Monday, February 4, 2019

Winter Fly Fishing in Colorado, The Arkansas River and More!

Tailwater Below Pueblo Dam Great For Winter Fishing


PUEBLO — Whether going through withdrawals from the fishing season past, looking ahead to warmer days or merely celebrating the new year, fishermen might consider a quick snack of popcorn trout.

"Yesterday was very similar to today, weather-wise," Alex Zipp, manager of the The Drift Fly Shop (formerly ArkAnglers) in Pueblo, reported Monday morning, not long after nighttime temperatures had plunged well below zero along the Arkansas River in Colorado's old Steel City.
"The afternoon fishing was pretty good, though, from about 1 o'clock to 3. There were midges coming off, and the fish were even coming up for dry flies in the quieter water below rocks. It's been pretty consistent that way."

Indeed, the consistency of winter fishing in the tailwater below Pueblo Dam has become a magnet for fishermen from the entire Front Range and points beyond. "Where else in Colorado can you find fish coming up for dry flies and emergers almost every day throughout the winter?" Zipp asked, accounting for the river's surge of popularity.

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Montana Summer Fishing Reports

They are currently in the later stages of aquatic summer insect hatches, and just on the leading edge of terrestrial season. Tricos and callibaetis can be found in many of the lakes and tailwaters right now. PMD's have been out in strong numbers still, as well as some left over yellow sallies

Upper Madison
With the big stonefly hatches mostly over, we are shifting gears towards PMD's, yellow sallies, and early terrestrials such as ants and hoppers. Most of the trout are moving into slightly faster water, seeking more dissolved oxygen as water temperatures rise. Many of the larger trout lately have been in the mid-river shelves or on the faster edges of the seams.

Yellowstone River
After a slightly delayed start to the Yellowstone River fishing season, it is now go time over there. The past couple weeks have provided consistent fishing with a wide variety of fly fishing techniques from dry flies to nymphs, and streamers.

The Gallatin is shaping up nicely right now, and our healthy snow season should keep flows steady all summer long. As a true freestone river, in general the flows will continue to drop all summer long.

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