Friday, January 30, 2009

Top fishing Shows on The Tube...Who's Got The most Fishees!

Best Fishing Shows Out There!

Okay most of my fishing buddies knows I'm good for a few things, designated driver when we head up to the hills, a huge fly fishing library in my Fish room they can raid and lastly and perhaps most important......What happened on last weeks' fishing shows!

Yes I admit, I am a TV fish junkie....well when I can't get out that rare weekend they're on. Also since I work from home, I'm a sucker for Top fishing shows on. What are they and why should I watch them?

Many of you may be picky, me I watch em all since most of them can catch fish, yes a few "Bite" but more good than bad shows out there~

Familiar Waters -Link
Mike Pawlawski has a hit for sure! This show covers it all, from Alaska, Canada, Wyoming to my favorite...Saltwater fishing in Belize and Florida! This former Tampa Bay QB does it all! ****

Fishing Adventurer -Link
From reel screaming shark in New York to explosive snapper in Western Africa and hard hitting yellowfin in Costa Rica. Cyril Chauquet is a die hard fisherman and worth watching! ***

The Saltwater Experience-Link
Capt Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor have the Saltwater show! Capt Tom mentioned the other day that his show was #1 on Versus, I see why! I watch this every week of the year & when I can't his incredible website has real-time for each episode. Capt Tom is a great fisherman, eager to help others & truly a genuine guy from what I've encountered! I keep telling him to sse that Scott fly rod more though ***
Adventure Guides- Link
John Dietsch is at it again with another hit! Travel abroad fly fishing across Trout water and Saltwater's top locations. Whether it's this to watch or Hook.Tv both provide entertainment when it comes to top notch fishing narrative.

Tarpon of Boca Link
Just as the name implies this show is nonstop action fishing the Boca Grande Pass in it's Prime! Lot's of action, sorry no fly fishing, but plenty of Silvers to druel over! **

TU Trout Unlimited's on The Rise -Link
Frank Smethurst has done a great job with this show in his 2nd year. I spoke to him recently and discussed how much I enjoyed his work and what Barrett production has done with it. Just would like to see bigger Trout and can't wait for his beast brown in the April episode ***

Spanish Fly -Link
Jose is the mackdaddy of Salt outside of Flip Pallot in my opinion. I have been watching Jose for years and still think his show is truly on of the best and he's a huge fly fisherman, hence the name "Spanish Fly" ****

Fly Fishing The World Link
This is a good show that was formerly Fly Fish america. The travels Barrett takes now are pretty sweet. The Patagonia episodes to New zealand make it worth watching ***

Legends of Rod and Reel -Link
This show is a genuine fishing show depicting all of the Fly Fishing hero's in our era and who have made a difference in this Great sport of Ours ****

Bill Dance Saltwater Show- Link
Okay this one is here due to the Hilarious nature of him and Roland Martin fishing each weekend and Bill Falling out of the boat so often ** Humor Factor ****

Field Day TV -Link
My boy Dan has a hit show; we just need to see more of it! Dan comes from the Colorado ESPN Outdoor show and knows that when they film a few more shows this will be the show to watch!

@Sorry Cindy Garrison's show Get Wild with Cindy didn't make it this year, yeah I know it's getting a little less fishing and more hunting/eating strange bug type episodes..maybe next year!

Others worth Checking out:
Seasons on The Fly, Hooked on the Fly, Patagonic Waters, Adventures Guides, Hooked, Man vs Fish, Fly Fishing Profiles

Here are More Fishing Shows for you Junkies Link

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bridge Access Rights in Montana

Montana Moves To Secure Bridge Access Rights
More on this also at Midcurrent News

A bridge-access bill that was threatened with derailment by the lawyers of at least one large private landowner has passed the Montana house by a large majority. This is terrific news for Montana anglers and for traveling fly fishers, because it promises to prevent private landowners from arbitrarily fencing off access to rivers at bridges. Link

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fly Fishing History

Fly Fishing History
Find out more on this Addiction
of ours at this great site!

What do you really know about the History of Fly Fishing and how it has transformed over the years?

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Denver's ISE Sportsman Show Recap

The International Sportsman Exposition Show is Popular Once Again!

What is it about this show that keeps me coming back every year and much like myself, tens of thousands of others as well! With the ISE having over 30 years experience producing America's premier fishing shows, hunting shows, outdoor sports shows and adventure travel shows, I think I know why. Oh did I mention Lefty Kreh was there!

It was great to catch up with old friends again, many I haven't seen in years, some in months and others I see more than I wish since they live the life we all dream about and jealousy is always present on my behalf. You know who I'm talking buddies that get to travel the globe in pursuit of happiness, fish or to escape corporate america like the rest of us!

Now that AFFTA combined forces with ISE to provide us with twice as much fishing than normal, I'm glad they changed seeing how it made for the perfect Sportsman show and more presentations on the Sport we Love!

Here are a few of some friends I managed to get a few moments with to catch up and to see how life was treating them these days.

Brad Befus -Link
Brad is a great fisherman, consultant with Ross Reels, a Carp Fanatic like myself and is all too happy to talk fishing when given the opportunity. We chatted about the weather up in Montrose where he lives, his and Barry Reynolds book together and a few top flies he's been using. One topic he was very happy to talk about was the fact he was just asked by a Denver's Channel 4 to do a bit on fishing with his son Tyler . For those that don't know Tyler a 9 year old phenom can probably outfish most of my friends!

Brian O'keefe- Link
For those that don't know who Brian O'keefe is, well you haven't been fishing long or have been hiding under a rock full stoneflies! While at the Patagonia booth, Cincas Rios Chile Lodge, we were talking with the owner when Brian came over to hear more from us about our interest with Patagonia and about my trip I had down there. I've met him before a few times in the past and one thing about Brian is that besides him being an incredible photographer, amazing fisherman, he is always eager to talk about other people's adventures. When asked about the next big place to fish or his next big trip, he always has a list for you. We ran into Brian a few more times during todays presentations and in our last one, Valentine Atkinson on worldwode travels, he called out myself and Dave in front of a packed house to laugh about our attendance to most of the days events...thanks Brian! I'm sure I'll get him back when I see him at Tuesdays Denver TU's meeting, I'm a former Board member, where he's presenting and I'll have to buy him a few beers afterwards.
*Checkout his latest Project, Catch Magazine, one of the best fishing magazines out there for sure

Mark Lance - Link
Mark is another great guy I see pretty frequently and have known for years. His wife Sharon use to be the Colorado Trout Unlimited President and assist with the National Board. They have to be one of the most traveled couples I know anywhere. Between Alaska, Kamchatka, Belize, Chile, Argentina and Bahamas ...there's not many places they haven't seen or fished. I had talked to Mark at great length before my Patagonia trip to get some tips on fishing there since they have been there anumber of times, thanks again! One thing many people don't know is that Mark is a phenomenal photographer with the likes of Brian and Valentine. I really enjoyed your pictures in the hallway gallery also. Great to catch up!

Jeff Currier- Link
Quick Bio on Jeff in case you're clueless. First North American ever to take home a medal in the twenty-four year history of the World Championships, IGFA world record holder, author, artist, Ross Reel consultant and after 40 countries traveled and 200 species caught....he's worth talking to! I caught up with Jeff at Jack Dennis booth and immediately wanted to pick his brain on Jack, Jackson Hole, Carp fishing since he is a Carp guy and his amazing artwork. I later talked to him again at the Carp Panel event with all the guys back to talk about Golden Bones. World traveler is always a nice description of Jeff besides outstanding fisherman.

Frank Smithers - Link
It's been a bit since I last talked with Frank, it seems he is always on the go and off somewhere fishing, living it up around Basalt or working on his popular TV show "Trout Unlimited's On The Rise". We chatted about our old days at Univeristy of Georgia, fishing the South, a little Salt and most importantly on his Monster brown caught recently. Frank was with great guide and a friend of mine, John Wilson on the White River Arkansas shooting an episode for his show. From what I saw on John's site recently this is a huge Brown and worthy to talk at great length about..nice! Can't wait to see the episode this Spring on the Tube and to catch you in Basalt this Summer.

Tom Bie -Link
I caught up with Tom once again, it seems every show I go to he's there? Well why not when someone has one of the most popular Fly fishing magazines the past 10 years called the Drake, one of the most popular Fishing Forums and is here to talk about his latest project. "Drift The Movie". I would say that's a very good reason why Tom was present and happy to talk fishing with me. Tom's recent movie the Drift is about as good as it get's from a fly fisherman's perspective and I could watch it 10 times over. Tom lives here in Colorado but seems to have connections all over the planet when it comes to fishing. Hey Tom when are you going to use my Fish pics for your mag, you promised!

Mike Lawson -Link
Mike is a super guy and I have been reading his books on spring creeks and fishing for years now. I always enjoy hearing Mike speak on Spring Creeks, well when you've been fishing them and writing about them for decades he is the go to guy. His operation on the Henry's Fork is one of the best and if you make it up that way you need to check it out and pop in to say hello, he always welcomes it! We picked up his newest book as well as video and talked about bugs a bit, thanks Mike again for the discount for Dave!

Will Rice-Link
I ran into Will after the Carp panel presentation and felt since he was a fellow Coloradoan, I had to grab a few minutes to chat. Will is a big carp guy, freelance writer and another lucky worldwide traveler chasing tails! Can't wait to get out on some water with you this Spring to chase some local Bones

Will Rice, Kirk Deeter, Brad Befus, Jeff Currier,
Barry Reynolds

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Fly Fishing Film Tour: Atlanta GA - Films Art & Beer
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Trouts Fly Fishing Blog » Blog Archive » Barr's PMD Flashback Emerger
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Rip Tide Fly Fishing Vest - Hydration Bladder for Men
14 Jun 2009 by Brian Rip Tide Fly Fishing Vest - Hydration Bladder for Men. The Loon Outdoors Rip Tide fly fishing vest offers the design, durability and features that experienced fly fishing enthusiasts demand plus a hydration bladder for long, hot days. ...Fly Fishing Vests -[ More results from Fly Fishing Vests ]
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Fly Fishing, Quail Hunting And Sporting Clays In North Georgia ...
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Colorado Fly Fishing Conditions – Bear Creek 5/29/09
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Alaska Fly Fishing- Rub Noses With The Fish!
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Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Heritage Day - Wild About PA:
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Big New Zealand Trout using streamer flies NZ Fly Fishing ...
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Boulder Junction reports » Fly Fishing Report
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Used Fly Fishing Gear: Good As New At Half It's Price
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A Sign of Life! « Up'North Maine Fly Castings
3 hours ago by Benjamin Rioux With all the rain Maine has seen during the month of June, the fishing has been extremely slow. A similar tone of dissapointment and depression is expressed by most of the anglers I talk to these days, none of which are ever overly ...Up'North Maine Fly Castings -[ More results from Up'North Maine Fly Castings ]
Salmon Fishing Scotland.: Salmon Fishing Scotland The Tay Dinner 2009.
26 Jun 2009 by Robert White Salmon Fishing Scotland. Our prime Salmon fishing beats on the River Tay, Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland, offer a good variety of Guided Salmon Fly Fishing and Spinning for Atlantic Salmon during spring, summer and autumn months. ...Salmon Fishing Scotland. - - References
Fly-fishing tips –
6 Jun 2009 by Bill Monroe, special to The Oregonian Try this unusual Suttle Lake kokanee fly-fishing rig (and also late summer in the Deschutes arm of Wickiup Reservoir): Run a small midge pattern up to 15 feet (as long as you feel comfortable casting) below a strike indicator and fish ...Outdoors & Recreation Impact - - - References[ More results from Outdoors & Recreation Impact - ]
Yakima River finally in shape - Brazda's Fly Fishing
13 Jun 2009 by Jeff I will be back around October 1 and resume the Washington guide schedule then. I can fully endorse the use of Tight lines Angling and the Evening Hatch as they offer the real deal when it comes to Yakima River fly fishing. ...Brazda's Fly Fishing -
Focused Fishing Web Log » Blog Archive » 6/21/09 Taneycomo Fishing ...
21 Jun 2009 by Eric Best fly patterns for the week: Another week with limited generation has resulted in some very good fly fishing. Scuds, sow bugs and G bugs have been dominate patterns. Natural colors like ginger, plum and grey have all been effective. ...Focused Fishing Web Log -

Fly fishing hacks: Hauling your rods Michael Gracie
20 Jun 2009 by Michael Gracie Whether it's a road trip for big water Montana trout or a jaunt across town for carp, hauling rods can be a hassle. If you have a truck, problem solved - you.Comments for Michael Gracie -[ More results from Comments for Michael Gracie ]
New Haven Independent: Path to Nowhere Or Fly-Fishing Boardwalk?
17 Jun 2009 by thomas macmillan In some places, small streams like this one are stocked by local Departments of Fish and Wildlife, to promote fly fishing. Burnes wondered aloud if a similar plan might work in Westville. It wouldn't attract “hundreds” of fishermen, ...New Haven Independent - - References
» Fly fishing near Kelowna, B.C. RV Wheel Life: Julianne Crane ...
20 Jun 2009 by Julianne Crane During my brief stay in Kelowna, it is easy to understand why British Columbia's Okanagan Valley is a favorite destination for bait and fly fishing. Such incredible natural beauty and abundance of freshwater lakes. ...RV Wheel Life -
Fly fishing event helps wounded warriors to 'forget everything ...
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Photofisherman's Stories: Saltwater bream fishing.
22 Jun 2009 by Jiraff I was busy then setting up my fly fishing, but then I was invited to visit the best bream spot near Rosh Hanikra with someone who knew what to do. My goal that day was to catch a bream on fly. I tried Crazy Charlies, Clousers and a ...Photofisherman's Stories -
Tisleia - fly fishing Norway Fly Fishing
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South Florida Bass Fishing Reports Blog » Fly Fishing Guide for ...
19 Jun 2009 by Capt. Steve What an awesome thing it is to catch a peacock bass on a fly rod! A 3 pounder on a 5 wt. feels like a freight train! They are so fast that the fly fishing technique offers the most challenge in catching these fish. ...South Florida Bass Fishing Reports Blog - - References[ More results from South Florida Bass Fishing Reports Blog ]
Baja Mexico Fly Fishing:From The Beach Or Boat The Fish Are Here ...
18 Jun 2009 by jeffdebrown Weekly fly fishing reports for Baja Mexico including East Cape, Cabo San Lucas and Magdalena Bay Presented by The Reel Baja. Baja Mexico fly fishing update and report for June 17th 2009.Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Encounters -[ More results from Baja Mexico Fly Fishing Encounters ]
Squash House Quilts: Anatomy of a Fly Fishing Vest
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Lees Ferry Fishing Report » Blog Archive » Lees Ferry Fishing Report
27 Jun 2009 by Lees Ferry Anglers Fly Fishing:. Reports for today were that San Juan worms and scuds were very productive during rising water. Dry fly with a dropper rigs effective in eddies, which are packed with risers. Whether you're wading or drift fishing, ...Lees Ferry Fishing Report -[ More results from Lees Ferry Fishing Report ]

Front Range Anglers Fishing Report: Fly Fishing for Carp in Colorado
25 Jun 2009 by Jay Zimmerman The entrenching of catch and release in fly fishing culture and the increased travel to saltwater fishing destinations has opened the door for the widespread acceptance of carp fishing. The appeal of stalking large fish in shallow flats ...Front Range Anglers Fishing Report -[ More results from Front Range Anglers Fishing Report ]
Scotland Winner Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championship - Islay Blog
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Utah Angler Shares 2009 World Fly Fishing Championships Experience
18 Jun 2009 Egan was one of the lucky anglers to participate with the U.S. Fly Fishing Team, helping the Americans to an eighth-place at the 27-team event for the second straight year. Lance Egan fished at the 2009 World Fly Fishing Championships Fly Fishing -[ More results from Fly Fishing ]
WaterDog Guide Service » 6/27 - GREAT fishing Inshore, nearshore ...
5 hours ago by Capt. Tom Amberjacks on FLY and topwater. BIG SHARKS IN SHALLOW WATER (Fly & Spin)! EXCELLENT MIXED BAG FISHING: Inshore Red drum, trout, black drum, flounder, sheepshead & More. Flounder, Big Spanish Mackerel and Kings on the wrecks. ...WaterDog Guide Service -
Legend Hoops » Go Fishing, Stop Stress
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All About Fly Fishing Blog » Blog Archive » Can You Have Too Much ...
17 Jun 2009 by ian I haven't had time to do much research on what exactly the fly fishing opportunities are in the area I'll be fishing. I know there is a lake with 'bows in it, a couple of rivers with who knows what, and a small pond with some stocked ...All About Fly Fishing Blog - - References[ More results from All About Fly Fishing Blog ]
Pictures 2 day Wyoming Fly Fishing Report, Post 1000! - Nebraska ...
25 Jun 2009 by Trout Bum Well, it worked out pretty well to have post #1000 be a short trip report. Unfortunately it may be my last report for quite some time. Enjoy. Had.Nebraska Fish and Game Association -[ More results from Nebraska Fish and Game Association ]
Adirondack Almanack: Fly Fishing For Dad, Bird Walks at the Wild ...
19 Jun 2009 by John Warren Sunday, June 21st from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. for a day of everything Fly Fishing. We have many activities to choose from for anyone in the family. Learn how to tie your own fly from Chuck Blankenship, Tri-Lakes Trout Unlimited associate and ...Adirondack Almanack -
Trout Fly Fishing Gear: How To Catch A Trout On Your Fishing Trip ...
21 Jun 2009 by Marc Daniels Are you going out on a trout fly fishing expedition for the first time? Going on a trout fishing expedition for the first can be very exciting indeed. However,bass fishing techniques fly fishing equipment... - - References[ More results from bass fishing techniques fly fishing equipment... ]
More fine reading
9 hours ago by Steve Recently, a fly fishing friend of mine decided to downsize his possessions. I'm not sure why I was the lucky recipient; nevertheless, he provided me with more than a dozen fine additions to my fly fishing library as well as several -

Blanco Honky: Fly Fishing Film Tour hits the Dirty South: Atlanta
26 Jun 2009 by Yacht Club That's right honkies, the famous Fly Fishing Film Tour is coming to Atlanta this Saturday, June 27th. And though we're not sure whether "Killa Beat Productions" will be screening a film this go around or not, we do know good old blanco ...Blanco Honky - - References
Enjoying Your Fishing Recreation Time » Blog Archive » Learning to ...
26 Jun 2009 by ama Fly fishing knot tying can be an intimidating process to a new fly fisherman and each fly fisherman has his own opinions as to what knots work best on different sections of the line, so that it is hard to get a good idea of what the ...Enjoying Your Fishing Recreation Time -[ More results from Enjoying Your Fishing Recreation Time ]
Utah Angler Shares World Fly Fishing Championships Experience
22 Jun 2009 Utah Angler Lance Egan Fished in the World Fly Fishing Championships in Fly Fishing: Most Popular Articles -[ More results from Fly Fishing: Most Popular Articles ]
Successful fly fishing tour operator launches CLUBFISHWORLD ...
22 Jun 2009 CLUBFISHWORLD has grown a unique network of personal associations with top UK, European, North and South American guides, riparian owners, local fishing associations and tourist boards. But our original philosophy still remains the same ...Fish & Fly - fly fishing news, instruction,... - - References[ More results from Fish & Fly - fly fishing news, instruction,... ]
Fly Fishing Top 10 Myths New Ark Fly Casting
18 Jun 2009 by admin The old myths are shattered' He was introduced to fly fishing in a different way' Fly fishing is considered difficult to learn or participate in' expensive, soon realize that this sport is easy to learn, and reward their efforts with ...New Ark Fly Casting -
Water Walker Custom Fly Fishing Lanyards: Thanks again to everyone ...
26 Jun 2009 by Rick Water Walker Custom Fly Fishing Lanyards are hand-crafted in Euless, Texas by a warm-water fly fisherman / day-hiker. Custom orders are invited, and make up three-quarters of our regular business. Send us a description, ...Water Walker Custom Fly Fishing Lanyards -[ More results from Water Walker Custom Fly Fishing Lanyards ]
Fly Fishing with Beth and Cris The Fly Fishing Tools Blog
23 Jun 2009 by admin Home video from 2002 trip to the mountains - the last one we did before I got a digital video camera. Goofy fun, but I wish I had gotten a haircut first. Plus I.The Fly Fishing Tools Blog - - References[ More results from The Fly Fishing Tools Blog ]
Ask Andy- Brown Trout Jump? Gray Goat Fly Fishing
25 Jun 2009 by Andy Roth Hi Andy, I moved to the twin cites area about 4 years ago and have been fishing MN trout streams where I caught quite a few brown trout. This year I finally.Gray Goat Fly Fishing -[ More results from Gray Goat Fly Fishing ]
fly fishing on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
12 Jun 2009 by (SOS) fly fishing. ... jordan firnbach says: I want to go fly fishing this summer. Posted 2 weeks ago. ( permalink ). Would you like to comment? Sign up for a free account, or sign in (if you're already a member). ...Uploads from SOS -
The Classical Angler: Picking up fly fishing and the $nob factor
19 Jun 2009 by Erik Helm Fly fishing can be daunting, confusing, and downright unapproachable for many of those who want to take up this wonderful sport. The gear alone is pricey, and the terminology is a mix of antiquated measurements, technical terms and ...The Classical Angler - - References[ More results from The Classical Angler ]
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How To Choose An Appropriate Fly Fishing Pole And How To Make It ...
26 Jun 2009 by Paul Mancini It is always a challenge to get an elusive fish to bite a fly, but casting for hours while wading in a huge lake can be quite relaxing. But regardless of the challenge and the relaxation that fly fishing offers, the goal of fishing is ...All Things Fishing -
:BugChucker » A Reliable Fly Fishing Report at Last…
26 Jun 2009 by Terry S. North Idaho is seriously lacking when it comes to a current and accurate fly fishing report. That is until now. G.L. Britton and Josh Seaton have incorporated a comprehensive, up to date fishing report on their Double Spey Outfitters ...:BugChucker -
Fly Fishing Anyone? - Outdoor Basecamp Forums
26 Jun 2009 by campingfool Anyone here fly fish? This is one of the most enjoyed and serene activities I can think of. It's not something I get to do often, but when I do get to.Outdoor Basecamp Forums -
Argyll News: Scotland team in Rivers International Fly Fishing ...
25 Jun 2009 by newsroom Scotland team in Rivers International Fly Fishing Championships on the regenerated River Taff.For Argyll - - References[ More results from For Argyll ]
Maine Striper and Bluefin Tuna Charters, Saltwater Fishing Reports ...
14 hours ago by Capt. George Harris (aka superfly) Serving the waters of Midcoast Maine from Casco Bay to Penobscot Bay Fishing for Striped Bass, Bluefish & Bluefin Tuna. For more info on Maine saltwater fly fishing visit us at ...Maine Striper and Bluefin Tuna Charters,... -[ More results from Maine Striper and Bluefin Tuna Charters,... ]
Pennsylvania Fly Fishing - Fly Fishing Videos: New "Fly Max Films ...
25 Jun 2009 PaFlyFish is your source for Pennsylvania fly fishing for trout and bass with stream reports, forum, maps, hatch charts and blog.Pennsylvania Fly Fishing -[ More results from Pennsylvania Fly Fishing ]
Tasmania set to host the 2012 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships
24 Jun 2009 by Daniel Some more competition fishing news, the word on the grapevine is that (unofficially) Tasmania is set to host the 2012 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Championships. This would be big news for Tasmania as the positive flow-on effects for ...Fly Fishing in Tasmania blog by RiverFly Tasmania -[ More results from Fly Fishing in Tasmania blog by RiverFly Tasmania ]
Fly Fishing In Yellowstone National Park: Emerald Meadows
27 Jun 2009 by Yellowstoner These fish are not particularly selective in their fly sucking - but they are spooky. You will see many fish darting away if you charge up to the stream bank. There are both scattered trees, and large bison here so be very alert and ...Fly Fishing In Yellowstone National Park -[ More results from Fly Fishing In Yellowstone National Park ]
Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters » West Carson
25 Jun 2009 by Corey Who says gamblers don't win in Tahoe! It nymphed extremely well and my clients took the oppurtunity to learn how to fish without an indicator. The fish ranged from 6″ to 17″ and were hungry. The pocket water is fishing great. ...Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters -[ More results from Tahoe Fly Fishing Outfitters ]
Jazz & Fly Fishing » Pre-tour, Blog opening
19 Jun 2009 by Jazz&Fly Fishing TEAM Jazz & Fly Fishing - It's a all about jazz and fly fishing.Jazz & Fly Fishing -[ More results from Jazz & Fly Fishing ]

Ask About Fly Fishing - Charlie Craven - Fly Fishing Utah - The ...
27 Jun 2009 by kolobflyfishing If you've never listened to ask about fly fishing, I suggest you give it a listen. I really enjoy most of them and am particularly excited for this show. You can use the link below to have your questions asked on the show. ...Fly Fishing Utah - The Utah Fly Fishing Resource -[ More results from Fly Fishing Utah - The Utah Fly Fishing Resource ]
Singlebarbed, Trout Underground Go Fly Fishing: World Waits For ...
26 Jun 2009 by Tom Chandler In what can only be described as the Harmonic Convergence of Crazy, Singlebarbed and the Trout Underground's respective CEOs will be fly fishing together this.The Trout Underground Fly Fishing Blog -[ More results from The Trout Underground Fly Fishing Blog ]
Traditional Fly Fishing (Could We Be Refining Ourselves Into a ...
27 Jun 2009 by swittersb Do the purists force (via legislation) other fly fishers into a corner with 'traditional' techniques only? I for one do not want to be forced into a dry fly only waters situation. The full gamet of top to bottom fly fishing should be ...SwittersB & Fly Fishing -[ More results from SwittersB & Fly Fishing ]
Fly casting + leader knots: Read on…? Fly Fishing Information
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Fly Fishing, Fly Fishing Gear, Fly Fishing Trips, Fly Fishing ...
17 hours ago by mcutchin MidCurrent offers expert advice and news on fly fishing gear and equipment, techniques and strategy, trips, rods, reels, fly lines and flies for trout, saltwater and freshwater fly fishers.Fly Fishing News - MidCurrent - - References[ More results from Fly Fishing News - MidCurrent ]
The Arizona Fly Fishing Wall » Lake Pleasant
11 hours ago by Kevin Krai We boated 4 fish on a variety of small baitfish patterns fishing 250gr and 300gr sink tips. These early sunrises make it fun to be able to go to work with the smell of fish on your hands. I need to start doing this at least once a week, ...The Arizona Fly Fishing Wall -
RSN Home-Waters fishing asks: does size really matter?
4 hours ago by Hayden Mellsop Fly fishing in New Zealand, where I was born and raised, it is too easy to get fixated on the size of the fish you catch. Sometimes you will get an eighteen inch fish on your line and get annoyed because you were trying to hook the big ...Salida Citizen -
Excellent Water Conditions in the Smokies; Spotty Fly Fishing for ...
26 Jun 2009 by Ian Water conditions remain excellent for fly fishing in the Smoky Mountains. Recent rains are keeping streams at spring time levels. While dry fly fishing has.R and R Fly Fishing -[ More results from R and R Fly Fishing ]
» A Specific Guide to Fly Fishing Knots
26 Jun 2009 by admin There are many different guides to fly fishing knots on the market today which come from more experienced fly fishermen who share their knowledge with the less experienced. These guides to fly fishing knots can be found in book form, -[ More results from ]
Fly-Fishing and Coping on the Big Hole Flathead Beacon
25 Jun 2009 by Myers Reece The Flathead Beacon is a weekly print newspaper and daily online news source serving Western Montana's greater Flathead Valley. Headquartered in Kalispell, Montana.Flathead Beacon Headlines -

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Oregon Fly Fishing Film Festival call for entries
24 minutes ago by Matt Stansberry Oregon Fly Fishing Blog is excited to announce the Oregon Fly Fishing Film festival, open to submissions as of today, June 28, 2009. Over the next six months, we will be collecting entries for the contest. ...The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing Blog -[ More results from The Caddis Fly: Oregon Fly Fishing Blog ]
Choosing The Right Saltwater Fly Fishing Gear Boating and Sailing
10 hours ago by Jonathan Fly fishing is an extremely addictive hobby that many fishermen will invest a lot of time, energy, and money into. As technique improves with experience, many.Boating and Sailing -[ More results from Boating and Sailing ]
Fly Fishing for Tarpon in Carambola, Venezuela FlyFishing Gear
6 hours ago by admin Want to go fishing for Tarpon in Venezuela? This is just one example of our many fly fishing destinations at WhereWiseMenFish.FlyFishing Gear -[ More results from FlyFishing Gear ]

Tar Heel Fly Fishing: Sunday
11 hours ago by Tar Heel Fly Fishing Once out of college with a Masters in Geography and a minor in US History, I'll without a doubt become a full time guide, doing trips around here in my home state, as well as other fly fishing destinations world wide, eventually opening ...Tar Heel Fly Fishing - - References[ More results from Tar Heel Fly Fishing ]
Where do you fish? - Fish&Fly North American Fly Fishing Forum
8 hours ago I think it would be cool for everyone to talk about there home salt fisheries or where they go most often and talk about the flies they use. I fish the St. Marys and St. Johns river I mainly use white,Fish&Fly North American Fly Fishing Forum -[ More results from Fish&Fly North American Fly Fishing Forum ]
Need Help Please Fly Fishing in La Paz
2 hours ago by Boggess Hi all......heading to La Paz mid July for a week of fly fishing. As of yet, haven't booked with any particular charter. We're targeting dorado -[ More results from ]
Cruel & Unethical or Misinformed ?
26 Jun 2009 by Moderator stay in touch. Discover Fly Fishing RSS Grab the RSS feed. Wilsons Fly Fishing on Facebook Join our Facebook Page Jim on Facebook Add Jim on Facebook. recent entries. Become a Member of the Fly Fishing Club !1.1 · Cruel & Unethical or ...Discover Fly Fishing at WILSON'S -
Big Hole River Fly Fishing Report 28 June 2009: Great Water and ...
13 hours ago by Mark Big Hole River Fly Fishing Report 28 June 2009: Great Water and Big Brown. by Mark on June 28, 2009. in River - Big Hole. The Big Hole is finally settling down to the seasonal average flows this week – you can see from the flow chart ...Chi Wulff -[ More results from Chi Wulff ]
Duke Island Park - North Eastern Fly Fishing Forums
27 Jun 2009 by oldsoftail Is anyone farmilar with Duke Island Park off of 287 in Sommerset, nj . How is the fishing there? Are there designated areas for fly fishing? I pulled.North Eastern Fly Fishing Forums -[ More results from North Eastern Fly Fishing Forums ]
BLOG.OCFLYFISHING.COM: Catalina Fly Fishing Report 06/06/09 & 06/07/09
8 Jun 2009 by Calhoun's Coastal Fly Fishing Had clients on Saturday and Sunday over to Catalina Island. Both days were good for calico's and big bonito. I was surprised at how well the bonito were taking the fly on a slower calico strip. Water temperature is running around 63 ...BLOG.OCFLYFISHING.COM -

Bila Pukat Harimau Dilegalkan Kembali - [ Translate this page ]
10 Jun 2009 by Selamatkan Laut Indonesia Bila Pukat Harimau Dilegalkan Kembali Pukat harimau akan dilegalkan kembali secara terbatas di tahun 2004 ini (Arief Satria ”Pukat Harimau Dilegalkan Kembali”, SH 23 Juni 2004). Yang dimaksud dengan ”terbatas” adalah harus ada izin dari ...Illegal Fishing -[ More results from Illegal Fishing ]
Lun Fishing: ICC Consumer Fair
24 Jun 2009 by lun_fishing Fishing Blog Links. labuanmarshal · · · · Tide Table. Blog Archive ...Lun Fishing - - References[ More results from Lun Fishing ]
Fishing: Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge
15 hours ago by SnowBoyOsiris Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge, FL Reviews - Yahoo! Travel Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge Hotel, Big Pine Key, FL: Find the best deals, reviews, photos, rates, and availability for the Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge Hotel on Yahoo! ...Fishing -
Florida Fishing
19 Jan 2006 by Keys Treasures Dates for lobster season 2006 will look the same as 2005. A proposal to advance the start of general lobster season to July cannot be studied and enacted by this summer, state officials and fishing representatives agreed at a Marathon ...Florida Fishing -[ More results from Florida Fishing ]
Mosquito Lagoon & Indian River Fishing: North Indian River Trout ...
21 Jun 2009 by John Neila This blog is intended as a gathering place for all who enjoy central Florida fishing and photography. Posts on fishing reports, baits used, fishing experiences, close calls and also wildlife photography around the Mosquito Lagoon and ...Mosquito Lagoon & Indian River Fishing -[ More results from Mosquito Lagoon & Indian River Fishing ]
Singapore Fishing Blogs Directory: Singapore Fishing Blogs Directory
10 hours ago by Alan chan A blog directory to feature singapore fishing with most of the sites being local fishing blogs. These fishing blogs feature luring, offshore, jigging, popping, tackle talk, pond fishing and even Prawn fishing. The fishing can range from ...Singapore Fishing Blogs Directory -[ More results from Singapore Fishing Blogs Directory ]
Hooked On Fishing: Flyfishing Tips Made Easy
27 Jun 2009 by Kara FlyFishing Tips, Here are some of the best flyfishing tips available from my flyfishing tips .info where there are tons more flyfishing tips to enjoy. FlyFishing Tips - Everybody knows the fundamentals of fishing. There is a rod, reel, ...Hooked On Fishing -[ More results from Hooked On Fishing ]
FlyFishing: Fly Fishing Rod: Finding The Rod That Suits You Well
12 hours ago by Gargi Nath Before you jump into conclusions, you need to know that there is not such thing as one fly fishing rod that fits all. Forget about all those advertisements that you have read on the paper or seen on TV about the ultimate fly fishing rod ...FlyFishing -[ More results from FlyFishing ]
i love BASS FISHING!!: 2008/8/9 I was able to catch it a lot!!
24 Jun 2009 by ☆REI☆ My Photo. ☆REI☆: Tokyo, Japan: It is a report of bass fishing strenuous efforts of Rei. I catch it here and there in Japan. Please don't give the bait to me even if you see me somewhere... I captured 50cm up 12,60cm up 1 basses in ...i love BASS FISHING!! -[ More results from i love BASS FISHING!! ]
Fareast Fishing Tackle: Fareast Fishing Tackle News
27 Jun 2009 by Fareast Fishing Tackle Fareast Fishing Tackle. Saturday, 27 June 2009. Fareast Fishing Tackle News · Fareast Fishing Tackle News. 張貼者: Fareast Fishing Tackle 位於 06:47. 0 意見: Post a Comment. Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). About Me ...Fareast Fishing Tackle -

airule: Badus..suatu ketika dahulu brsama R-82 crew
27 Jun 2009 by Airule HD Badus..suatu ketika dahulu brsama R-82 crew. photo taken from '',. Posted by Airule HD at 7:19 PM. Labels: badus. 0 comments: Post a Comment · Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). visitor ...airule - - References
DlahGengJoran: Trip Last minute mengail 16/06/09
17 Jun 2009 by DlahGengJoran Keadaan laut masa tu beumbak dan aing surut masa kam... 13 beberapa jam yang lalu. airule · Badus..suatu ketika dahulu brsama R-82 crew - photo taken from '',. 1 hari yang lalu ...DlahGengJoran - - References[ More results from DlahGengJoran ]
Fishing-Ken's Angling Log: 06/06/09 - K&A Canal - Prison Pound
7 Jun 2009 by Fishingken For a week or so we have seen hot sunshine, however leading up to today the weather started to cool down. Mark & I were expecting some heavy rain, instead we simply had a strong easterly wind, which would make fishing the pole difficult ...Fishing-Ken's Angling Log -[ More results from Fishing-Ken's Angling Log ]
Different Types of Bass Fishing Lures - Best Trout Fishing
25 May 2009 by Nia The trickiest thing about fishing is trying to decide what lure to put on your line. Some lures are going to do well and others are going to not do so well. The problem with this though is that not all lures work for the same type of ...Best Trout Fishing - - References[ More results from Best Trout Fishing ]
24 Jun 2009 by Ultimate Fishing Crew Fish Caught By. --T.N.T-- (5); A - Mayte (8); Bass NightMare (2); BassTeLLica (1); Big Papa (13); Dimebagz (7); Float King Flyin High (53); Geng Geng Duo Fishing (24); Govener Gaban (18); Jrex (1); KO25 (13); Lawas Hooligan (2) ...THE ULTIMATE FISHING CREW & GENG HARDCORE... - - References[ More results from THE ULTIMATE FISHING CREW & GENG HARDCORE... ]
Tips For Trout Fishing: Choosing The Right Fishing Line
14 May 2009 by Fly Fishing Tips You wouldn't think that choosing the right fishing line would be so complex but indeed it is. Fishing line needs to be geared toward the type of fish you will be catching as well as a number of other factors. Line is perhaps the most ...Tips For Trout Fishing -[ More results from Tips For Trout Fishing ]
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Syncr Ping Service - Sync Your Blog to The World - Free XML-RPC ...
26 Sep 2008 by HostMaster Well, anyone can catch these monsters if they know the secrets to catching these huge fish. This website is full of tips, techniques and secrets to catching large mouth bass. Sports, Fishing, ...Syncr Community -

Incorporate AdSense ads in post and wrap text around ad ~ Blogger ...
5 Jul 2007 by Peter Chen What if you wanted to put the adsense in the 4 the paragraph about ''Trout are attracted to certain types of bait and lures''. How do you do that. Also I have an update for people using this tip its ...Blogger Tips and Tricks - - References
Fishing the Florida Keys with Captain Dallas Tisdale: Quick ...
9 Jun 2008 by Dallas ... the less wanted to say and link you to my brand new blog which will relate the next few days...u keep me posted and i will do the same lol ;). 6/19/2008 5:46 PM · Arden said... oh and my site is ttyl ...Fishing the Florida Keys with Captain Dallas... -
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19 Nov 2008 Getting ready for flyfishing.Get infos on gears, gear reviews,tips etc & lots more.Newly posted sites and blogs -
Fishing Forecast 6/22
22 Jun 2009 by Capt. Chris McCubbin Today I had to cancel due to big seas and strong winds out of the NW. This time of year live bait is the key to success. If I cant get it then taking you fishing is gonna be tough, sure we can go fishing, but you are paying me to go ...Naples Fishing -[ More results from Naples Fishing ]
Tarpon Fishing - Tarpon Fishing Different Strategies To Try
22 Jun 2009 by Tarpon Author: Daniel Eggertsen. Tarpon fishing can be a lot of fun, and it most definitely is something you should consider doing. Many people are unwilling to learn something new, but fishing strategies for Tarpon can be ideally suited for ...Tarpon Fishing -[ More results from Tarpon Fishing ]
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Club_Fishing: Messinham grange osprey lake 07/06/09
8 Jun 2009 by matchman We got to Messingham Grange, expecting quite a lot of rain but at the moment we had none, parked up and went for a breakfast in the cafe, Poor service as usual, but we got one in the end. After the breakfast i walked up to the lake and ...Club_Fishing -[ More results from Club_Fishing ]
news Around Costa Rica
21 Dec 2007 [404 Check: was link to http:/ / jaco -costa -rica -fishing. blogspot. com/ 2007/ 05/ jaco -costa -rica -fishing. html, anchor: Jaco Beach Fishing] find some good accomodations in Jaco Beach for the next fishing trip. News Digest Blog ...Costa Rica Vacation Blog, -