Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Chironomid fishing game!

For those that enjoy stillwater fishing....this is for you. Feel free to comment on how you fish them
*More on Chironomid and Stillwater Fishing Tips Here
Stillwater is a complete passion of mine and thanks to friend's like Yamauchi and Rick Takahashi, I've learned much more about patterns, techniques and everytime I get out with Yamauchi his patterns are simply off the hook!


Popular Nicknames
Candy Striper
Candy Cane
Cane Fly (CCF) - an obvious fit with the X-Mas Chronie.
Mountie Midge
Snow Midge Canadian Chronie Fly
Coffee Fly ( a.k.a. Hortons Special / a.k.a. Double Double Midge )
Captain Canuk Fly
While still learning the Chironomid fishing game, I have been successful with the following setup and technique. Determine the water depth and adjust your strike indicator so your bottom fly is 1 foot off the bottom. Use two beadhead chironomids separated by 18 inches of tippet tied to the bend of the top fly with an improved clinch knot. Most hits will be on the bottom bug, but using two helps get the rig down. Use the very very slow finger twist retieve or the newer technique demonstrated at the sport show in Denver this year. The new technique is to cast your setup with an open loop to avoid tangles, let it set until the flies straighten out below the strike indicator, then make 6-8 very rapid short (1/2 inch) strips, let it set for 20 or 30 seconds, and repeat until your strike indicator is back at the boat.


Two words, Tungsten Bead. They're like a normal bead in appearance, but weigh about three times as much. I now tie most of my chironomids with these beads, which gives them a great sink rate, and allows you to still maintain a slender body. If this still isn't enough weight, add a weighted dropper fly preferebly again with a tungsten bead. Also, if your placing the indicator on or near the butt end of your tapered leader, the leader will not sink straight down because it's too large in dia. and doesn't bend well. Try using a longer leader and attach the indicator further down where the leader diameter is smaller.
Brian Chan is also the man to look into for some in-depth fishing tips and Chironomid game

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Anonymous said...

Nice write up and can't wait for ice off!!


Fishguy said...

Incredible looking flies! If only I had the slightest talent as those guys.