Friday, February 27, 2009

My new Fly Fishing Gear...Tax Refund is Here!

Tax Returns usually mean Two Things...Happiness or a much needed Delay in Paying some Coin!

For me this Year Uncle Sam was good to me, it's about time and I'm taking full advantage of it. What did I get for my small return? How about more fishing equipment and a trip to Boca Grande this Spring for Tarpon~

Well..................How about all of these items for under $450!!! You know me the budget traveler, internet deal finder and Fishing equipment Swami.

Sage Launch 9ft 4 piece 8wt fly rod brand new
Lamson 3.5 Radius 8wt fly reel brand new
Scott ES 3weight 3 piece fly rod
Albright EXS 9ft 4 piece 10wt fly rod brand new
3 Packets of 20 Top Saltwater Clouser paterns

One of about 10 Discount Sites I use for Fly Fishing Equipment

Did I really need more fly rods? Who knows, than again "can you truely have too many fly rods"..I don't think so, I still need a 00wt and some Spey's :)

fly rods- fly fish addiction

These were from a collection from last Fall, 15 total rods I think

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice gears buddy! I guess your tax really paid off especially now Spring is coming. :) Sage Launch 9ft 4 piece 8wt fly rod brand new << I wanted to have one like this. Happy fishing! Hope you enjoy your new fishing gears buddy!

Ken Morrow said...

ah! economic stimulus! gotta luv it.

Troutdawg said...

Yes I have my stimulus and Love it!!!

Ken Morrow said...

yeah, but u also provided some stimulus to others. and that's the "magic."

Anonymous said...

Can you set up some online classes to teach the uneducated on how your online shopping powers work? I am sure it is magic of some kind but I would still love to know.

Troutdawg said...

Ha! I just have a bit of luck on my side and waaaay to much time online to find a few Steals! I'll be happy to post a few links next week and give out some secrets since it seems I'm getting close to a full closet and little space left for more gear~