Thursday, May 4, 2017

800 Miles, 5 Rivers and Countless Memories!

Time for a Road Trip!
This trip had so many part to it I had to break it into a few different postings. One great part about living in this great state is that fact that we have so many great rivers to choose from. I'm all about taking advantage of that as well as timing the best BWO hatches around.
When targeting big trout a few things have to happen. One of which is find the best rivers to hit, next is to wake up early enough to not only keep the crowds away but most importantly, stealth mode for the big ones before it gets too light out. Use the right equipment from 5 weights to my top choice, a stout G loomis 6 weight to limit any chance to be worked over.
 This guy wanted nothing to do with me and after a quick picture, it was time to keep em wet with a gentle release. Time to fight another day!
 Looks like I had to share the river today, I think the right away went to this local jack ass.

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