Monday, July 13, 2009

Denver's TU Carp Slam! Fly Fishing Downtown for Goldens

Denver Trout Unlimited's Annual Carp Tourny!

This is a great event every year and glad to talk more about what the boys have planned for the Slam this year. I can still remember back when I was the Activities Chair for the Denver TU helping to start this with the boys and Tim "Fishman" Emery still get's the ball rolling each year. Man has it grown into a Success thanks to him and efforts of some friends at TU each year, sorry I'll be out of town this year so not able to help out! I'm going to miss the antics from our Pal Barry Reynolds again as well and will have to catch up with him on another day out on the water again soon for some carp.

It's brought to you by the Denver Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam teams up professional and amateur fly fishers to chase the elusive common carp on the waters of South Platte River in and around downtown Denver. The tournament is challenging, and fun! It also benefits restoration efforts taking place on the South Platte in the upper two miles of the river directly below Chatfield Reservoir.

More Here at the Carp Slam Website
INTRODUCTION The Competition Rules are similar to those governing the Fly Fishing Team USA National Fly Fishing Championship (NFFC). If there is any doubt or dispute over any aspect of the Competition Rules before or during the contest, it will be resolved by the Competition Chairman and/or his appointed representatives.
PARTICIPATION Each team consisting of a “Pro” and “Amateur” angler must pay an entry fee. Teams will be determined by a blind draw on the eve of the event.
EQUIPMENT FLY RODS One fly rod, not more than twelve feet/three hundred and sixty-six centimeters in length, may be used at one time. Rods may be rigged and ready to fish. Competitors may have spare fly rods & reels with them. Competitors are responsible for carrying and protecting their own equipment.
FLY LINES Any factory made floating, sinking or sink tip lines may be used.
COMPETITION FLIES Competitors may use floating or sinking artificial flies. Each fly must be dressed on a single hook, without limit as to size. The length of the dressed fly will be at the discretion of the competitor. Weighted flies are permitted. A maximum of three flies is permitted on a line at any one time. No scent may be applied to flies.
DURATION OF EVENTS, AND SCORING There will be two separate scoring sessions for the event. A morning and afternoon beat will be determined by blind draw on the eve of the event. All competitors will have the right to fish an equal number of scoring sessions on each fishing venue. Each scoring session will consist of three hours of fishing. If, for reasons beyond the control of the team, the scoring session amounts to less than the announced period, compensatory time will be allowed. Pro and amateur anglers will alternate fishing at 30 minute intervals. The hours for competition will be set by the Competition Chairman. The respective Controller will be responsible for keeping time for each session.
FISHING BEATS Competition waters will be divided into two sectors, identified by letter.

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