Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane is a Coming!!! Run Forest

Hurricane season is upon us, sorry my Saltwater Guides!
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Hurricane Fay just left Florida leaving her mark and lot's of Rain. Now there's another headed towards New Orleans. I hope there's still plenty of Big Redfish leftover for my fishing trip 1st of the year? Gustav is a big one so be safe down there in Louisiana and Texas!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Top Fly Fishing Destination, Guide & Fish of The Week!

Top Fly Fishing Destination, Top Fish Species, Top Fly Fishing Guide!

We had to leave San Diego for an area that is targeted as much as anywhere on the Fishing Globe.....where is it? I know this area is too big and too many guides to choose from so we will be running a few different sections to this.

Top Fly Fishing Destination:

Top Guides:
"Madison River Fishig Company"
Click Here for More

Top Fish Species:
Yellowstone Cutthroat
What a gorgeous Trout Species to encounter, read more about them Here

Thursday, August 28, 2008

#1 Georgia Bulldogs vs Georgia Southern College Football

Sorry not Fly Fishing Related, well it could be since I'm fishing after I watch the game! I'm a Huge Dawg fan, hence my Troutdawg name, so this year looks to be a Big one!

Athens, GA - 12:30 PM ET
Sanford Stadium Athens, Ga

The expectations for Georgia have never been higher. The No. 1 Bulldogs now have to live up to them on the field, taking on Georgia Southern first. The Eagles did beat Appalachian State in 2007 but return few players this year.

Link to Preview of the Game on Saturday

Checkout this Amazing College Football Clip....If this doesn't get you amped for College Football I'm not sure What will!

Top Fly Fishing Articles of The Week!

Most Viewed EzineArticles in the Recreation-and-Sports:Fishing Category
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The Best Time Of Day To Catch Fish
The Best Time To Be Fishing
How to Catch Big Catfish and Carp Fast!
Fishing Tips - The Most Important Fish Catching Tips
How To Catch Striped Bass
Best Spinners for Catching Rainbow Trout
What Is The Best Bait For Channel Cats (Catfish)?
Largemouth Bass Fishing With Monster Worms
Big Bluegills - The Secret To Catching Only The Biggest Bluegills
How to Rig Trout Bait
Catfish Fishing Tips
Summer Walleye Fishing Tips
A Few of the Best Fly Fishing Spots in the United States
The Best in Fishing Bait for Catfish
Lake Tawakoni, Texas

Friday, August 22, 2008

DNS Convention Denver! Fishing, Partying or Running Away?

Denver's Democratic Convention is here.....Fishing may be on the Horizon for many!
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To fish, stay in town or take a few Visitors out on the water....what's the answer? It just depends on what you're looking for I guess. I already have many requests from my real job, a middle man to many of the events going on around town.

For more information on Democratic Convention Concierge Services Look us up! Special Events, Traffic updates, party reports and more go to out sister company Mile High Concierge for any services needed during this time, hey we can even point you to some local fishing guides if needed!

Our DNS Blog is set up to talk about, show in detail and help out with visitors in town or for local residents trying to figure ut what is going on around here and how am I affected in any way.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taylor River Big Rainbows!

Taylor River Rainbows....gotta love those big boys!!

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For those that have never gotten up this way to fish the Taylor, you need to get here! This place is still not heavily fished as might think, well not as much as the Famed Frying Pan and Dream Streams so you should be fine.

The catch-and-release section of the Taylor begins just past the base of the dam. This .4-mile section is filled with super-sized trout, and as noted outdoors journalist Ed Marsh says, these fish were "born with master's degrees and quickly go on to earn their PhDs." He is not exaggerating.

The huge trout in the fly- and lure-only tailwater section are a by-product of mysis shrimp in Taylor Reservoir. The shrimp were introduced to increase the growth rate of reservoir trout; however, the light-sensitive mysis immediately fled to the depths of the reservoir to avoid the bright Colorado sunshine. The deep-dwelling shrimp multiplied rapidly, and vast numbers of them were being swept out of the dam's bottom-release tube into the river below. Passage through the tumultuous release tube left the high nutrient value shrimp dead or stunned, thus easy prey for trout. All of a sudden, fishermen were catching brilliantly colored, football-shaped rainbows that looked like they were using steroids.

The past three Colorado state record catch-and-release rainbows came from the Taylor tailwater. This past spring, an incredible 40 1/4-inch in fish with a 29-inch girth established a new standard, which has fallen twice since May 2002. Local experts believe there are even larger fish in the short, closed section immediately below the dam release. Successful fishermen here can reasonably expect to catch 4- to 8-pound brown and rainbow trout, and the possibility of attracting a 20-pound rainbow is within reason. Ten- to 15-pound fish are not abnormal.

Guides to contact:

Almont Anglers

Dragon Fly Anglers

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Top Fly Fishing Destination, Guide & Fish of The Week!

Top's of the Week -Top Guides, Top Fish Species and Top Fishing Location!

This week we left Alaska...sorry guys we'll be back!

We're in a Favorite destination of mine I love to get to is......

Top Fishing Destination:

Top Guide:

"On the Fly Guides" Click Here for more

They know what they're doing and you need to look em up for some solid Shark action

Top Fish Species:

No other then the Shark, Mako that is!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

In Memory: The Best Fishing Partner You Could Ever Ask For!

This Post is in Memory of my Favorite Fishing Buddy Zeke, AKA Troutdawg Jr.

We will deeply miss the best Fishing Buddy you could ever ask for, Zeke my 110lb Little Bear! A Top notch trout spotter, harcore swimmer, camping phenom, a personal favorite of Delaney Buttes and Orvis fly shop regular.

To see more of Zeke and his favorite passion of Fishing.....Checkout his Page Here:
Also click Here for his Funny Fishing Greeting Card


Friday, August 15, 2008

Fly Fish Addiction: Photo Gallery!

Time to see some Fly Fishing pictures!

Checkout our Gallery section on our Fly Fish Addiction website. We would love to have more member photos on here from our visitors. Feel free to email us and let's see some of thos ebig fish pictures.....I know I enjoy seeing others pictures much more than mine so send them in today!

Big Tarpon, Steelhead, Brown trout, Carp, Bass or Pike....we love them all!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top Fishing Articles of The Week!

Top Fly Fishing Information!
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More Great Article on Midcurrent News

Coloradans Push for No Roadless Area Development
By Marshall Cutchin
In Colorado, it seems the momentum is in favor of squashing the Bush administration's reversal of a roadless-area development ban. Even some who supported Governor Bill Ritter's compromise position to allow temporary roads to reach grazing areas, existing coal mines and oil and gas leases are backing away, according to Sramana Mitra's piece on "A report released last week by the Pew Environmental Group says at least 97 natural gas leases approved in roadless areas while the Bush rule was in effect could go forward if Colorado adopts its own plan rather than apply the Clinton-era roadbuilding ban already in place."

CNBC Goes Fly Fishing For Smallmouth
By Marshall Cutchin
CNBC business news analyst Steve Leisman -- an avid fly fisher -- reported from a meeting of rather pessimistic economists at Maine's Leens Lodge this morning. Of course he was teased by Joe and Becky about his casual attire, but he had a quick comeback for the question of whether he would fish in the rain today: "Fish don't mind getting wet," he said. "And you gotta remember, fish are just like stock pickers -- they've got to pick these small flies out of an ocean of water. A little bit of rain won't bother them."

Arkansas's Little Red River
By Marshall Cutchin
"For 30 or so miles from Greers Ferry Dam in Cleburne County to the state Route 305 bridge in northern White County, it teems with stocked rainbow trout, a self-sustaining population of wild browns and a sprinkling of colorful brook and cutthroat trout." Cindy and Steve Taylor write about the Little Red, where fishing strategies are ruled by generator output at the Greers Fairy Dam, and about the catch-and-release Collins Creek, which empties into the Red. In Arkansas Game & Fish magazine.

Galen Mercer's Fly Fishing Art
By Marshall Cutchin
When we queried artist Galen Mercer, who is MidCurrent's featured artist this month, on the background to his saltwater work, he had a very interesting response: "It was July in Key West and hotter than hell both times. We chased permit all over the place, and were chased by vigorous tropical storms in turn. I loved it, and recall being especially floored by the ocean colors, which resembled glazes on ancient Chinese pottery. As we had lots of weather, that is where I put the emphasis. These are brushy, rather fluid things, each done in one session." If you take a look at his paintings of Keys waters, you may find it hard to believe that they were painted in a single sitting. But maybe that is what it takes to capture the light of thunderstorms, which is both brilliant and foreboding.

Video: Gary LaFontaine on Fishing Small Mountain Lakes
By Marshall Cutchin As Gary LaFontaine says, "most of the problem in fishing high mountain lakes is finding the fish. Once you've found the fish, then you've got a few basic food forms." LaFontaine's video on how to fish a "Small Mountain Lake" shows where to find trout in high mountain lakes and how to feed them.

Why Fly Fishers Don't Fish With Worms
By Marshall Cutchin
Wayne Hooper collected ten astonishing strange-but-true stories about outdoors foolishness, including a man who heard that worms work better when warmed in the mouth, a hunter who mistook his neighbor's St. Bernard for a deer, and a distraught bass angler who tried to end his life by prancing around in a thunderstorm with graphite rod and a customized miner's hat.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top Fly Fishing Destination, Guide, Fish of The Week!

FFA has the top Fly Fishing Destination, targeted fish and Guide of the Week!

This week we are headed to Alaska....tis the King Salmon & Silvers time of the Year!

Destination of The other Than ALASKA!!

Guide of the Week (outside Kenia area):

Nushagak River Fishing Guides

Click Here for their Link

(Kenai Area:)

Kenai King Lodge

Click Here for their Link

Fish of the Week:

Coho Salmon AKA Silvers Baby!

First run: late July to late August. Second run: Early September through Coho season Closure on November 30

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Colorado Fly Shop Listings!

Colorado Fly Shops...Your Fly Fishing Directory!
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Your Fishing Partner in Idaho Springs (convenient spot for you to stop when you are fishing Clear Creek or Driving up I-70.
Charlie's Fly Box in Arvada, Excellent quality fly tying supplies ( Excellent fly Tutorials on his website. We should support his shop just for that)
Anglers All - South Santa Fe -Littleton / DenverAbsolute Angler - Arvada - (303) 421-4025 - Another store for lure/bait fishing as well as Fly Fishing.
Blue Quill Angler in Bergen Park (near Evergreen) (Is there any of us who have not learned something about fly fishing from Pat Dorsey- even if some of us think he is spreading the word about our favorite rivers TOO well.)
Discount Tackle in Southwest Denver, 303.698.2550 - A store with an old fishing store atmosphere. That is clutter and lots of stuff. They carry a lot of fly tying and fishing tackle for fly fishing as well as lure/bait fishing. Show your TU membership card and get a 10% discount at Discount Tackle.
Denver Angler - South Denver/ Greenwood Village, Convenient to Denver Tech Center, 303-403-4512Royal Stevens LTD.- Denver - (303) 788-0433
Trout's Fly Fishing - South Denver, 303-733-1434
The Hatch Fly Shop - Pine Junction, on 285 near conifer 303.816.0487
Flies and Lies - South Platte Anglers - Deckers
Anglers Covey - Colorado Springs
Front Range Anglers - Boulder
Kinsley Outfitters - Boulder
Rocky Mountain Anglers - Boulder
Laughing Grizzly - Longmont
Bob's Fly Shop - Loveland
St. Peters Fly Shop - Fort Collins
Anglers Roost - Ft. Collins
Estes Angler - Estes Park

Friday, August 8, 2008

South Platte Flooding!

South Platte River Blown Out!
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We fished the South Platte a few weeks ago for Carp, the Flows were a mild 250. What were they today......5000cfs Plus!!!

Checkout that Spike on that Grid

For those that were home napping or for the others in their vehicles floating down the highway, this afternoons storm was a wild one. I think the Carp are in Wyoming by now~

UFC Shark Fighters joins the Saltwater Experience!

More on Fly Fish Addiction
Fighters on Board
Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor welcome Nate Quarry and Paul Buentello for some high impact shark fishing. Checkout this exciting eposide on these MMA athletes battling Florida's Sharks.

Saltwater Experience Upcoming Episodes
Here are the next 11 show airings on Sun Sports! Dont miss a one!

Check your local listings on Sun Sports:
Thu, July 31 - 6:30pm
Thu, Aug. 7 - 6:30pm Thu, Aug.14 - 6:30pm
Fri, Aug. 1 - 3:30pm Fri, Aug. 8 - 3:30pm Fri,
Aug.15 - 3:30pm Sun, Aug. 3 - 7:00pm Sun,
Aug. 10 - 7:00pm Sun, Aug.17- 7:00pm
Wed, Aug. 13 - 4:30am Wed, Aug. 20 - 4:00am

Saltwater Experience Website

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Recent Animal Attacks!

Crazy Summer for Animal Attacks!
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Bear attack closes 2 state campgrounds
HELENA — A bear entered a tent and bit a camper in the Gallatin National Forest early Thursday, leading the U.S. Forest Service to evacuate and close two campgrounds.
Click Here for the Story

More on Another One Here

More on some Kitty Cat Attacks Here!

"When Animals Strike" TV Show Sun 8/9/ 7pm Discovery Channel
"When Animals Attack" TV Show Spike Network Friday 8/1 7pm


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mark Lance Photography...Amazing!!!

Incredible Fly Fishing Pictures from Around The Globe
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Think Brian O'keefe, think awesome Fly Fishing Pictures from around the Globe. Think Mark Lance and .....well you think of the same thing. I know Mark Lance personally and his passions include Sharon, his wife, fly fishing and Photography.

If you get a chance to see one of his presentations you truely will be mesmorized at one Talented presenter!
Locations to choose from: Alaska, Argentina, Chile, Bahamas, Yucatan, Russia & Costa Rica


Monday, August 4, 2008

Frying Pan Fishing......It's On Baby!

Frying Pan River Weekend! Bugs, Bugs & More Bugs

With all of the Rivers still in full runoff, what better place to fish than the Frying Pan! Sure it get’s crowded, sure it’s 3 hours away but come on…where else are you going to find a better place to fish right now than the Pan? The Drakes, big fish, cooler temps and relaxation~