Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Carp Fishing Lake Michigan, Great Lakes Fly Fishing for Carp!

Exerpt from one of my Fishing Buddies out of Minneapolis Last Week
I got the call and all I could think about soon can I get there. One day hopefully I'll make it back that way Summertime to fish with my pal Clark or even, if lucky enough, a few other Carp addict friend's of mine in the area. It doesn't get much better for Carp if you hit it right so since I'm headed to on another trip shortly, my trip there this year will have to put on hold for another time!

Info sent to me:
Arrived Door County Sunday afternoon to cold front and rain that stayed with us through Wednesday morning when we left the campsite at Peninsula state park. The fly shop that helped was The Fly Fishers in Milwaukee. They were amazing, Peter sent me 5 types of flies, some bone fish leaders, a spool of tippet, and his top two places to fish. It all seems to be on the lake side, out of Bailey's Harbor, about 1/2 hour out from Sturgeon Bay. Three bays there with limited access points, but got out on Monday with mostly clouds but hints of sun, which helped to spot fish. Found them at the point, in water with sand and rocks mixed, average visibility, 2-5 feet deep, water a bit choppy, right off shore, easy casts of 20-40 feet, not as spooky as I expected. First cast a crawdad imitation, orange, size #2. I'd spot them moving, cast in the middle of them, let sit on the sand, strip a foot at a time, then rest it. Then the line went tight. Woe! Hold on. He got me out to my backing on the first run, then made a few other strong, steady surges. My 8 weight Sage was perfect, but it's been awhile since it's seen fish of this size. It was maxed out, the reel did a great job, and eventually landed about a 20 pound fish, give or take a few. Probably 30 inches, but deep and broad with a massive forehead. Beautiful fish.
I switched flies to some bonefish pattern in light color, rubber legged thing, a Charley Crab like pattern. About an hour later, saw a cruiser, hit him just right, he turned and grabbed it and I was on again. Almost identical to the first. Bring a big net so you have the time to get the fly out and get your head screwed back on. I just bought a big Frabil with a short handle, big scoop, that hangs off my belt. Perfect. Of course, it was the one time I didn't have the camera around my neck, so missed the moments, but I'll be back again to snap some photos of one of these beasts. The next days were colder, more wind, rain, darker clouds, making fishing almost impossible. I did scout a bit in the other bays, but with little access, you need to walk or kayak to find pods, then work them. Sun, warmth, and calm waters would be ideal, but they will probably be more spooky. But I'll be back in late July if I can find the time, can't wait!

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