Friday, July 31, 2009

Shark Week Is Here!

With All The Chatter Lately About Sharks, What Better Time Than Now For Shark Week
Shark Week Link for Episodes and Schedule

Discovery Channel's annual must-see event, Shark Week, is back this summer with seven premiere programs that spotlight the sea's apex predator, including two specials hosted by Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) that profile the people whose jobs are to work with sharks. Airing Sunday, August 2 through Friday, August 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT each night, Shark Week is produced in conjunction with leading shark researchers around the globe, and provides viewers with valuable knowledge about the behavior and characteristics of this diverse and majestic species.

Shark Weekhost Mike Rowe introduces each night’s premiere special, and also hosts the Sunday, August 2nd two-hour kickoff special Dirty Jobs: Jobs That Bite, and the Friday, August 7 one-hour special Dirty Jobs: Jobs That Bite Harder. For both, Mike travels around the globe to do jobs that really "bite," alongside the dedicated men and women who work with the ocean’s most efficient predator. From performing shark necropsies to tagging and tracking the migration patterns of sharks, and testing shark repellants and chain mail, these jobs help better our understanding of shark behavior.

Anatomy of a Great White SharkHow Bull Sharks WorkHow Sharks Are Born
Worst Shark Attack EverShark Myths: Reeling in the Big OnesPrehistoric Sharks: When Megaladon Ruled
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fly Fish Addiction Meets Fly Fishing Crazy Creator!

Two Fly Fisherman, Two Websites, One Passion....

What happens when you get two guys who love to Talk Fly Fishing? Yep, you guessed it, a long winded conversation about a why we love this sport so much, the future and it's ever evolving technology side of the equipment we use.

I was fortunate to sit down with another Fanatic fisherman, "With a name like Fly Fishing Crazy" you can guess it doesn't take much for this guy to get motivated to talk about fishing or to come up with more great marketing ideas about promoting his site and top notch equipment. Larry Snyder of Rocky Mountain Web Connection, is the brains behind a great new site out there called Fly Fishing Crazy and Fly Fishing Crazy Blog if you haven't checked it out you better get on it. There are lot's of goodies for those new to the sport or for those that think they have everything, I bet he has some things you will be tempted to buy. Whether it's custom building your own rod with fly rod blanks, large selections of Bamboo rods or fly reels, he's got it!

Larry and I have been talking for awhile now so it was great to finally meet in person and I wasn't disappointed, especially seeing how he brought out some new equipment for me to try out. I can tell we're definitely going to have to hit some local waters pretty soon and to keep the conversation going more about some of his Bamboo's as well as mine. Larry has been fishing in many of the same areas I have so it was nice to share some of the same experiences and fish stories we both seemed to have plenty of. I can tell I'm definitely going to be a daily visitor of Fly Fishing Crazy site and can't wait to find more things I don't have on there.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Patagonia Fly Fishing Adventures

Tres Piedras of Chile Knows Big Trout

For those in search of an incredible Adventure, breathtaking scenary, remoteness and oh yeah huge Trout, look no further. Contact my friend Francisco at Tres Piedras for the trip of a lifetime! Can't wait to get back again myself and some sweet fishing package deals for those starting to plan this year's upcoming season.


My Trip was one of those that you can only dream about. Francisco knows the rivers as good as anyone, the regions top hotspots, tactics for big fish and how to keep a smile on your face all day! Ask my fishing friends, they have to tell me to stop talking about my trip since I can go on for hours about my experiences there and the excellent fishing I was fortunate enough to encounter.

What areas does TP cover? Francisco goes to Palena and Llanquihue counties which are two of the most beautiful places in northern Patagonia, and contain some of the world's most secluded and undiscovered places for fly-fishing. They have been guiding at these two regions for many years, this knowledge allow them to select a mix of great fishing spots, lodges, food, wines, and authentic hospitality that makes you to feel in the real Patagonia but with excellent service.


Call or email him today and get your Big fish Fix for years to come!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Crazy Shark and Alligator Stories From Florida!

Two Wild Stories from Sharks and Alligators in Florida!

When I posted the title I thought it might gain some attention, than again I realized it's Florida, there's always something wild going on! Between the fishing, scenary, beaches, over rated College football team (UF) and stories to keep you entertained.

Shark Found in Downtown Miami- Link
MIAMI - It's not clear how or when it was killed, but police were called to a downtown Miami street when a five-to-six-foot shark was found lying in the middle of it. News footage Tuesday night showed the dead animal in the street with police officers and cruisers nearby. Two TV stations reported that a pair of men had tried to sell the animal to at least three fish markets for around $10.

The men apparently carried the five or six-foot-long fish around on the city's Metromover downtown train, prompting calls to police. The men apparently carried the five or six-foot-long fish around on the city's Metromover downtown train, prompting calls to police.

Florida Man Saves Pet Dog From Alligator

A West Palm Beach, Florida man is out of the hospital after taking on an alligator with his bare hands. When a gator attacked his dog Mandy early Saturday morning, David risked his own life to free the captured canine. He pushed his thumb into the gator's eye to stun it, and then pried its jaws apart. His quick action saved the life of his dog, but left his hand mangled. "I had my hand in his mouth anyway so it was close, so I think he just caught me," said Grounds.

Despite the damage to his hand, Grounds expressed no regrets about saving his dog. However, he did admit he won't be taking his dog out without a leash again. That's a good idea according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. "This is the time of year when alligator's are most active, and we want to remind folks recreating near the Florida waters to just be cautious and remember that alligators are out there, they're a part of our wildlife and just be careful," said Gabriella Ferraro, a spokeswoman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Friday, July 24, 2009

San Diego on The Fly! Fly Rods Apply As Well As Sharks!

Summer Fishing In San Diego!
More Info on our Trip and Fish Pics Here
"Gran fin de semana de la pesca en San Diego!!"

I thought this first picture would get your attention! Unfortunately no sharks were found eager to bite for us so we settled for a few other fish species to bring back for dinner. We did however manage plenty of fish down in the Coronada Islands in Mexico to keep us busy.


San Diego Summer fishing is so hard to beat and when you need to get away for a quick weekend of fishing with some cheap airfare or just an escape from work this is the place. For those that have never been you must check it out and the word is out about fly fishing adventures in San Diego. What better city exist out there where it's a constant 70's during the day and only gets into the lows of 50, pretty hard to beat.

An early 4:30 wake up call was way too early for me but the coffee was awaiting so I was ready for some fishing. We set off for a fun filled day of fishing in the Coronada Islands, a set of Islands just below the Mexican border. After a bit of chumming it didn't take long to hook up on some fish and the bite was on. Fish species caught most of the day ranged from Barracuda's, Sea/Sand Bass, Yellowtail and a few other fish that I have no idea what they were but fought great!


Thought I would talk about a Great white caught recently as well, the first Great white "supposidly" landed on a fly! Great job and the go to guy who helped find this beauty..why no other than Shark expert Conway Bowman. For more on the story and how to catch one for yourself, checkout this Great White on a fly story

If you're looking for a varied species trip and an easy way to get on a fish, checkout these other fine Outfitters:

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Durango & Silverton Trout Railroad!

Ride the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Fishing~

A great way to see the Animas Valley as well as some ideal fishing, is from a steam-operated train, which takes nine hours to wind back and forth through the canyons and wilderness of the San Juan National Forest (you have about a two-hour layover in Silverton). Choose from standard class, which is basic coach seating or open-air gondola cars, or the upscale classes that garner refreshments and nicer accommodations during the trip. Looking for more of an adventure? Hikers, fishermen and other backcountry enthusiasts also use the train as a jumping-off point for treks on the Colorado Trail and into the Chicago Basin. See website for details. Rates are $79-$179, depending on seat and season (479 Main Ave., 970-247-2733,

Stay: The Strater Hotel brings together the Old West and the New with antiques-filled spaces and an inviting old honky-tonk saloon. Rates start at $179 (699 Main Ave., 800-247-4431, Dine: Ariano's Northern Italian Restaurant is a locals' favorite that makes some of its pastas daily and some wonderful sauces, as well (the house-made pumpkin ravioli in brown butter is to die for). The vibe is warm, and the wines are inexpensive. (150 E. College Drive, 970-247-8146).

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Federation of Fly Fishers Conclave

FFF Conclave Loveland, Colorado is the place to be!

Largest Fly Fishing Educational Experience Lands in Loveland, Colorado
Conclave Link

Looks like I have more friends coming into town again for some fishing and a fun event to checkout! Whether it's one of my guide buddies Capt Pete Greenan ,from South Florida that I use on our Boca Grande Trips ,or a few other FFF friends here to checkout some other top fisherman here to showcase some fly fishing tips, equipment and more.

Fly fishers from across the United States and world are uniting July 28th – August 1st for the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) 44th annual International Fly Fishing Show and Conclave in scenic Loveland, Colorado that is the premier event dedicated to the art and sport of fly fishing.

The Conclave features more than 80 workshops and clinics on casting, fly tying, on-water fishing techniques and other topics taught by well-known instructors such as Bruce Richards, Lefty Kreh, and Bob Jacklin. The workshops are designed to appeal to a broad range of interests and skill levels. The fly fishing show features exhibits with the latest in gear, outfitters, conservation information and other related topics such as outdoor art and books.

“This is a must-attend event for anyone interested in fly fishing,” said R.P. “Pete” Van Gytenbeek, CEO and president of FFF. “Conclave is the largest venue in the world where this many instructors come together to share their expertise and knowledge. No matter the skill or interest level, we have something for everyone in the family.”

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Google's Top Fly Fishing News, Best Fly Fishing Blogs and Websites!

Google Directory Listings

Figen's Fly Fishing -
Christian Figenschou's stories and pictures from fly fishing trips in Norway.
The McKenzie Page -
Accumulation of Oregon flyfishing and outdoors links and photos. Includes fly patterns, and links.
The Trout Underground -
Fly fishing the Upper Sacramento and Northern California
The Norwegian Flyshop -
Guide to sportfishing in norway, salmon fishing, inland fishing and deep sea fishing, and fly patterns.
Buster Wants To Fish -
Offbeat look at fly fishing from GenX; colorful, strident, and fresh
Singlebarbed -
Fly fishing for coarse fish in brown water, the consumate Brownliner, featuring humor, fly tying, and industry commentary
The San Juan River Site -
Mike Mora's site on fly fishing the San Juan River in New Mexico.
Winemaking and Flyfishing -
-I discuss philosophy, flyfishing and provide one of the most complete and up-to-date lists of links to other related sites, says Jack Keller.
Fish, Flies, and Water -
Jason Borger's personal fly-fishing site.
Fishing Jones -
Fishing weblog for angling enthusiasts. Four guys ramble about fly fishing.
Karl F. Moffatt - Tales From The Far Bank -
Weekly New Mexico and Colorado stream flows, fishing reports and journalist's stories from the backroads of New Mexico and the West.
The Neil Creek Chronicles 58°19'59"N 134°29'49"W -
The Journal of Alaskan fly fishing
FlyFishMagazine -
The blog portion of the e-zine flyfishmagazine
Chi Wulff — Fly Fishing In Yellowstone, Southern Montana, and Around -
Fly Fishing In Yellowstone and Southern Montana
The RoughFisher -
Fly fishing for coarse fish; Carp, Buffalo, Redhorse, and the non traditional freshwater fish.
Carp on the Fly -
Fly fishing for large carp in the Columbia river basin
Cutthroat Stalker -
Musings on fly fishing for native cutthroat trout.
The Urban Fly Fisher -
Alistair Stewart’s piscatorial adventures around Glasgow, Scotland
Fish Swami -
An online fishing log for saving information from fishing trips.
The Tattered Fly -
Fishing stories, location details, gear reviews, and pictures for the state of Idaho and surrounding areas.
Beyond and Back -
Fly fishing for Steelhead and Salmon in Alaska
The Fly Fishing Rabbi -
Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer mixes the lessons of Judaism with fly fishing
Cane Rod Fishing -
Some fishing trips and cane rods - a photo album.
Fat Guy Fly Fishing -
Humorous, fresh look at fly fishing from guys proud of the extra pounds
Tamanawis -
Fly fishing the Lochs of Scotland
Jack Gartside's Home Page -
Includes Jack's fishing books, flies, prints, articles, message board, and fishing reports.
The Wayward Fly Fishing -
A fly fishing site devoted to helpful articles, stories, book reviews, and photography.
40 Rivers to Freedom -
Fly fishing blog, featuring fly tying and angling entomology
SwittersB & Fly Fishing -
Fly tying, humorous commentary, based in the Pacific Northwest
Lefty's World -
Lefty Kreh's personal site.
Wisconsin Fly Fisher -
Includes mayfly hatches, tips and trout stream information.
The Daily Fly Paper Blog -
Dedicated to the art of fly tying, copious patterns and tying commentary
The Contemplative Angler -
Reed Curry's insights into modern fly fishing
Fly fishing of Japan -
Japanese fly fishing site from Tokyo.
Western Sportfishing -
Articles, stories, pictures, and angler forum covering western Canada and United States.
TheChronicFlyfisher -
Flyfishing in BC, Guided stillwater flyfishing trips, experience pontoon boat flyfishing, learn to flyfish, Trout flies, maps and lakes.
pesca mosca -
dry fly fishing and videos for fly fishing in Castille and Leon, Spain
Nova Scotia Fly Fishing, Tying and Tall Tales -
River information, hatch chart, fly patterns, and fishing log.
Ron's Trout Fishing in New Zealand -
A review of flyfishing for trout in New Zealand including tackle, techniques, rivers, lakes, fishing season, and flies to use.
Sharon's Fly Fishing Links -
Links to fly fishing organizations for women
Flyfishing in Slovakia -
Descriptions of Slovak flyfishing rivers, and photos of flies and freshwater insects.
The Contented Angler -
A personal celebration of Flyfishing by Joe and Amy Gablick.
Fly Fishing NC -
Maps, Streams, Trout Species, Flies, Regulations, NC Links, Entomology, Hatches, Photo Pictures, A Diary
Fly Fishing for Moriches Bay Striped Bass -
fly fishing for striped bass in Moriches Bay
Ozark Chronicles -
Matt Tucker's site dedicated to the pursuit of Ozark trout on the fly.
ROFF - Fly fishing -
Fly fishing in the northern part of Sweden for trout, char, grayling and salmon.
FlyFishWales -
Contains an overview of fisheries in Wales, with jokes.
Moldy Chum -
Weblog dedicated to piscatorial pursuits.
Striper Moon -
The official web site of Ken Abrames.
Ian Colin James - Fly Fishing -
With gift ideas, fly casting instruction, guiding, custom fly tying, great photos. Fun, informative and interactive.
Takeshi's flyfishing in Japan -
This is the personal page of Tekeshi's friendship through flyfishing.
Frank's Personal Waste of Time -
Bamboo fly rods and photography.
Kelso Fishing -
Fly fishing for trout, salmon and grayling on the rivers Tweed and Teviot in Scotland.
Fly Fishing Fool -
A self described trout bum relates stories, tips, gear reviews, fishing reports and more.
Southern Tier Fly Fisher -
Fly Fishing New York and Pennsylvania
The Outdoorsman on Line by Hank Woolmang -
Hank has been building hand planed cane rods for over 20 years. With his wife Marcia they publish this nice site.
Wolfgangs Fly tying page -
Flytying the Swedish way.
Partridge and Orange Club -
Photo diary from Japan with articles and links.
Urban Fly Fishing on the Kelvin -
Alistair Stewart haunts the River Kelvin, in Scotland
Hugh Koontz & His Laughing Trout -
Fly fishing for trout in the mountains of North Carolina
Fly Fishing the Western Slope -
Hatch charts and river information for Montrose, Colorado. Includes fly descriptions and photos.
The fliflicker personal site. -
A personal Southern California saltwater fly fishing site.
Riffle and Rise -
Journal of fly fishing adventures in the northeastern United States.
Turning Over Small Stones -
An English exile fly fishing in Pennsylvania
Fly fishing -
Articles about fishing in Europe, and fly descriptions.
Fly Fishing Chronicles -
An individual's accounts of fly fishing trips, guides, and gear, for the Western New York area.
Mariano Moran Fly Fishing Page -
Mariano Moran's fly fishing in Argentina and the world. -
Danish flyfishing with videos and photos.
Fly Fishing British Columbia -
Featuring information on lakes, rivers, streams, entomology and fly patterns.
Head Waters of The Corner Fly Shop -
On-line, sharing their experience about everything fly related.
Gone Fly Fishing -
Linda Foote presents fishing tips, custom fly patterns, photos, and links.
Flyfishing America -
Pictures, hatch charts, fly patterns, and message board.
My Daily Fishing Log -
Web-based, private, daily fly fishing journal allowing users to create and archive personal reports, photos, and trip details.
Mississippi Coast Fly Fishing and Fly Tying -
Fly Fishing and tying information.
Chad's Fly-fishing and Fly-tying -
A amateur site about fly fishing and tying. A few pics and some trout and steelhead flies to tie.
Fly Fishing Tuition With Mick Huffer -
Mick Huffer is a registered Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Instructor based in Nottingham UK.
247 Off -
Stories of fishing in Denmark with tips and photos.
Glenn Yoshimoto's Zen Fly Fishing -
The art of fly fishing for Barred Surfperch on SF Bay Area (California, USA) sandy beaches.
Fly Pattern Directory -
An A to Z directory of fly patterns for UK fly fishermen. Fly patterns and photographs.
Don Denney's web site -
celebrating the Hiwassee river, trout, and fly fishing.
Grits-N-Flies -
Fly fishing with a southern twist
Flyfishing Bryce Canyon Utah -
Beginners guide with notes on fly types, streams and lakes.
Flyfishing on the River Dee in North Wales -
Information about Brown Trout, Grayling, Sea Trout and Salmon fishing from bala down to Fardon.
Fly Fishing for Trout in South Carolina -
Mark Szymanski's personal notes and observations about fly fishing some rivers in South and North Carolina.
Upstream Events -
Gordon and Raven's Mexico webpage about fly fishing.
Fly Fishing in Colorado -
Weblog of a fly fisherman living in Colorados' high country, fishing the United States and beyond.
Fisherman's Paradise -
Eric Meredith's personal fly fishing and fly tying page including photos, patterns, and fly swaps.
Joshua Bergen -
Photography of aquatic insects as they relate to fly fishing. Also includes other outdoor photography.
Fly Fish South -
Lee Costner's site dedicated to Fly Fishing in the South Eastern United States. Includes online community.
Fishing Wild Places. -
"I have fished for over 20 years with a flyrod and over the years my fishing trips have taken me to many corners of the world in search of hungry fish." - Personal Fly Fishing Pages.
Johns Fishing Site -
tips on tying flies and fly fishing.
Baha Fly Fishing -
The home of the Baha Boys, submit catch reports, see statistics on locations, flies, species, etc from the Baja region
Christopher Chin -
Presents photos, stories, and journal of fishing on the Ste-Marguerite River in central Quebec.
Flys and Lies -
Dan and Craig's personal flyfishing adventures.
The Dragonfly Den -
Dave Hazeltine presents fly patterns, Pennsylvania hatch charts,leader formulas, fly for the month, and web polls.
New Mexico Fly Fishing -
Fly fishing New Mexico and articles about fly fishing the San Juan River and Jemez Mountains.
Fly-fishing in Lapland Sweden -
Fly fishing in Lapsland, Northern Sweden. Fly patterns, methods, and the many rivers of the area.
Jack Castro's Western Fly Fishing -
Jack Castro's fly fishing and outdoors pictures from float tube fishing adventures all over Northwestern America. The site also includes a Fly Tying Library with pictures of many of my favorite flies for Northwest fly fishing.
Grayling Hunter -
Fly fishing for grayling in the UK. Dry fly and Czech nymphing. Info on tackle, guides, knots, and biology.
Ken Kamoshida's Fly Fishing Page -
Choose between Japanese and English pages in this very nice Fly Fishing Site of Ken Kamoshida.
Samoan Fly Fishing -
Simple yet useful site containing Utah's Wasatchfront fly patterns, drive times and reports.
Philip Blair's Page -
Fly fishing in Ireland
My IFFA Picture Page -
Photo blog featuring the lakes, streams, and impoundments of Scandanavia
L.J.'s Flyfishing Page -
Author of book on fly fishing. Includes links to patterns, graphics, and related sites.
Flies, Fishing and Friends -
How to tie flies and fly fishing humour and articles.
Cooley Fly Fishing -
Cooley's personal photo blog
Ontario Drift Boat Guides -
Fly fishing reports for Ontario Rivers including Grand River, Saugeen River, Maitland River. Posted by local independent guide Ken Chandler.
Eric White's Fly Tying -
A place to find patterns for flies and other tips on fly fishing by Eric White.
Hiro's Bass Fishing Page -
is presenting information on fly- and lure fishing at Kanagawa/Yamanashi area(Near Mt.Fuji).
NC Fly Fishing Journals - Woolly Bugger -
North Carolina Fly Fishing Journal and the home of the Blue Ridge Fly Fisherman's Forum
Gone Fishin -
Weblog dedicated to fly fishing with emphaisis on Martha's Vineyard, and reviewing fishing books.
Fulldressed -
Jonas Anderson presents photos of flies and fishing spots.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Off on Vacation Again!

We're off on another trip for vacation again so sorry for the inconvenience with no updated threads for a bit. We will update you when we get back and hope to hear more about your recent outings.

Carp Fishing Lake Michigan, Great Lakes Fly Fishing for Carp!

Exerpt from one of my Fishing Buddies out of Minneapolis Last Week
I got the call and all I could think about soon can I get there. One day hopefully I'll make it back that way Summertime to fish with my pal Clark or even, if lucky enough, a few other Carp addict friend's of mine in the area. It doesn't get much better for Carp if you hit it right so since I'm headed to on another trip shortly, my trip there this year will have to put on hold for another time!

Info sent to me:
Arrived Door County Sunday afternoon to cold front and rain that stayed with us through Wednesday morning when we left the campsite at Peninsula state park. The fly shop that helped was The Fly Fishers in Milwaukee. They were amazing, Peter sent me 5 types of flies, some bone fish leaders, a spool of tippet, and his top two places to fish. It all seems to be on the lake side, out of Bailey's Harbor, about 1/2 hour out from Sturgeon Bay. Three bays there with limited access points, but got out on Monday with mostly clouds but hints of sun, which helped to spot fish. Found them at the point, in water with sand and rocks mixed, average visibility, 2-5 feet deep, water a bit choppy, right off shore, easy casts of 20-40 feet, not as spooky as I expected. First cast a crawdad imitation, orange, size #2. I'd spot them moving, cast in the middle of them, let sit on the sand, strip a foot at a time, then rest it. Then the line went tight. Woe! Hold on. He got me out to my backing on the first run, then made a few other strong, steady surges. My 8 weight Sage was perfect, but it's been awhile since it's seen fish of this size. It was maxed out, the reel did a great job, and eventually landed about a 20 pound fish, give or take a few. Probably 30 inches, but deep and broad with a massive forehead. Beautiful fish.
I switched flies to some bonefish pattern in light color, rubber legged thing, a Charley Crab like pattern. About an hour later, saw a cruiser, hit him just right, he turned and grabbed it and I was on again. Almost identical to the first. Bring a big net so you have the time to get the fly out and get your head screwed back on. I just bought a big Frabil with a short handle, big scoop, that hangs off my belt. Perfect. Of course, it was the one time I didn't have the camera around my neck, so missed the moments, but I'll be back again to snap some photos of one of these beasts. The next days were colder, more wind, rain, darker clouds, making fishing almost impossible. I did scout a bit in the other bays, but with little access, you need to walk or kayak to find pods, then work them. Sun, warmth, and calm waters would be ideal, but they will probably be more spooky. But I'll be back in late July if I can find the time, can't wait!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Carp Fly Fishing Blogs & Sites To Checkout!

Need more information from other Addicts on how to catch Carp on a fly? Look no more..

Can you really have too much info about how to catch the Goldens, I don't think so. Checkout these guys for some good tips on where to look, conditions to fish in, flies, Lakes vs Rivers, top websites to checkout and more!

I'm far from an expert and these guys have been doing for a long time so check em out for some expert advise and tips that should help you get that 6wt bent over your next trip out.

Dave Whitlock on Carp
Do I need to explain? Dave's the man and can't wait to catch up with him again

Barry Reynolds
Someone that turned me onto Carp a few years ago and after a few books on them, definitely knows a few things about how to catch big Carp, Thanks!

Wyoming Carp Fishing Carp Unlimited
Platte River Fly Shop
He's been pushing Carp for awhile now and people are finally listening

Ian Colin James, AKA Carp Expert
Talk about a ton of knowledge, Mucho days out Carpin a year and more!

Other Sites:
Carp on a Fly Blog
Carp Listings Site

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Denver's TU Carp Slam! Fly Fishing Downtown for Goldens

Denver Trout Unlimited's Annual Carp Tourny!

This is a great event every year and glad to talk more about what the boys have planned for the Slam this year. I can still remember back when I was the Activities Chair for the Denver TU helping to start this with the boys and Tim "Fishman" Emery still get's the ball rolling each year. Man has it grown into a Success thanks to him and efforts of some friends at TU each year, sorry I'll be out of town this year so not able to help out! I'm going to miss the antics from our Pal Barry Reynolds again as well and will have to catch up with him on another day out on the water again soon for some carp.

It's brought to you by the Denver Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam teams up professional and amateur fly fishers to chase the elusive common carp on the waters of South Platte River in and around downtown Denver. The tournament is challenging, and fun! It also benefits restoration efforts taking place on the South Platte in the upper two miles of the river directly below Chatfield Reservoir.

More Here at the Carp Slam Website
INTRODUCTION The Competition Rules are similar to those governing the Fly Fishing Team USA National Fly Fishing Championship (NFFC). If there is any doubt or dispute over any aspect of the Competition Rules before or during the contest, it will be resolved by the Competition Chairman and/or his appointed representatives.
PARTICIPATION Each team consisting of a “Pro” and “Amateur” angler must pay an entry fee. Teams will be determined by a blind draw on the eve of the event.
EQUIPMENT FLY RODS One fly rod, not more than twelve feet/three hundred and sixty-six centimeters in length, may be used at one time. Rods may be rigged and ready to fish. Competitors may have spare fly rods & reels with them. Competitors are responsible for carrying and protecting their own equipment.
FLY LINES Any factory made floating, sinking or sink tip lines may be used.
COMPETITION FLIES Competitors may use floating or sinking artificial flies. Each fly must be dressed on a single hook, without limit as to size. The length of the dressed fly will be at the discretion of the competitor. Weighted flies are permitted. A maximum of three flies is permitted on a line at any one time. No scent may be applied to flies.
DURATION OF EVENTS, AND SCORING There will be two separate scoring sessions for the event. A morning and afternoon beat will be determined by blind draw on the eve of the event. All competitors will have the right to fish an equal number of scoring sessions on each fishing venue. Each scoring session will consist of three hours of fishing. If, for reasons beyond the control of the team, the scoring session amounts to less than the announced period, compensatory time will be allowed. Pro and amateur anglers will alternate fishing at 30 minute intervals. The hours for competition will be set by the Competition Chairman. The respective Controller will be responsible for keeping time for each session.
FISHING BEATS Competition waters will be divided into two sectors, identified by letter.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Carp On A Fly Week! Yes people do catch these critters

Carp Week Ahead for Top Tips, Flies, Techniques and More!
FFA Carp Link for Top Tips
*Pics above/below from Carp caught this weekend out at some hotspots

With more and more people asking about the sport of Carping we thought we would take a few days to talk more about this fish so many are trying to catch.

What is it about these nasty fish that is getting so much recognition lately? I've been chasing them for years and haven't looked back! If you've Bonefished, or wanted to on a shoestring budget this is your chance,all of you live 3 miles away from the hardest fighting fish around..try your luck!

new carp boys
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Friday, July 10, 2009

UFC 100 Fight Night..Yep There I said It!

MMA Fighting and The Big Fight UFC Card
Troutdawg hanging with Frank Mir at a Fight Night

For those tuning in for fishing news to get you set for your weekend out on the water, you may want to scale down to another thread. If you do need a fishing fix here, okay I will oblige to your desires and offer a Link Here about UFC Fighters and Fishing, how about that. Yes even my fishing Pal Capt Tom Rowland down in the Florida Key's also shares my passion and brought a few on board for a Shark episode awhile back.

For those that know me are acutely aware that I never miss these 3 things:

Fishing...Duhhh it's in my blood plus I have to keep you boy's entertained with my Lies!

Georgia Football...well my Nickname "Troutdawg" is derived from my Dawgs and I never miss a game so yeah a I'm a little fan

And UFC Fighting!

Call it redneck, crazy or maybe you watch it because you're bored from watching baseball, bowling or all the other junk on TV. I dig it because when I wear my hat, sometimes just to piss off my fishing buds, out on the water it's amazing to see people give you more room on the water to fish. Hmm maybe I should wear it fishing more often on the Pan or Antero.

Sorry but when you have a bum shoulder (thanks to a Patagonia Trip awhile back where I tore my Labrum) No Jiu Jitsu for this guy so I might as well watch it. You know you're a closet UFC fan as well, it's okay to come out and join the crowd I won't tell anyone. It's only the fastest growing sport in the country, just don't watch any fights at a Biker bar if you don't want to cause any trouble.

I've been to a number of events and know a few of the MMA guys around town, hence my picture with the Headlining Fighter with Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar. Talk about a mtachup and one Huge Mack truck from Minneapolis, Brock will win this one, though don't tell Mir. Lot's of other good match ups also with my 2nd Fav fighter-other than my Athen's own Forrest Griffin, GSP will fight as well Sat night.

The Big Fight Card..tell the GF or wifey you got plans and watch a heck of a fight card!

*A buddy I grew up with used to Manage Forrest for years and can't wait to see that match up with Spider, I think he can take him!

This Video Clip is Hilarious I promise, check it out!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Montana Rivers Fishing Reports

What's Biting, What Flies to Use, Which Rivers aren't flowing to high and most importantly...Give me some tips to catch some Montana Trout
Top Montana River's Updates Link

Madison River - Madison River Fishing Company Link with reports
It’s On Baby!!
After some seriously suspect reports last week from some other area shops, the Salmonfly hatch on the Madison is now officially off and rolling! The Big Bugs started trickling on Friday and Saturday and popping hard below Varney on Monday. The numbers are still thinner below Burnt Tree but there are enough Goldens in there to make it worthwhile. The bulk of the Salmonflys (and in some cases thicker Goldens) are concentrated right now from a couple miles above Varney to about 8-Mile with bugs showing all the way up to McAtee and as mentioned, down to almost the Ennis Bridge. As always we’re seeing bugs for a long stretch of river and will likely see adults near Palisades towards weeks end. They almost always appear in pockets though without a clearly defined “head of the hatch”. In the still heavy flow (just over 1700 cfs right now), there will probably be bugs around for the next several weeks. We actually have just about perfect conditions for the hatch so far; higher water, hot weather, and so far lots and lots of bugs!

Gallatin River Update Grizzly Hackle River Reports
Conditions : Bitterroot River: Dropping fast and fishing in the main river improves every day. Look for flows to level quickly and the upper river will be a good option in a day or so. CAUTION: Floating the West Fork from dam to canoe is very hazardous now. Unless you are a very confident and skilled in stopping a boat in fast water don't even attempt. From canoe down there is a log jam on the pillings of Marty's bridge that you must go river right to pass. Salmonflies are out on both the West and East Forks. The upper river form Darby to Hamilton will be great nymphing. Don't be afraid to take advantage of Montana's stream access and fish those Bitterroot side channels and spring fed slews. Even these are still big, so fishing subsurface is definitely a good idea. Nymphing riffles and drop-offs with small stonefly nymphs, PTs, princes, and the worm will be effective when nothing else is happening. Your'e really probably better off fishing one of the smaller tributaries that pour into the Root. They are all open to fishing now, and they are your best chance at catching fish in the spring when the main river is raging like it is now. Salmonflies on the West Fork have definitely hatched!!!
Hatches:PMD's, Drakes, Golden's
Fly Patterns: Stonefly nymphs like rubberlegs and double-bead stones, big princes, san juan worms, copper johns, pheasant tails, buggers, yuk bugs, sculpins, JJ specials.

Yellowstone River Link to Local River Reports
The Yellowstone is under the 13,000 cfs mark barely today which is a good thing. However, it's still a ways away from coming into shape and fishing at all. With all hopes this week's sun and heat will drop the Stone down to the 10-11 grand area and that "Going Green" color we all love. Once we hit that 10k mark and a foot of visibility with green color to the water, get yer streamer rods rigged and let's go! Keep your fingers crossed for Salmonflies by the 4th of July and flows under 10,000 cfs. 7-8,000 cfs would be great. We are currently getting quite a few guide trip requests & reservations for July, August & September. Make sure and get your reservation in now to get the guide of your choice.Report Flows: Real Time Stream Flows:Corwin Springs, LivingstonHatches: Turning green olive is the water. Salmonflies and the smorgasboard of bugs that goes along with this super hatch are just on verge. Wouldn't be suprised to see the big stones crawling bankside around Mallards Rest right now.Hot Patterns: Dries: Salmonflies hopefully by the weekendNymphs: Yuk Bug, Super Yuk, Pat's Rubberlegs in Black, brown, goldenstone, Hurless Nymph purple, drk gray, bitch creek, LARGE prince, San Juan

Dan Bailey Fly Shop Reports
Montana River Stream Flows
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Traveling To Colorado, Fishing Anyone?

Where can i fish if traveling to Colorado?
Link To Colorado Rivers To Fish and Top Info

Many times a year I get an email from out of town friends, fishing buddies, or newbies to the state and ask.....where's a good place you could recomend to fish?

Rivers of interest are all dependant on where you would like to fish, the area you may be in, scenary, crowds and sizes of fish are all big factors.

Cheesman Canyon-South Platte River 1 hour away, Spectacular scenary hands down, little tougher fishing since they are finicky but great place and close, bigger fish there.

Big Thompson-Estes Park (right near Rocky mtn Natl Park) 1 hour 15 minutes from Denver, easier fishing, close to RMNP if going to spend time in Estes Park, 12-14" avg size fish, decent scenary but right off a 2 lane hwy.

Arkansas River-Buena Vista 2 1/2 hours away, perfect access to 50 miles of water, easy to fish, 12-14", whitewater, many big mountains in the back drop while fishing so hard to stay focused with it being so pretty there.

Colorado River-Kremmling 2 hours away, near Winter Park, spectacular scenary area, great dry fly fishing if the right time, fish avg 14-15"

Clear Creek-30 minutes away Idaho Springs,10-12" avg size fish, easy to fish, decent scenary but right off I-70 hwy, perfect dry fly stream

Frying Pan River- near Basalt and Aspen 2 1/2 hours away, amazing area with the red cliffs, near Roaring fork river as well, more crowded but BIG fish, BIG hatches and a must if close to there

Spinney Mtn Ranch- Commonly known as the "Dream Stream "is a 5 mile section of the South platte river nestled between Spinney Rez` and 11 mile Rez in South Park. Big fish move up when the water exceeds 100 cfs in the Spring and Fall for your best chance at huge fish...that and lot's of people! One last tip...expect Wind!!

Rocky Mountain National Park-Link to Info
You didn't think we would leave thsi off the list did you? Looking for something a bit less crowded, less stuffy, more uniquely your own and filled with vast trout streams? Estes Park Colordo is waiting for you! Discover some of the hundreds of miles of trails, wildlife, hundreds of High mountain lakes and enjoy the surreal majesty of Rocky Mountain National Park. You'll find rushing streams, towering peaks, placid lakes, tall timber and gorgeous wildflower meadows - everything a Rocky Mountain paradise should be and all within an hour 1/2 from Denver.

Other Rivers: Sure there are a ton of waterways in Co, way too many to list but these are just a few. I hoep this helps you when fishing in Colorado!

Links for fishing Colorado:
1)FFA Website
2)Good site for hatches and rivers
3) Many stream reports
4) River Gauges


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