Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Fishing on The South Platte River Chasing Big Brown Trout

Reporter: Trout's Staff
Big brown caught by Jake Forsline
Flow Conditions: 62.3 cfs
Water Clarity: Clear
Current Fishing Conditions: Link

Fall is upon us and the Browns have moved into the Dream creating a fisherman frenzy in the South Park Valley. The Browns are in and actively chasing streamers and eating egg patterns. You will see a lot of people up there so be prepared to do some serious walking and move around other anglers.

Nymphs: Eggs, Scuds, Morrishs Anato-May 16-20 , Bead Wing Midge 20-24, Black Beauty 18-22, RS2 18-22, Winter Baetis 18-22

Dries: Idyl's Challenged Pheastant Tail 16-20, Adult Midge 18-22, Griffiths Gnat 20-22, Para Extended Body BWO 16-24

Streamers: Sex Dungeons, Sasquatchs, Mohair Leaches, Thin Mints, Circus Peanuts

Gear: 6-7 Wt rods for nymphing, 5-6wt Switch Rods or 7-9 wt single handed rods for streamers, sink tips, 0x-5x tippet, indicators, heavy split shot, and dress in layers!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Geofish is Back and Available Now on DVD!

Join four fish bums with two first names as they cover 8,000 miles of Mexican dirt in a diesel pick-up converted to run on cooking oil while soaking flies at every opportunity. Trying their best to avoid break-ins, break-downs, break-ups and broken rods, the angling quartet cuts their own path through some of Mexico's most rugged terrain in hopes of finding out-of-the-way locations—with fish, and escaping with captured memories.

For the next seven years, Costa’s GeoFish project will be about one thing: exploration. GeoFish follows a vegetable oil powered adventure fly fishing quest around the world, with the team in search of the most epic spots never fished, the ones anglers hear about but chalk up to urban legend. The first full-length feature film installment capturing this journey, GeoFish: Mexico, Vol. 1, is available now Here

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Colors From Colorado

This is why Fall in Colorado is one of my favorite times of the year! Whether you get out for some fishing, get out for a short walk or just to simply take some pictures, makes this the perfect Season to do just about everything outdoors in Colorado!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Amazing Photo Gallery of Alaska's Salmon

If you missed the NYT's amazing photo gallery of Alaska wild salmon published Sunday, you can check it out here. Photos by Seth Casteel. The one below is of a sockeye on the Russian River near Cooper Landing.

Link To Amazing Pictures

One of the most breathtaking shows in Alaska opens every summer and extends into fall,
when millions of sockeye salmon (known locally as reds) return from their saltwater habitat
to spawn and die in rivers with names like Kvichak, Ugashik and Nushagak. Tourists gather to
watch; bears, ignoring them, eat their fill. The Bristol Bay region is the largest sockeye
spawning ground in the world, and the fish is the state’s most commercially important salmon
species: last year’s catch was worth $296 million. ‘‘When the fish first come in, there’s an
electricity in the air — you can see all the classic things you’ve heard about salmon,’’ l
ike their leaping up waterfalls, says Robert Begich, a biologist with the Alaska Department
of Fish and Game. ‘‘And you can catch some yourself.’’
Julie Bosman

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Madison River Montana Fall Fishing Report

One of my favorite places to fish in the Fall and too bad I'm not able to make it back up that way this October, too close to a new baby on the way but hopefully next Fall I will b efishing one of my favorite River chasing big browns!!

Madison River Fishing Report - Upper River
Montana fishing reports Link
Cameron, Montana, weather forecast
Thursday, October 04, 2012

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Current Conditions:
The Upper continues to produce some of the most consistent fishing in the region. Big trout and good numbers on a daily basis. The most consistent action has been nymphing big streamers trailed by smaller attractor nymphs. Large stonefly nymphs on top have also been a good option. The dry fly eat has been hit or miss but hoppers and espeically ants are starting to turn some heads. The water has dropped a bit and trout are moving into the heavy slots and the fast current around the rock wells. You can't just float down the middle of the river any more and catch fish all day, pay attention to where you get hooked up and look for more of the same. If you can pattern the water and find the holding locations the trout are definitely eating.

The Month Ahead:
The next few weeks should produce very stable fishing conditions well into mid September. The hopper fishing may improve as the grass continues to dry out. Continue looking for trout in the fast water for the next few weeks and then slowly move back to the slower deeper runs as temps cool down.

Long Term Fishing Forecast:
Late September and October always produces great fishing. Competing anglers are gone and the trout become keyed in on some fall hatches like the baetis. Some of the wade areas like the Slide become less pressured and are very good. The entire upper river will produce some very big browns in October as they get frisky in preparation for the November spawn.

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