Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Traveling To Colorado, Fishing Anyone?

Where can i fish if traveling to Colorado?
Link To Colorado Rivers To Fish and Top Info

Many times a year I get an email from out of town friends, fishing buddies, or newbies to the state and ask.....where's a good place you could recomend to fish?

Rivers of interest are all dependant on where you would like to fish, the area you may be in, scenary, crowds and sizes of fish are all big factors.

Cheesman Canyon-South Platte River 1 hour away, Spectacular scenary hands down, little tougher fishing since they are finicky but great place and close, bigger fish there.

Big Thompson-Estes Park (right near Rocky mtn Natl Park) 1 hour 15 minutes from Denver, easier fishing, close to RMNP if going to spend time in Estes Park, 12-14" avg size fish, decent scenary but right off a 2 lane hwy.

Arkansas River-Buena Vista 2 1/2 hours away, perfect access to 50 miles of water, easy to fish, 12-14", whitewater, many big mountains in the back drop while fishing so hard to stay focused with it being so pretty there.

Colorado River-Kremmling 2 hours away, near Winter Park, spectacular scenary area, great dry fly fishing if the right time, fish avg 14-15"

Clear Creek-30 minutes away Idaho Springs,10-12" avg size fish, easy to fish, decent scenary but right off I-70 hwy, perfect dry fly stream

Frying Pan River- near Basalt and Aspen 2 1/2 hours away, amazing area with the red cliffs, near Roaring fork river as well, more crowded but BIG fish, BIG hatches and a must if close to there

Spinney Mtn Ranch- Commonly known as the "Dream Stream "is a 5 mile section of the South platte river nestled between Spinney Rez` and 11 mile Rez in South Park. Big fish move up when the water exceeds 100 cfs in the Spring and Fall for your best chance at huge fish...that and lot's of people! One last tip...expect Wind!!

Rocky Mountain National Park-Link to Info
You didn't think we would leave thsi off the list did you? Looking for something a bit less crowded, less stuffy, more uniquely your own and filled with vast trout streams? Estes Park Colordo is waiting for you! Discover some of the hundreds of miles of trails, wildlife, hundreds of High mountain lakes and enjoy the surreal majesty of Rocky Mountain National Park. You'll find rushing streams, towering peaks, placid lakes, tall timber and gorgeous wildflower meadows - everything a Rocky Mountain paradise should be and all within an hour 1/2 from Denver.

Other Rivers: Sure there are a ton of waterways in Co, way too many to list but these are just a few. I hoep this helps you when fishing in Colorado!

Links for fishing Colorado:
1)FFA Website http://flyfishaddiction.com/Colorado_Top_Rivers.html
2)Good site for hatches and rivers http://www.coloradofishing.net/reports.htm
3) Many stream reports http://www.thepeakflyshop.com/
4) River Gauges http://stream-flow.allaboutrivers.com/Colorado/river_flow-sCO.html


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the river information, I'm headed that way next month so it's nice to know where to fish at.


Troutdawg said...

Glad to help and fly fishing colorado can be great in the Summer. Checkout fly shops river reports for the best info but glad I was able to help you out dueing your Colorado fishing trip