Monday, February 2, 2009

Shoutout Fishing Sites Week! Fishing Buds Websites

This week is dedicated to some Top Fishing Sites by my Protege's!!!!!

To start the week what better person to showcase than an up and coming Videographer that has the experience, the travels and fishing background to list as a site to checkout!

Nick Clement with Reelescape Films has a great site and has a few more travels to go before he has an awesome video full of some outstanding worldwide adventures. Can't wait to see your recent Redfish pics from your latest trip!

Also checkout his Blog that includes the Colorado Division of Wildlife fish films, it's full of Fall spawning fish underwater. One last thing which is a must to see is to check out the latest Fly Fishing Colorado video that he also helped with! Fly fishers dreaming of the days ahead on Colorado lakes and streams can amplify their visions by immersing themselves in “Fly Fishing Colorado”, a new feature-length DVD from the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW).

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Ken Morrow said...

nick is 1 of my favorite videographers, 2. unlike a lot of the "new media" outdoor video genre, nick's work is at least as informative as it is entertaining. and his ability 2 do both well sets him ahead of the pack of young hunting/fishing videographers.

Troutdawg said...

Absolutely he has done some great work so far and look forward to some other additional features he's working on for the next few years~