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Top 10 East Coast Trout Streams to Fly Fish

East Coast Trout Streams To Fish

Thinking of traveling to the east for some fly fishing? There are definitely several good trout streams and rivers located throughout the area. Here is a list of a few you might like to check out~
AUSABLE RIVER/ N.Y.STATE - This Adirondack Mountain river flows from Mt. Marcy into Lake Champlain. It is a free flowing, free stone mountain stream with plenty of good hatches and loads of good fishing. There are native brookies in the upper reaches and rainbows and browns throughout the rest of the river. Black fly hatches in July and August make for excellent fishing, but make sure you bring plenty of bug repellent, because you’ll need it.
BATTEN KILL RIVER / VERMONT & N.Y. - The Batten Kill River runs its course from the Green Mountains in Vermont through lush pasture land and into the Hudson River. This is one of the most storied rivers for fly-fishermen on the east coast. Great hatches, big fish, ambiance, and good fishablity makes this a no-brainer for a weekend get away. The river has a "tuber" problem on hot summer days, but mornings and evenings are still productive.
BEAVERKILL-WILLOWEMAC/CATSKILL REGION N.Y. - This river system is where fly-fishing was born in the United States. Such famous fisherman as Wulff, Dette, Hendrickson and Gordon fished, tied and made this area their home. Even with heavy fishing pressure and low water levels in the summer due to N.Y. City’s huge demand for water these rivers still produce excellent hatches and some nice fish. N.Y. State and organizations such as Trout Unlimited have taken up the cause of this fine fishery and are trying to improve water levels This will help to restore these rivers to their fabled status. If you’ve never fished here your missing out.
THE DELAWARE RIVER- Those of you who are saying that the Delaware River is too big for trout, guess again. Aside from the excellent shad runs and small mouth bass fishing that this river produces, it supports an excellent trout fishery. Floating in canoes and in tubes and fishing the banks produce some outstanding catches of wild rainbow and brown trout, some up to double digits in weight. A mixed bag can be had in this river at any time. Panfish are abundant as well as trout and bass. In the summer months, wading is also good in some sections. This is a blue ribbon river, don’t pass it up.
FARMINGTON RIVER/MASS TO CONN.- If your planning to fish in the Connecticut/Massachusetts area, Don’t miss the Farmington River. This meandering stream is full of feisty rainbow, brown and brook trout. Good hatches of mayflies and easy accessibility make this river an enjoyable fishing experience.
LACKAWAXEN RIVER/PENN-Pennsylvania is renowned for it’s superb limestone trout streams and the Lackawaxen is a diamond amongst many other fine gems. This river is North-East Pennsylvania’s premier, blue ribbon stream and could very well be one of the best in the country. Years of dedicated upkeep and many fly-fishing only/ no-kill zones has trophy trout waters. 25 years ago this river was too polluted to fish, but after massive clean-up and some excellent fisheries management it has rebounded to what it is today. The beautiful surroundings as well as the great fishing makes this river a "don’t miss" in our book, you’ll be sorry if you do.
LETORT SPRING RUN/PENN-This limestone stream is strune with fly-fishing history. The LeTort has had many of fly-fishing’s greatest personalities grace it’s shores. The LeTort has excellent sulfur dunn hatches and many other hatches all year long, because of the constant temperatures of the springs that feed it. Wild brown and rainbow trout inhabit these waters and produce good catches. Terrestrial fishing is excellent in the summer.(Ever hear of the LeTort Hopper)
PEQUEST RIVER/N.J.-The Pequest is an outstanding mountain stream in Northern New Jersey. What is that you say, a mountain stream in New Jersey. Yes!! This river features all the things that you would expect from a western mountain stream except the airfare. A hatchery on the river allows stocking all year and since the Pequest empties into the Delaware these fish have the opportunity to grow real large. Fishing is good all year.
PENOBSCOT RIVER(east branch)/MAINE- This rambling mountain stream is home to wild and beautiful brook trout. If you enjoy mountain scenery and great fishing and find yourself in Maine try the Penobscot.
SALMON RIVER/GREAT LAKES REGION, N.Y. The Salmon River is on of the best kept secrets on the east coast. This river is the home to some of the best salmon and steelhead runs in America. In the spring steelhead breading runs rule and in the fall you can fish for Kings, Coho, Pink, Chinook, Kokanee and now Atlantic salmon. Some of these fish can run as much as 40 lbs. Also during the salmon runs, "steelies" run up-river to feed on the salmon eggs and 20 lb fish are common. New state regulations allow for minimum water flows all year round and this will create a year round trout fishery, also. If you haven’t had a 15 lb steelhead peel line off your reel you haven’t lived.
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