Fly Fishing For Tarpon
Capt Mels weekly guides - Weekly fly fishing guides on what to look for in west central florida
Florida Saltwater - Lots ofarticles on how to fish the Tampa Bay area, a good species guide and good illustrations of local bait fish
WC reports - not necessarily fly fishing
see all West Central listings
General Info 1-5 of 22
CyberAngler.com - Articles on fishing the state with links to guides and regional reports and a good reef locator
flyfisherman.com - Professional articles on fly fishing Florida and the carribean along with a good bulletin board and OK reports page
Reel-Time - Reel-Time
ReelNative.com - Reports & info on all kinds of Florida fishing
Florida Sportsman - good forums for regional info on fishing florida. Also has a section dedicated to fly fishing
see all General Info listings

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