Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shark Week Comes to A Close!

Wild Shark Specials, Maneaters, Great Whites and More! entire week of Shark week is almost over....what now?

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I thought I would close you out with some Final Shark Pictures, enjoy and don't forget it goes until Sunday on the Discovery Channel.

Don and Robert grew up near Florida
Don and Robert grew up fishing
Don and Robert had been fishing for Hours
Hector throws out a line after 5 minutes and catches a Shark.......

Capt Tom Rowland, a buddy of mine from Islamorada shows off a Massive 800lb Hammerhead! This guy knows what he's doing and all I can say is "WATCH OUT FOR THOSE TEETH"


Shark on A Fly! Try your luck in San Diego at this new growing sport. Bring your 14 wt though and my trip last year was a blast
Article from Field and Stream

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Best Fishing Weather Maps!

Get the latest weather maps for any area you're headed out to!

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Click Here for an awesome weather Link!

Local Charts

National Charts

Weather storms....this has it all!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shark Game!

Shark Week brings Shark Postings, checkout this Shark Game!
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Checkout the O'REILLY Radar site has an interesting story about the new Discovery Channel interactive online game, Sharkrunners. This game lets players take the role of a marine biologist and track sharks online. The more shark you find the more funding you get for your program. The catch is that the game play is actually driven by real time GPS data from actual transmitters attached to actual sharks that are swimming in the actual ocean.

"Players are given a virtual boat and virtual crew. They use it to track real-life sharks that have been tagged with a GPS recievers. When a boat encounters a shark the player is alerted via email and/or SMS. The player has three hours to select how to try to collect data about the shark and its behavior. The goal is to gather as much data about sharks as possible."

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rally for Colorado's Roan Plateau!

Rally for the Roan!
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WHAT: Rally for the Roan!
WHERE: Gregory Park, Glenwood Springs -- Get directions here
WHEN: July 30th, 11 AM - 1 PM

RSVP HERE We're just weeks away from witnessing a transformation of the Roan Plateau in Western Colorado. On August 14th the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will begin leasing the public lands at the base and atop the plateau for oil and gas development. As many of you know, the Roan Plateau is recognized by Coloradans as both a source of local pride and as an irreplaceable haven for wildlife. The Roan lands provide an unparalleled recreational opportunity to west slope communities and the state.Given the values at risk, Coloradans have spoken -- BLM's plan for the Roan is just not good enough:
Over 75,000 comments were submitted on the draft plan, with more than 98% favoring more restrictions on drilling.

Governor Ritter issued a set of recommendations for the Roan that would expand protection for water and wildlife, including phased leasing on the plateau.

Congressmen Mark Udall and John Salazar and Senator Ken Salazar proposed legislation to enact the Governor's plan and protect Colorado's water and wildlife. Unfortunately, none of these efforts succeeded in convincing the BLM to draft a better plan. Despite promising to craft a "community-supported" plan, the BLM has failed to listen to our concerns. Next Wednesday, July 30th, citizens from around the Western Slope and Colorado will converge in Glenwood Springs to demonstrate to the BLM that A RUSH TO DRILL on the Roan Plateau is the wrong approach to meeting our nation’s energy needs. Will you join us?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Top Fly Fishing Summer News!

Top Reads for Fly Fishing July and August!
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Ed Engle on Spider Patterns: "Doing It Wrong and Catching Trout"
"Edward R. Hewitt is credited with modifying an existing spider pattern in the 1920s into what he called the 'Neversink Skater Fly' (named after his home river, the Neversink in New York). Essentially all he did was reduce the existing spider pattern, which had a tail and some other extraneous parts, to its fundamental elements, which were two extra-long, stiff rooster spade hackles tied onto a fine wire, short-shank, size 16 hook." Ed Engle gives talks about Edward R. Hewitt's popularization of spider patterns and offers tips on how to tie and fish them correctly. In the Boulder, Colorado Daily Camera.

California Mudslide Damages Historic Hatchery
The state-owned Mount Whitney Fish Hatchery, which supplies fish to much of southern California, was severely damaged by a mudslide that also closed California Highway 395 for several hours Sunday.

Wisconsin's Driftless Area
"Less than a five-hour drive from Chicago, this relatively undiscovered region of wrinkled valleys and limestone bluffs contains 63 spring-fed creeks running 220-plus miles. Called the Driftless Area because glaciers advancing from the north 10,000 years ago didn't manage to flatten the landscape, it boasts some of the best fly-fishing in the Midwest." Brian E. Clark offers a detailed introduction to the interesting fishing for browns and brookies to be found in southwest Wisconsin. In the Chicago Sun-Times.

Hot Water, Hot Fish
Vermonter Drew Price ignores the naysayers and throws big flies at whatever wily, finned critter will eat them, including carp, longnose gar, and even bowfin. "Price's preferred form of fly fishing is more cage match than ballet. He likes casting huge, garish flies to big, brutish fish using heavy, powerful rods that would have Hulk Hogan grunting with approval." Lawrence Pyne in the Burlington Free Press.

Tom Rosenbauer: Fly Reels for Beginning Anglers
In his latest podcast, Tom Rosenbauer offers an excellent introduction to the many considerations involved in choosing and setting up a fly reel.
"There have never been as many great fly reels on the market as there are today. There are many different price points, and there are many different places to buy them. Orvis, of course, makes great reels, but there are great manufacturers like Ross, Abel, and Tibor. The good news is that what you buy today is going to be less expensive with better features and better quality than what you bought ten years ago.
More articles also on Midcurrent News

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fishing Tip of The Week!

Best site for Unlimited Fly Fishing Videos!
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Where can you find all of the latest top fly fishing videos, unlimited rentals, keep as long as you want and titles of every kind of fishing you could ever want?

Look No further Than Netflix!

Yep Netflix is the best, they have just about everything from Salwater to Freshwater, Tarpon to steelhead to Bass. Check them out today and join~

Friday, July 18, 2008

Colorado State Record Fish Listings!

All of Colorado's State Record Fish:
Huge Trout, Pike, Carp, Salmon, Bass and More

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Checkout these record fish listings on the Colorado Division of Fish and Wildlife website
More Records also located on the Southeastern Outdoors Site

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Upcoming Fly Fishing Events!

Fishing Conditions Around Colorado!
Click Here
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Local Fishing Reports: Moon Phases and Peak Fishing Times

Colorado Fishing Events!
SATURDAY Fly-fishing. Getting started fly-fishing clinic, 10 a.m.-noon. Blue Quill Angler, Evergreen
• Casting clinic, 9-11 a.m. Orvis Englewood, 9615-A E. County Line Road, 303-768-9600
• Introduction to fly-fishing, 9:30-11:30 a.m., registration required. Bass Pro Shops, 7970 E. 49th Ave., 720-385-3600.
Fishing. How to use fish finders, 11 a.m. Bass Pro Shops, 7970 E. 49th Ave., 720-385-3600.
Archery. Beginning classes, 2 p.m. Bass Pro Shops, 7970 E. 49th Ave., 720-385-3600.
Bass fishing. Fishing in Colorado, 1 p.m. Bass Pro Shops, 7970 E. 49th Ave., 720-385-3600.
Walleye fishing. Jigging, trolling and live bait basics, 1 p.m. Bass Pro Shops, 7970 E. 49th Ave.,
Marine workshop. Learning to use GPS. Bass Pro Shops, 7970 E. 49th Ave., 720-385-3600.
July 25-26 Big Game Expo Denver
Aug 19th 7pm Meeting Cutthroat Chapter TU Meeting "Delaney Buttes & Other North Park Fishing Sites" - Scott Graham from North Park Anglers
Feature Presenation: If you've never spent time fishing Lake John, the three Delaney lakes, the North Platte River, or one of the many other North Park waters, here's your chance to learn about them from the experts.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Fishing in Colorado!

Hike and find some new Trout Water!
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A friend of mine found a new area to fish while searching out on Google Earth for some new water to try out. We set out on Sunday to Hike into Bison Creek near the Indian Peaks Wilderness. It was a long Haul and no trails to follow but we made it in and got into many fish! Off a forest road onto an unmarked 4 X 4 road for about 8 miles before we found a spot to park.

One of many Brownies that feel victim to some big Fluffy flies! Between H & D's, Coachmans, Beetles and Stimulator's, they all seemed to work pretty good. Average fish size ran between 12-15" . Great Scenary and the perfect day to be out fishing someplace new with no crowds. No trails and only the creek to follow up and down.

Andrew with a Wild rainbow. Battle scars from our Journey....word of caution next time: Wear boot guards (I forgot) long sleeve, and no shorts!! The further down we went the better the fishing we found but also the more bear skat we found so we weren't the only ones in the area it seemed.

Tags: Wild Trout, Hike in for Trout, no access roads, Indian Peaks, Colorado Trout

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fishing With Guides..Top 10 Excuses!

Top Ten Excuses Used By Fishing Guides When The Fishing Is Lousy 10.
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10.The river is too high/low this time of year
9. The water is too muddy/clear for optimal fishing
8. The water is too fast/slow for your ability
7. The fish are catatonic today
6. There must have been a full moon last night
5. These trout have lockjaw
4. Too much fishing pressure has the trout running for their lives
3. The barometric pressure must be dropping
2. You're not holding your tongue right

And the number one (MIDI drum roll please) excuse used by fishing guides when the fishing is lousy...
1. You should have been here yesterday.

All guides please heed this as simply Humor, many of my friends guide, have guided and I still use them so please don't take offense.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fly Fishing News of The Week!

Summertime Fishing News: Whether fly Fishing Saltwater or Fishing Yellowstone, it's all here!
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Montana Fishing Outdoors: Not the best year for the big bugsYes, the big bugs will come. The annual salmonfly hatch is spreading eastward across the waters of Montana and that should be a joyous time for anglers. Don't

Bring a Green Drake to a Hex Hatch
As the Hex hatch makes its annual march across the U.S., a spate of articles on how best to match these giant flies made their appearance this past week. First there was Eric Sharp telling folks not to tie their flies too big: Hexagenia limbata are not the size of small airplanes. Then Ken Allen wrote a characteristically detailed piece in the Kennebec Journal on hex hatches and how they fit into the Maine fly mix, where they are often confused with green drakes: The real difference is the double gills found on body segment #1 on the Hex.

Fly Fishing for Northern Pike
"Picture this. You've just made a 70 foot cast into a flat peppered with last year's pencil reeds. The water is only two feet deep and you are watching your big feathered streamer dart in one -foot pulls under the surface as you strip it in. Suddenly there is a huge boil and the streamer disappears." Larry Myhre describes a post-ice-out trip to Ontario's North Caribou Lake, detailing the gear required to catch 20-plus-pound northern pike. In the Souix City Herald.

What Makes John Gierach Tick
Jack Ohman did a fine interview with John Gierach when the author was in Portland, Oregon, recently. In it, Gierach says some suprising -- and not surprising -- things about how and why he writes. "'I wish I could say that I had seen this cultural opening in fly fishing. And I wish I could say I saw the moment for a manifesto and wrote it. I didn't. I just wrote the book I felt like writing. And it slowly, very slowly, but steadily got more popular. To this day, I think I wrote too quickly after "Trout Bum." And for better or worse, it made me. I have great affection for that book. But I don't think it's my best book, by a long shot.'" In the Oregonian. "You Gonna

Finish That Sandwich?"
By Marshall Cutchin
Wes Smalling says that before realizing he should probably buy most of his flies, he once fit the prototype of the Fly Shop Guy: "He's that guy who's recently become obsessed with fly-fishing and fly tying. He pops into the store at least once a day -- he never buys anything -- he just hangs around complaining about how expensive everything is and asking a million annoying questions: What size lead wrap do you use for a wooly bugger? Who invented the conehead wooly bugger?" In the Jackson Hole Star-Tribune.

Time Is a River Author Alice Munroe
By Marshall Cutchin
Alice Munroe, author of the best seller The Beach House and of the new book Time Is a River, says fly fishing isn't just about catching fish. It's about feeling life. "Monroe says she is taken with the spiritual and intellectual aspect of fly-fishing, just as her character Mia is. '. It's what brings you back every time, trying to figure it all out. It's all about doing the dance with the fish.'" Craig Wilson interviews the author for USAToday

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Gas Prices Changing The Way We Fish!

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So I was thinking about how these gas prices have been going up steadily lately and when will it end. Fortunately I'm taking a few weeks off from fishing every other day and focus on a little work. That and being fortunate to have fished nonstop the last few months when the prices were not as bad, well just a bit lower also helped.

The big question is, how much are you being affected by the recent spike in prices? Nothing like paying $65 to go driving down the road to fish for a few hours! Enjoy the 4th Holiday Weekend and if you head up to the Mtns to wet a line, prepare for crowds and higher gas prices reaching $4.50.

Better yet I wonder how many will be putting off big trips to Florida, Alaska and Russia due to the higher costs?

Local sites to help:
http://www.gaspricewatch.comfind/ cheaper gas in your area gas gouging

Time to get out the bike again and throw the rods on!
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Big Trout on the Fraser River Colorado!

So the Rivers are up and everyone says stay at home...Hogwash!! Get out and search for some big fish when high water hits.
Tips for Fishing Colorado's Rivers in The Summertime

A few of us were bored with Lake fishing recently since that's all we've been doing for the last month so we decided to hit some rivers, mostly that of the Fraser. For those that don't know about the Fraser it's somewhat os a small river but in a few areas it opens up and turns into a decent little fishery. A fishery that is known for 3-4 weight water fishing that is.

On this fine day I got lucky and though the water was up, murky and not the greatest for catching fish, we had crazy luck on our side and a few hotspots only a few locals know about. After hearing much, reading some and watching a bit on Landon Mayer on "How To Catch Big Fish" I did what most Denver fisherman do, got lucky! I saw this beast just ever so carefully go by me and I went after her! Thank goodness my small net worked


What did I catch it on....well a Borski Saltwater of all things, when nothing else works I go for a little Saltwater action to practice my Saltwater fly patterns to get ready for upcoming trips.

Steve hitting a Honey Hole that disagreed with his Saltwater flies! Brian did manage a few on some Black wolly's though, despite my willingness to shy away from what worked for me.

Don't forget to try and streamer, duhh but have you tried it with an indicator and float it down a few stretches to see what happens, try that for more aciton!

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