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Flyfishaddiction is about people like you. People who would rather fish than eat or sleep. Who would brave rain, and sleet and snow...ok, we're getting a little carried away here...and even a slightly breezy, clear summer day for a little fishing...ok stop!

You know you hate bad weather because you're hesitant to pull your camera out, and you can't tie flies on your line very easily with numb fingers.

You don't own a television, but you have a fly tying bench in every room, and one in the trunk of the car. You inadvertently wear waders to work, and your vest to bars. You find split shot in the pockets of every pair of pants you own, every day. When you empty the vacuum bag, its full of shredded indicators. You have hemostats hanging from your rear view mirror, and you can't move the seat back because the rails are jammed full of topo maps. Your kids are not named - you call them number 22, number 24, and number 26 - but your dog goes by Wulff.

I started this crazy sport of fly fishing 20 years ago as a Wyoming resident, and with much instruction, many bad casts and upgrading to better equipment, I finally learned how to catch a few fish.

I moved to Colorado in 1997 and have enjoyed fishing all of the Rocky Mountain region as well as taking out friends and newcomers to new water every chance we get. What do I do to enjoy such a great life you ask? I run a successful small business with employees that love to take up the slack when I'm out traveling 80 days a year to different travel fishing destinations! Favorite species include Trout of course, Bonefish, Tarpon, Salmon, Pike and yes Carp.

I have an addiction, and it's fly fishing! Whether a nice afternoon with my fishing dog Boca fishing a favorite local stream, midges on local Stillwater or annual Saltwater trips, the more the better!

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, need Guide referals, or tips on fishing a specific area to fish. We are always trying to improve FFA and if you have tips for us or if you have a specific topic we haven't covered on our site, let us know. Thanks