Friday, July 10, 2009

UFC 100 Fight Night..Yep There I said It!

MMA Fighting and The Big Fight UFC Card
Troutdawg hanging with Frank Mir at a Fight Night

For those tuning in for fishing news to get you set for your weekend out on the water, you may want to scale down to another thread. If you do need a fishing fix here, okay I will oblige to your desires and offer a Link Here about UFC Fighters and Fishing, how about that. Yes even my fishing Pal Capt Tom Rowland down in the Florida Key's also shares my passion and brought a few on board for a Shark episode awhile back.

For those that know me are acutely aware that I never miss these 3 things:

Fishing...Duhhh it's in my blood plus I have to keep you boy's entertained with my Lies!

Georgia Football...well my Nickname "Troutdawg" is derived from my Dawgs and I never miss a game so yeah a I'm a little fan

And UFC Fighting!

Call it redneck, crazy or maybe you watch it because you're bored from watching baseball, bowling or all the other junk on TV. I dig it because when I wear my hat, sometimes just to piss off my fishing buds, out on the water it's amazing to see people give you more room on the water to fish. Hmm maybe I should wear it fishing more often on the Pan or Antero.

Sorry but when you have a bum shoulder (thanks to a Patagonia Trip awhile back where I tore my Labrum) No Jiu Jitsu for this guy so I might as well watch it. You know you're a closet UFC fan as well, it's okay to come out and join the crowd I won't tell anyone. It's only the fastest growing sport in the country, just don't watch any fights at a Biker bar if you don't want to cause any trouble.

I've been to a number of events and know a few of the MMA guys around town, hence my picture with the Headlining Fighter with Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar. Talk about a mtachup and one Huge Mack truck from Minneapolis, Brock will win this one, though don't tell Mir. Lot's of other good match ups also with my 2nd Fav fighter-other than my Athen's own Forrest Griffin, GSP will fight as well Sat night.

The Big Fight Card..tell the GF or wifey you got plans and watch a heck of a fight card!

*A buddy I grew up with used to Manage Forrest for years and can't wait to see that match up with Spider, I think he can take him!

This Video Clip is Hilarious I promise, check it out!!!


erdo said...

hardcore closet ufc fan here...lesnar is quite the good sport...haha, can't wait to attend my first event @ 101, bout time they come to philly...WAR FORREST!

Troutdawg said...

Crazy fight and I won $50 on Lesnar, I mean did people really think ir was going to wow us again. Brock still needs to get his WWE attitude out the window if he wants to win any fans in the UFC. Can't wait for a Fedor match up~