Monday, February 9, 2009

Tiborski and Deyoung... Pure Angler Artwork!

Great Paintings and artwork by two of the best!

In December 2006, a group from Men’s Journal magazine was at the Borski home in Islamorada photographing Tim in his art studio for an article on Keys characters published in April 2007. This was the first time Tim was featured in a publication that had nothing to do with fishing. With that milestone behind him now, more good things are expected for the artist who follows his own drumbeat.
Chekout his work Here

Derek Deyoung with Canvasfish is an avid fly fisherman! His passions fo rthe sport of fly fishing and the fish that he pursues have always been the inspiration of his oil paintings. I've have seen his work at a showing and am truely amazed at his work is and how he brings out the life of each individual fish onto canvas...WOW!

Check his work HERE

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. Nice work.

Troutdawg said...

Can't wait to get one on my wall! Maybe now with my tax refund money in hand...I may get it~