Sunday, July 12, 2009

Carp On A Fly Week! Yes people do catch these critters

Carp Week Ahead for Top Tips, Flies, Techniques and More!
FFA Carp Link for Top Tips
*Pics above/below from Carp caught this weekend out at some hotspots

With more and more people asking about the sport of Carping we thought we would take a few days to talk more about this fish so many are trying to catch.

What is it about these nasty fish that is getting so much recognition lately? I've been chasing them for years and haven't looked back! If you've Bonefished, or wanted to on a shoestring budget this is your chance,all of you live 3 miles away from the hardest fighting fish around..try your luck!

new carp boys
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Anonymous said...

Those fish are huge! What part of the Platte do you fish? We do Commerce City a bunch


Troutdawg said...

Crazy fight, close by, easy access in the frontrange and no crowds, what more could you want?