Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tarpon Video! Silvers on A Fly and More

Our Fly Fishing Tarpon Video Is Finally Here!
Sit back, relax, and dream of big Tarpon on a fly.....
Incredible Fishing Films, Photography and more from Reel Escape Films

Tarpon Ain't Easy to Catch from Reel Escape Films on Vimeo.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Bass On A Fly!

Early Summer Bass on a Fly Tactics!
Bass in Colorado is on Again
Tis the season and time to get back out on some favorite water for some Largemouth, Smallmouth or Wipers! One thing I've noiticed over the years coming from Georgia to Denver is that Trout rain supreme in this state! Well I lean towards that infatuation as well but when you consider there are so many freshwater species, mainly that of bass to chase, and a majority of those are within reach from Denver's city limits....all the reason to escape that I-70 traffic jam, high prices of gas and fish for big freshwater species locally.

Fishing Pal Jake with a Meaty Wiper caught here in the Front Range

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fishing Bill Dance Style!

If You Own Enough Rods This is Bound To Happen!

This is actually dedicated to myself and a few friends recently, I've broken my 4wt on the Blue a month ago, my 8wt in Boca Grande and a few buddies have some crazy stories to tell as well!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Colorado Flies and Techniques! Frank Smethurst at Trout's Fly Shop

Colorado Flies and Techniques that Work Around the World

Come join the guys at Trout's for a special Happy Hour event! We're pleased and honored to have FRANK SMETHURST, star of the cult movie "Running Down the Man", "Eastern Rises" (coming soon), and host of the new Trout Unlimited sponsored "On The Rise" Television Show, in the shop for this weeks Happy Hour. Frank will be in the shop starting at 4pm, and will be splitting time between his vise, a bottle of cold beer, and conversations with all of us. It should be a memorable evening, and we hope many will be able to attend. The best part.... FREE BEER!! I spend a great deal of time here as well so talk to Tucker about where to fish and also enjoy a few fly fishing videos on their Flat screen while Winston his Lab plays catch with you~

*Here also is more on Frank from a Meeting I had with him a few months back worth checking out!

*Also his latest Big Brown Trout caught on the The Little Red with my Pal John Wilson also

Monday, May 25, 2009

Orivs Cherry Creek Fly Shop Movie Night!

Alaska Red Gold Movie Night Orvis Cherry Creek

May 30th, 6:30pm.Featuring "Red Gold," a documentary about the plans to install the world's largest open pit mine and the devastating effects that would ensue on the world's largest wild salmon fishery. Watch the movie, have some beer, have some food, enter to win prizes, and learn what you can do to help the conservation efforts. We will be accepting donations and including all proceeds from the raffle to go to Alaska Trout Unlimited and their conservation efforts for Bristol Bay.

If you can't make it to the show definitely check these guys out, they are the most up to date on local fisheries for sure and they also have some great fly fishing equipment to show off!

2701 East First Avenue Denver, CO US, 80206 Phone: 303-355-4554Fax: 303-333-8202 Driving Directions Printable Map

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Weekend Fishing!

Fly Fishing For The Holidays!

I hope you have a Pleasant Memorial Weekend and are able to find a few hotspots to yourself to fish, if not than make the best of it! If not on the water than enjoy some nice weather and grill a few of your favorite filets or Steaks. Keep us posted as to how the fishing was in your areas and what was biting.


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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tarpon of Boca! Florida Tarpon Trip

Fly Fishing For Tarpon, Chasing Silver!

Another great trip to Florida with the boys Chasing big Tarpon. Did we see some Tarpon, you bet, did we get a few...well read more to find out. 400 a day is pretty tough to beat and when your guides put you on fish, it's all up to you to make it happen. Great guides, fishing friends, weather and a few fish to remember.

Click Here for our trip report, great pictures and a few Tarpon

florida fishing am

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Barry Reynolds Tips for Freshwater!

Barry Reynolds Fishing for Pike, Carp and Anythng Else That Swims!

For those that haven't met or heard about Barry, go to the bookstore now and checkout his books! This guy knows a thing or 2 about catching large Pike, Musky, Carp and Bass.

I've been out on the water with him before, mostly during the Annual Carp Tourny we started and he is always a character. We compare areas on where to find some massive Carp and most of the time I just listen to all of the stories he has to tell about where he has fished and the exotic fish he has caught.

Can't wait for your next book and I wish your TV show was back on as well.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Floating The Amicalola River! Georgia Trout Streams

North Georgia Canoeing With The Boys!

Papa Troutdawg rounded up a few friends and headed to the North Georgia Hills for some fun, floating and fearless rapids to run! Not bad for a guy a few Trout Seasons away from 70. Still doing Class III rapids and enjoying some remote camping! For those whom have never frequented this area or floated the Ami, you've missed out. Ever since days visiting North Georgia and Kayaking every weekend up there, I can still remember this majical place and the Rapid "Edge of The World."

Detailed Information about the Amicalola River and Trout Streams in North Georgia. North Georgia has a variety of rivers and creeks worth floating and outside of the Chattooga River, the Amicalola is the next best thing.

amicalola river
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Welcome To FlyFishMap! Maps For Fly Fishing

Top Areas For Fly Fishing
Fly Fish Map Link

Discover the world of fly fishing with Flyfishmap. Click on a continent, then on marker groupings to find markers in your area of interest. Use the Filter function to see exactly what you want or Search to find specific markers. Great site for finding areas of interest, mark your favorite sites or zoom around fishing areas when bored at work!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Carp on a Fly! Fly Fishing for Carp in Colorado

Carp Fly Fishing Colorado Style!
Top Carp Info on our FFA Website

So you think you like to Carp fish! Well I'm out atleast 25 days a year for these Goldens and every trip out doesn't net a fish, but it does give me more knowledge on how to catch these Extremely elusive fish. One thing is for certain, outside of Tiger muskie and Wipers, these fish will give you a headache as well as the fight of your Life!

*Tips on Catching Carp on a fly, tips on hotspots, top Carp fly's by the pro's and mucho big carp pics...enjoy

Another great event for the last 2 Summer's is the Annual Denver TU Carp Slam. An event I am proud to have been a part of since it's inception, and glad to continue and help bring awareness to the South Platte River's watershed.


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Top 10 East Coast Trout Streams to Fly Fish

East Coast Trout Streams To Fish

Thinking of traveling to the east for some fly fishing? There are definitely several good trout streams and rivers located throughout the area. Here is a list of a few you might like to check out~
AUSABLE RIVER/ N.Y.STATE - This Adirondack Mountain river flows from Mt. Marcy into Lake Champlain. It is a free flowing, free stone mountain stream with plenty of good hatches and loads of good fishing. There are native brookies in the upper reaches and rainbows and browns throughout the rest of the river. Black fly hatches in July and August make for excellent fishing, but make sure you bring plenty of bug repellent, because you’ll need it.
BATTEN KILL RIVER / VERMONT & N.Y. - The Batten Kill River runs its course from the Green Mountains in Vermont through lush pasture land and into the Hudson River. This is one of the most storied rivers for fly-fishermen on the east coast. Great hatches, big fish, ambiance, and good fishablity makes this a no-brainer for a weekend get away. The river has a "tuber" problem on hot summer days, but mornings and evenings are still productive.
BEAVERKILL-WILLOWEMAC/CATSKILL REGION N.Y. - This river system is where fly-fishing was born in the United States. Such famous fisherman as Wulff, Dette, Hendrickson and Gordon fished, tied and made this area their home. Even with heavy fishing pressure and low water levels in the summer due to N.Y. City’s huge demand for water these rivers still produce excellent hatches and some nice fish. N.Y. State and organizations such as Trout Unlimited have taken up the cause of this fine fishery and are trying to improve water levels This will help to restore these rivers to their fabled status. If you’ve never fished here your missing out.
THE DELAWARE RIVER- Those of you who are saying that the Delaware River is too big for trout, guess again. Aside from the excellent shad runs and small mouth bass fishing that this river produces, it supports an excellent trout fishery. Floating in canoes and in tubes and fishing the banks produce some outstanding catches of wild rainbow and brown trout, some up to double digits in weight. A mixed bag can be had in this river at any time. Panfish are abundant as well as trout and bass. In the summer months, wading is also good in some sections. This is a blue ribbon river, don’t pass it up.
FARMINGTON RIVER/MASS TO CONN.- If your planning to fish in the Connecticut/Massachusetts area, Don’t miss the Farmington River. This meandering stream is full of feisty rainbow, brown and brook trout. Good hatches of mayflies and easy accessibility make this river an enjoyable fishing experience.
LACKAWAXEN RIVER/PENN-Pennsylvania is renowned for it’s superb limestone trout streams and the Lackawaxen is a diamond amongst many other fine gems. This river is North-East Pennsylvania’s premier, blue ribbon stream and could very well be one of the best in the country. Years of dedicated upkeep and many fly-fishing only/ no-kill zones has trophy trout waters. 25 years ago this river was too polluted to fish, but after massive clean-up and some excellent fisheries management it has rebounded to what it is today. The beautiful surroundings as well as the great fishing makes this river a "don’t miss" in our book, you’ll be sorry if you do.
LETORT SPRING RUN/PENN-This limestone stream is strune with fly-fishing history. The LeTort has had many of fly-fishing’s greatest personalities grace it’s shores. The LeTort has excellent sulfur dunn hatches and many other hatches all year long, because of the constant temperatures of the springs that feed it. Wild brown and rainbow trout inhabit these waters and produce good catches. Terrestrial fishing is excellent in the summer.(Ever hear of the LeTort Hopper)
PEQUEST RIVER/N.J.-The Pequest is an outstanding mountain stream in Northern New Jersey. What is that you say, a mountain stream in New Jersey. Yes!! This river features all the things that you would expect from a western mountain stream except the airfare. A hatchery on the river allows stocking all year and since the Pequest empties into the Delaware these fish have the opportunity to grow real large. Fishing is good all year.
PENOBSCOT RIVER(east branch)/MAINE- This rambling mountain stream is home to wild and beautiful brook trout. If you enjoy mountain scenery and great fishing and find yourself in Maine try the Penobscot.
SALMON RIVER/GREAT LAKES REGION, N.Y. The Salmon River is on of the best kept secrets on the east coast. This river is the home to some of the best salmon and steelhead runs in America. In the spring steelhead breading runs rule and in the fall you can fish for Kings, Coho, Pink, Chinook, Kokanee and now Atlantic salmon. Some of these fish can run as much as 40 lbs. Also during the salmon runs, "steelies" run up-river to feed on the salmon eggs and 20 lb fish are common. New state regulations allow for minimum water flows all year round and this will create a year round trout fishery, also. If you haven’t had a 15 lb steelhead peel line off your reel you haven’t lived.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Birthday Fishes!!

Just Back From Boca Grande and Birthday Wishes!

Another year older and another less wiser, hopefully this year will bring this 38 year old more great trips and a better economy!

Feel free to send me Tibor reels, Winston rods, Orvis gift cards or fly fishing gifts to me as soon as possible, Birthday's are always sweet and Free gifts are more than Welcome :)

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Watchout For Sewer Trout!

Column: Sewer trout business coming to Kinston
May 2009 - 8:11 PM
Jon Dawson
While the hopes of jobs from the likes of Sanderson Foods and Spirit AeroSystems have left Kinstonians twisting in the wind, a new company is preparing to set up shop in our town.
On Wednesday, Canadian-based Sewer Trout Enterprises is expected to announce plans to build a fishery within the city limits.

"Sewer trout are very popular in Canada," said company Vice President Jeffrey Runyon. "We believe Kinston is a good place to see how Americans will react to our business model."
Sewer trouting's origins can be traced to Montreal in the 1980s. When young people from rural areas of Canada migrated to metropolitan areas for colleges and careers, they missed the ice fishing days of their youth.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Bighorn River is on Fire! Spring on the Bighorn River

Head to the Bighorn, The Bite is On!

I had the invite, The fishing has been great, The weather was perfect, I have the flies, What happened? Well that thing called work got in the way of me going with some friends for a fun week on the Bighorn River!

Now I'm hearing about it, after my fishing pal Brian Yamauchi returned from another great trip to the Horn the pictures are flowing in like a massive midge hatch, Thanks Brian :)

Maybe I can join you and friends like Rick Takahashi for some fun on the river and relaxing for a few days instead of working, until next time!

Bighorn River Reports
Bighorn Trout Shop

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The TrophyStalkers Are Back Again Hunting Big Fish!

Targeting Big Bows in Colorado with the HawgTrough Boys!

Wish I could have made it out fishing with Jason and friends the other week here in Colorado. These guys come out a few times a year and put on a clinic on how to catch big fish here, hey I thought the Colorado guys were suppose to do that? Traveling from Minnesota and knowing how to fish these waters year after year helps these guys key in how some big fish time after time.
Whether it was the Taylor, Frying Pan or Blue River, not much stopped them from having another good trip, tightlines and your's truely to miss out on it all....Maaaaan!!!
Nice fish and boy I wish my job didn't get in the way all the time or I would have been out there with ya, until next time I guess~

More here at the TrophyStalkers Site
Recent Trips and more Great Pics at The HawgTrough Site

big taylor trout

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Fly Fishing Tips

Top 10 Mistakes People Make Fly Fishing

This article explains the biggest mistakes people make fly fishing. These suggestions specifically relate to nymph fishing because fish feed below the surface 90% of the time!
Mistake #10: * USING THE WRONG FLIES * This is an obvious one in any fly fishing scenario. Basically, if your fly matches what the fish are eating, you will catch fish, and if not, you more than likely won't. The first thing that you should do before you start fishing is look at what bugs are in the water.

Mistake #9: * CHANGING FLIES TOO INFREQUENTLY * If you are not catching any fish on your current pattern, than change your fly! There are tons of fish in most rivers and most of the time they are willing to feed. If you are not getting any hits then change your fly (or go a size smaller).

Mistake #8: * CROWDING IN ON THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CATCHING FISH * This is something that really irritates me so much and that frequently happens when I am fishing various rivers. I will be catching fish at a consistent rate while other people around me are not catching anything. Before I know it, people are caving in all around me crowding my space! They wrongfully assume that all the fish happen to be right in front of me and that's why I am catching all the fish!!! Let me tell you something... there are tons of fish in a river, and probably no more fish in front of me than in front of you, so if you see me catching fish and you are not, do not crowd me! That is not the reason you are not catching anything!

Mistake #7: * TOO MUCH OR TOO LITTLE WEIGHT * If the fish are down deep than you need to put more weight on your line to reach them. If they are closer to the surface put less weight on so that your fly floats right past the fish. It is as simple as that.
Mistake #6: * TOO MUCH TIME SPENT WITH YOUR FLIES OUT OF THE WATER * The fish are in the water. If your fly is not in the water you will not be catching fish. When fly fishing, you want your fly to be in the water as much of the time as possible. Too many people spend way too much time with their flies out of the water cleaning off the algae, false casting, undoing tangles, checking out the female angler down river, etc. Obviously you need to make sure that your flies are clear of any algae with some quick splashes on the water surface, but other than that, keep
your flies in the water as much as possible. You will catch more fish.

Mistake #5: * THE "SAN JUAN SHUFFLE" So often you will see people on popular fly fishing rivers shuffling their feet, moving upriver, moving downriver, and basically kicking up a lot of debris and clouding up the water. Keep your feet in the same spot. All you are doing shuffling your feet is kicking up bugs and probably creating a trout feeding frenzy downstream. You want to keep your feet in the same place and hit different areas of the river by casting in differentV spots, not by moving your feet.

Mistake #4: FIGHTING THE FISH TOO HARD On many rivers, you may be fighting 20+ inch fish on 6x tippet and size 22 flies! Don't fight the fish too hard or you will either break the fish off or the fish will slip off the hook. Get the fish on the reel and fight the fish with the reel's drag. If that fish wants to make a run just let it go... there is nothing you can do about it. Ten to twenty minute fights are common when fly fishing large rivers with big fish.
Mistake #3: POOR FLOAT PLACEMENT I have seen folks position their float at the very top of a nine foot leader when fishing in three feet of water because they say that the fish are float shy. Don't do that. Generally, the float should be positioned 1.5 to 2 times the depth of the water. Often times you will have to play with the positioning of the float a bit to get it right. It usually will make the difference between catching a lot of fish and only catching a few fish.

Mistake #2: POOR MENDING You need to have your fly drift naturally with the current. At the same time your line needs to be tight enough that you can set the hook when a trout hits. To accomplish this you need to be accomplished at feeding line and upstream and downstream mends. Without proper presentation you will never catch very many fish. This is one of the toughest things to learn in fly fishing but when you start to get it you will start seeing major results. Ideally you want long, natural appearing drifts with a relatively tight line.
Mistake #1: SETTING THE HOOK TOO HARD OR TOO LATE The number one mistake I see is improper hook sets. Many people jerk up their rod way to hard and tug the fly out of the fish's mouth (or break off the fly.) I see this over and over again and this is a major reason why people don't catch more fish. All that you need to do is gently (but quickly) raise your rod tip when your float goes under. Don't jerk up or attempt to set the hook too hard. Just gently raise the rod tip. Another mistake that people make is falling into a daze because they have not gotten a bite in two hours (because of mistakes described above) and when they finally do get a hit they react too slowly. You have to be quickly (but gently). Many of these skills that I mention above are tough to learn without first hand instruction. My main recommendation is to find a good guide. Once you get better you won't need one any more.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Fishing in Colorado Has Been Great!

Big Fish Spring Fishing in Colorado!
Link to Story and Pics

Springtime in Colorado means one thing, Big runners! Many have been excited to get out after winter but for a few of us and about 20 days so far, it's been a Spring to remember so far.

Fishing the Colorado River area has been as good as I've seen in years, that with Epic Olive hatches have been worthy of spending every weekend in the Mtns. It's great to have friends that have been eager to get out each weekend and many good stories to tell at the Bar!

Picture Taken by Brian Yamauchi

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Guide Reports..Send em in!

Okay so last year we did a bit on Guides and your experiences, this time we need them again!

We are looking for your past experiences with guides and who is good and who is not. Plain and simple we all have had good guides but there are always a few that aren't so good. Saltwater especially but anywhere from Alaska, Colorado, Florida to New York!

Please send in the good the bad and the ugly and the next few weeks we will report them back to all about who to call and who to stay away from!