Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fishing Stillwater for Big Trout!

Fall Stillwater Fishing in the Rockies

Where are the Biggest Trout Caught? Where are fewer crowds and better camping spot....Stillwater!

Checkout our section on how to fish your local stillwaters for Trout and other species as well as top tips on Spinney and Delaney Buttes

Monday, September 29, 2008

Top Fall Fishing News!

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Happy Autumn
By Marshall Cutchin
Gordon Wickstrom celebrates the first day of fall and notes that for many, the season produces just the opposite of dread. "When a fisherman today takes to the creek in its autumn glory, or a hunter to a water hole on the prairie to shoot doves, he knows that his intense response to it all is protected by the knowledge that he need not bury himself like the ant in dark, frozen slumber and so try to survive: He can go home-- and turn up the thermostat." In the Boulder Daily Camera.

Fly Fishing for Lake Erie Shoreline Steelhead
By Marshall Cutchin
In a short video, fly fishing guide Karl Weixlmann discusses essential gear and flies for catching steelhead from the Lake Erie shoreline.
The accompanying article also gives lots of advice on technique: "After making the cast, I like to tuck the cork handle of the fly rod under my arm pit and use both hands to strip in the fly line and dump it into a stripping basket. You simply cannot outstrip a steelhead that's bent on eating your fly in open water. Another retrieve that works on the lakeshore is to strip the line in erratic spurts from 1 foot to 3 feet long with your line hand while keeping the line tucked under the cork handle with your rod hand."
On NWPAOutdoors.com.

New Video: "Drift"
By Marshall Cutchin
In the Denver Post, Charlie Meyers talks about the "warm and fuzzy" reception given the new Patterson/Klug/Bie production "Drift," which was screened this last Tuesday at the Fly Fishing Retailer show. "'I wanted to take the Warren Miller formula of visiting familiar settings and showing the beautiful things about them,' [director Chris] Patterson said of a domestic selection that includes the Frying Pan, Bighorn, Green and Deschutes rivers. For a balance of the exotic, the movie visits Belize, Andros Island in the Bahamas and, as a fireworks finale, the rivers of the Kashmir sector of India. Patterson, a novice angler, came away surprised at the challenges."
You can watch the trailer for "Drift" on the Confluence Films Web site.

The Bahamas: Bonefishing Green Turtle Cay
By Marshall Cutchin
"'A lot of deep-water sanctuary and access, and a variety and surplus of bait to sustain these fish,'' [George] Poveromo wrote in an e-mail. 'Big fish can drop off into the [Sea of Abaco] within seconds and be safe. Those on the oceanside flats can drop off into a channel or deep water within seconds. Then there's less fishing pressure here.''' Sue Cocking fishes the off-season at Green Turtle Cay and still manages to catch fish in only a half day of fly casting. In the Miami Herald.

Mazomanie, Wisconsin: Best Town for Nude Fly Fishing?
By Marshall Cutchin
Forget about those expensive waders. With its art, culture, and nude beach on the Wisconsin river, the Town of Mazomanie would have to be on your list of cool (too cool?) places to live in Wisconsin. "The September issue of Budget Travel named Mazomanie one of the '10 Coolest Small Towns,' noting that the village is saturated with artists. Mazomanie's comeback is partly due to historical society members who saw the potential of their hamlet nestled amid rolling hills, the Wisconsin River, Black Earth Creek (a Class A trout stream) and farm fields."

Apache Trout: A Good-News Conservation Story
By Marshall Cutchin With scientists from all over the world rushing to examine new Amazon plant and animal species before they are gone, it's nice to think that even in our over-managed United States diligence and dedication can still preserve what may one day prove a vital link. Thank the White Mountain Apache Tribe, the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for a recent example. Over the past couple of decades, they've brought the Apache trout back from the verge of extinction by building fish barriers and removing non-native trout in 27 Arizona streams. "The small, wary native trout is closely related to the rainbow, but exquisitely adapted to the small, flood- and drought-prone streams of the region. They boast the largest dorsal fin of any trout -- which helps them hold their position in a small creek in heavy flows." Pete Aleshire in the Payson, Arizona Roundup.

Alaska Float Plane Crash Was Result of Corrosion
By Marshall Cutchin The crash that killed a guide, pilot and two anglers on their way to Alaska's Royal Wulff Lodge last year was caused by corrosion in the wing, according to a federal accident report. Unfortunately, this kind of corrosion would be undetectable without removing the wings, so the FAA sent a special bulletin on Sept. 9 to all operators of the type of plane involved -- the Helio Courier. "[Royal Wulff co-owner Chris] Branham said he bought the plane from legendary Bush pilot Lowell Thomas in the 1980s, and his lodge uses three other Helio Couriers. The reason his company chose this type of plane for the lodge was its reputation as one of the safest in the world, he said." Elizabeth Bluemink in the Anchorage Daily News.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Orvis Days in Cherry Creek Denver!

Orvis is the name in Fly Fishing and what better place to find out about local fishing reports and new equipment than Orvis in Cherry Creek. Checkout Orvis Days for HUGE savings and discounted gear!!

Their Website

2701 East First Avenue Denver, CO US, 80206Phone: 303-355-4554

Store Manager: Mike Pletsch
Great guy and we have much in common, not only an outdoorsman and fisherman, but most important a Georgia Bulldawg!
Mike is an avid outdoorsman who has truly embraced the Orvis lifestyle. After receiving a Master's degree in Outdoor Education, he moved to Colorado and spends all of his time between his two favorite places, the store and the mountains. Whether it is fishing in the backcountry or close to Denver, Mike can always be found making the most of the Orvis lifestyle.

Fishing Manager: Kerry Caraghar
One of the best all around fisherman I know! He has some of the best knowledge on fishing around Colorado and when you guide the Governor, you must be pretty good...can't wait to wet a line Kerry!
Kerry is a Colorado native who learned to fly-fish at an early age. It came as no surprise to his family when as a toddler he announced his dream to be a professional fly-fisherman. Kerry first became an Orvis endorsed guide and instructor in 1988 and has served as the Fishing Manager in Cherry Creek since 2005. While most of his fishing stories take place in the western waters of the US, Kerry is always willing to share the tales of his adventures fly-fishing across Ireland.

Don't forget to meet my other Pals there for Fishing information Mark, Dave, and Peter!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dogtown..Touching TV Program Worth Checking Out!

Special TV Show: Dogtown, Pit Bull Recovery and Documentary!

Saving the Michael Vick DogsGo
behind the scenes at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary as former fighting dogs rescued from Vick’s property learn to curb aggressive behavior and live peacefully with humans and other dogs. Watch the two-hour season premiere Friday's in September 9PM ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel.
Link to Bestfriends.org and TV show on National Geographic
Other Episodes:
DogTown Program ScheduleSaving the Michael Vick Dogs ET/PTFeaturing Cherry, Meryl, Denzel and GeorgiaNew BeginningsFriday, Sept. 12, 10 pm ET/PTFeaturing Wylee, Nochi and WillaProject RescueFriday, Sept. 19, 10 pm ET/PTFeaturing Johnny, Baxt and TuffyNew LivesFriday, Sept. 26, 10 pm ET/PTFeaturing Wycheck, Knightly and KarinaTo read more about the “DogTown” series, visit the Nat Geo website.

Every year, countless numbers of dogs are given up on.They are unwanted, abandoned for medical or behavioral reasons, the result of extreme abuse, or the unfortunate victims of circumstance, many of these dogs will be unable to find permanent homes, and euthanized when individuals and institutions throughout the country, and the world, are unable to care for them any longer. For many of these dogs, Dogtown represents a dog’s last chance for redemption, hope, or survival. Dogtown is a last resort.DOGTOWN follows these dogs from their initial arrival at Best Friends, through their various medical and/or behavioral transformations, all the way through adoption, a lifetime spent at Dogtown, or in rare medical cases, death. While most of these dogs deserve homes—unfortunately, not all will find them.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Fishing in Florida!


October, November, and December

Tailing redfish, busting snook, and laid-up tarpon are the main course for the Charlotte Harbor fly fisherman. The fall season is characterized by low tides that congregate the fish into very shallow water. The Florida redfish are tailing on the flats in large numbers, and the Boca Grande snook are found in inches of water ambushing baitfish. Casting a shrimp, crab, or baitfish imitation at the fish with proper presentation will yield big results. Florida redfish are an exceptional fly rod game fish. After all, they love to attack flies and can be found tailing, backing, or pushing bait every month of the year in knee-deep water. They are primarily bottom feeders, and oftentimes, they are unaware that their tails are flopping out of the water awaiting your fly.

The average size of Florida Redfish is 4 to 8 pounds and measures 24 to 30 inches in length. Watching tailing Redfish is almost as rewarding as hooking up with one of these beautiful fish. Snook fishing is awesome this time of year. Large numbers of snook are found deep in the Florida mangroves crushing and destroying schools of small baitfish. Surface flies are the primary producers this time of year and yield vicious strikes. Poling the banks as well as wading the shallow water offers the year's best sight fishing for snook.

The thrill of hearing, stalking, and sighting a busting snook will challenge any angler to maintain composure while presenting the fly. These rod-benders measure 22 to 32 inches on average and create the ultimate challenge for the skinny water angler. Laid-up and cruising tarpon are found on the deeper flats and edges in the Charlotte Harbor bays. With the right weather and water temperatures, late season Boca Grande tarpon opportunities are available. Backcountry Florida tarpon fishing.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bass on a Fly..Warmwater Fishing in Denver!

Front Range Denver Bass Fishing!
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I love my Bass fishing, must be due to the fact I was born with a rod in my hand down in Georgia fishing bass ponds all my life!

Bass fishing can be so much fun, whether on a 3 wt or a 5 weight hang on for a fight. What seasons and fly patterns to use...checkout my Bass Fishing Page on my website for more information on how to catch more bass:
Bass Section

I love Bass on a Fly!!

bass on a fly
Gorgeous Morning on the Water

Pops out for a Visit and with so many trout caught over the years, he was ready for some big bass in Denver!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Alaska Guide Dog!

Live in Alaska and you Fish, you better have a fishing dog!
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My boy Colin got himself and new fishing dog and man is that a good looking Lab! Must be nice, a new Willie Boat, fishing nonstop in Alaska and a new Puppy....life must be good.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big Trout in Idaho!

Back from another fun trip out of state and big trout!
More on My Trip and some Big Fish Pictures, Click Here

Talk about a fun weekend of fishing, scenary, cranking out some big flies and yes....big fish! We floated a local hot spot near Standley, Idaho with a few buddies and due to the unknown location of this place by most we will keep it a secret.
Man they got some nice Bows up Here!

Nothing like a little wind and rain on this fine Idaho Day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big Bluegill's on the Fly!

After some big bream or Bluegill...What a fight on a 3 weight!
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Pound for Pound I can't see any other fish fighting as hard as a Bluegill on a fly. When you get a nice one on, hold on for a fight. While Carp and Bass both fight well also and bream rarely jump, that tug keeps you coming back for more.

Where to Fish in Colorado and Florida for Bream and Bluegill's
bream on a fly

Bluegill Tactics Here
Top Bream Fly's to use Here
Discounted Flies Here

My Fly Box's, yep I have a little of everything

Can You Say Steroid Alert!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Patagonia! Destination of the Week

Patagonia Fishing...it doesn't get much better than This!
Argentina or Chile, what's your pleasure?

More on my trip Here

With so many areas to cover it's hard to figure out where to go, how many days, the season, the fish...I think you need to get a Guide!

Fish Species of the Week: Sea Run Browns
Guide of the Week: Francisco Castano with Trespiedras Fishing Exploration is the Best!

Seasons to Go: December through March

Fisheries Research on how they get so big: Click Here

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lake Carol Anne with the Boys!

Denver fishing at it's finest...Fishing LCA with the fellas has been Superb all Summer!

Whether it's Big Bass, Big Trout, Big Crappie, Big Bluegill, Big Carp, Big Catfish...big Everything this is the place we've been having some fun at for quite some time!

that's a 6wt reel of mine, yeah fatty

Checkout Lake Carol Anne Fishing Pictures Here You're Going To Love This Place!

Todd with a Fatty!

Our theme on any given Friday? "Cheeseburgers in Paradise"

Brian with an 8lb Beast of a Bow....too bad our buddy was yelling at you when you tried to lift it up for a picture!

Brian with an 9lb bow

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Is This Your Cup Of Tea?

Fly Fishing Competition come back to Colorado!

The Fly Fishing Cup!
More on their Website Here

Whether you're into this or not feel free to read more or about and get involved, I'm thinking of finding another area to fish personally...a bit too many crowds for me.

Practice WatersThe Arkansas River - practice water is at Hayden Meadows.The Blue River - from the Town of Silverthorne to the Dam.
Ten Mile Creek - from Officers Gulch on I-70 to Copper Mountain Resort and above.
Upper Colorado River - any public above Cottonwood put inCompetition WatersThe Arkansas River - from the DOW access above Granite.
The Blue River - Blue River campground and below.
Ten Mile Creek - from the town of Frisco to Copper Mountain Resort.
The Upper Colorado River - above the junction of the Eagle - all private 2 miles up.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Drake Annual Movie Awards in Denver!

Annual Flyfishing Retail Show is in town next week, should be lot's of goodies and free stuff if you can find your way in to this VIP event. I've made many of them but this year no passes yet so if you have any....CALL ME!!

Sunday night is a good kickoff event that is free and really fun to attend!! So checkout some cool fishing movies and more.

The 3rd Annual Drake Flyfishing Video Awards will be held Sunday Night, September 14th, at 8:00 at a new, sweet location--Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, at 26th and Welton in Denver.


Field of streams!

Field of streams
FLY FISHING Anglers won't be disappointed in the Driftless Area, five hours from Chicago

VIROQUA, Wis. -- I learned some interesting things about trout on a recent fly-fishing outing in the Driftless Area of southwest Wisconsin. I discovered that trout can't hear, but they can sense vibrations in the water. So tread lightly

They have no eyelids, which means they can't squint. This makes it difficult for them to spot flies in the bright sun. And thanks to a blind spot directly behind them, you can sneak up if you're crafty and drop a faux midge, caddis, scud, mayfly or tiny cricket right in front of their snouts.

The Article is listed Here

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hunting Season is Close!

If you love to Fish and Hunt...This is for You!
More on Fly Fish Addiction

Caught 1-1/2 miles offshore while Fishing in South Carolina!
deer swimming

She was sooo tired and was glad to get into our boat and rest! And yes, we turned her loose when we got back to shore. Just try beating this Fish Story!

deer swimming2
Can you say Salty Venison.....she was released on shore, shortly thereafter!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Where To Fish In Colorado!

Where can i fish if traveling to Colorado?

Many times a year I get an email from out of town friends, fishing buddies, or newbies to the state and ask.....where's a good place you could recomend to fish?

Rivers of interest are all dependant on where you would like to fish, the area you may be in, scenary, crowds and sizes of fish are all big factors.

Cheesman Canyon-South Platte River 1 hour away, Spectacular scenary hands down, little tougher fishing since they are finicky but great place and close, bigger fish there.

Big Thompson-Estes Park (right near Rocky mtn Natl Park) 1 hour 15 minutes from Denver, easier fishing, close to RMNP if going to spend time in Estes Park, 12-14" avg size fish, decent scenary but right off a 2 lane hwy.

Arkansas River-Buena Vista 2 1/2 hours away, perfect access to 50 miles of water, easy to fish, 12-14", whitewater, many big mountains in the back drop while fishing so hard to stay focused with it being so pretty there.

Colorado River-Kremmling 2 hours away, near Winter Park, spectacular scenary area, great dry fly fishing if the right time, fish avg 14-15"

Clear Creek-30 minutes away Idaho Springs,10-12" avg size fish, easy to fish, decent scenary but right off I-70 hwy, perfect dry fly stream

Frying Pan River- near Basalt and Aspen 2 1/2 hours away, amazing area with the red cliffs, near Roaring fork river as well, more crowded but BIG fish, BIG hatches and a must if close to there

Spinney Mtn Ranch- Commonly known as the Dream Stream is a 5 mile section of the South platte river nestled between Spinney Rez` and 11 mile Rez in South Park. Big fish move up when the water exceeds 100 cfs in the Spring and Fall for your best chance at huge fish...that and lot's of people! One last tip...expect Wind!!

Links for fishing Colorado:
2)Good site for hatches and rivers http://www.coloradofishing.net/reports.htm
3) Many stream reports http://www.thepeakflyshop.com/
4) River Gauges http://stream-flow.allaboutrivers.com/Colorado/river_flow-sCO.html

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Welcome to Fly Fish Addiction Blog!

Our FFA Blog is only a few months old and we're hitting the Top 100 Fishing sites Rankings! Our main website Fly Fish Addiction has been around for close to a year and also has had great Success so thanks to all for your Support and help with our websites!!

With the FFA blog, we built this for all fisherman so feel to interact with this site and get involved. We can post recent trips for you, important fishing subjects, pictures or commentary!

How can I have my information published? Just email us to publish your pics or trips!

How can I comment on FFA Blog? Just click on the "Comment section" below the thread and you DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP OR LOG IN, you can put anonymous, your name, or your google/hotmail name if needed..no registration needed!

How can I get more reports from FFA? Go to our FAQ on our main FFA Page HERE to send us your information. If we can list any information you do not see, or improvements needed feel free to let us know!

Thanks again for your support and for our 50-70 hits a day average with us still growing daily!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Carp Addicts Here and Accounted!

Carp on a Fly!
More on Fly Fish addiction on catching Carp

The Golden Bone is an aquired taste but after you get that tuuuuuuug, that backing creaming from your 7wt and from your 1st slime......it's all over with!!
Tim with a nice Golden Bonefish out one day where conditions were very bad, hey we got lucky!
Todd below with a nice one from our Hotspot up near Commerce City

Troutdawg with another.....yes I have many Carp shots I would love to exploit :):)