Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top Fly Fishing Classes and The Fly Fishing Reports Site!

Whether it's Trying to learn the Sport of fly fishing or learning what's biting in your neck of the Woods....These two sites are worth seeing!

Fly Currents was started by Jin Choi and Nick Williams. I helped with a few of the earlier post on this site and knew this was going to be a site to frequent before heading out fishing and to learn what's going on in the Rivers of the Rockies!

Between the Fly Current website and the Fly Current Blog, both have as much information on fishing some great water as you can find! Check it out today and enjoy some good reports and impressive photography on their Blog.
The Flyfisher Angling University is a program that assist new anglers to the sport, fisherman that have the skills but may need to tweak a specific areas or if someone needs to learn something new in the world of fly fishing; these are the guys to call! I met Ethan Emery, the director of Angling U, awhile back through our friend Tucker Ladd of Trout's and soon learned that Ethan is a well versed fly fisherman. Many fly fisherman I know, can fish but may not know a few areas to help catch more fish or to help with casting imperfections. Though I haven't used his services I have heard from others about how good they are and how much they improved their fishing. A few of their Classes:

“Introduction to Fly Fishing” “Learn to Fly Fish in One Day” “Fly Fishing Skills and Techniques” “Colorado Nymph Fishing” “Free Casting Clinics” Entomology 101 “Trout Food – Stream and Still Water” “Fly Tying for Beginners” “Intermediate Fly Tying” “Advanced Fly Tying” Rod Building 101 “Introduction to Rod Building”

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