Monday, December 14, 2015

My Annual Holiday Maxfund Pet Food Drive in Denver!

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be participating in my annual Holiday Maxfund Pet Food Drive again this year -7 years counting helping a local no-kill Pet shelter.

I will not bore you with my Pets are needy and every little bit helps speech because hey, it could be worse I could be asking you to donate to the Santa Clause alcohol recovery group. I would appreciate anything you might be able to contribute. I will be collecting items between now and De 30th to deliver to the Maxfund Animal Shelter.

Feel free to email me or click on my profile to find out my contact information and I will be happy to make arrangements for pick up.

Items Needed:

*Dog food and cat food – unopened bags; cans
*Dog crates – all sizes Cat carriers
*Dog beds/pillows (new or gently used)
*Cat litter Stuffed dog toys (washable rubber or plastic ones are best)
*Chew toys for dogs (Kongs are ideal)
*Blankets, towels, comforters (new or gently used)
*Sheets; towels – all sizes Bowls – all sizes (plastic or metal)
*Large jars of peanut butter
*Large chew bones
*Used leashes; dog collars
*Dog shampoo Tennis balls

This was meant for anyone in the Colorado Region, if interested and live out of state feel free to let me know if you would like to contribute...all donations accepted!


If you are not able to drop off anything but feel like giving, here is a link:

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Utah’s Trout Rivers and Streams Must Remain Accessible

Judge invalidates law, says Utah’s trout rivers and streams must remain accessible
Utah’s trout rivers and streams just became a lot more accessible.

A state judge on Wednesday invalidated core provisions of a 2010 law that largely blocked anglers and other members of the recreating public from streams flowing over private ground.
HB141, “unfittingly” titled the Public Waters Access Act, violates Article XX of the Utah Constitution, which requires public lands — including the public’s easement to use rivers and streams — to be “held in trust for the people of the state,” 4th District Judge Derek Pullan ruled.

Al Hartmann photo | Salt Lake Tribune Ken Mahal, left, a fishing guide for Park City Outifitters, catches a Brown Trout in the chilly water of the Middle Provo River Monday just west of Heber City. His fly fishing client Kevin Foley from Minneapolis, MN lowers the net to get the prize. Fishermen were scarce on the river but the fishing was good.

“Every parcel of public land, every reach of public water, is unique. If Wasatch, Kodachrome Basin, and Snow Canyon State Parks were disposed of for reasons unrelated to their acquisition, the public’s right to recreate in other places would be of little consolation,” the judge wrote in a ruling that concludes five years of litigation in his Heber City and Provo courtrooms. “That individual citizens must bear the initial expense of the litigation adds insult to constitutional injury.”
The law closed 2,700 miles of fishable streams, even though many of those miles had benefited from habitat and stream bank restoration, flood abatement and other publicly funded projects, according to the Utah Stream Access Coalition, whose members pushed the legal challenge.

“This is a case where policy triumphed over profits; where law prevailed over lobbying,” said the group’s president, Kris Olson. “The rivers and streams of our state are gifts of providence, and the lifeblood of this arid land. Since before statehood, these rivers have been used by all, and we’re grateful the court prevented that use from becoming exclusive to a privileged few.”
The state is expected to appeal, but in the meantime, Wednesday’s ruling enjoins the state from enforcing the law.

“We are carefully reviewing the over-60-page decision to determine what, if any, next steps will be taken by our office,” said Camille Anderson, spokeswoman for the Utah Attorney General’s Office.

Article Link

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Limay River Argentina Fly Fishing..I can't Wait to Get Back Again!

Filmed on one of the largest rivers in Argentine Patagonia, the Limay, near the town of Bariloche, November 2013. My good friend and world-class caster Tim Rajeff, of Rajeff Sports, and our Argentinian guide Óscar Dono, of Fly Fishing Patagonia, fished for rainbow trout and brown trout in some of South America's most incredible crystal clear waters.

Fortunately, we caught a day with low winds. The usual Patagonian winds can sometimes add a complicated rush: flying my copter above a river flowing at 14,000 CFS is ten times more difficult with wind. We got a lucky break! Argentina truly has some of the most spectacular trout fishing in the world. An awesome angler fishing in an awesome environment always yields a fun and entertaining experience, even for the cameraman! Thanks to Tim Rajeff and to the expertise of guide Óscar Dono, who got us to some of the most trout-filled stretches of water. Also thanks to Patagonia, a T-Motion featured sponsor. Check out the folks at Fly Fishing Patagonia for more info on fishing the Patagonia region of Argentina. Filmed November 2013 - Camera and Edit by Todd Moen.

Special thanks to friends Oscar Dono and Tim Rajeff.
Fly Fishing Patagonia -

Rajeff Sports - -

Here is a Link from my Fishing Trip to the Bariloche area a few years back:

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Disease Kills 150,000 Hatchery Fish in Oregon's North Umpqua River

Disease stemming from warm water in the North Umpqua River has killed 150,000 fish at a Roseburg area fish hatchery, marking the facility's second mass die-off this summer.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife alerted the public Friday to the deaths among its summer steelhead stock, blaming an historic drought that has heated the Umpqua's water and allowed pathogens to thrive.

The deaths mark a second catastrophe this summer at the hatchery, which lost its entire spring Chinook stock in June after a clogged intake pipe blocked their access to water.

Jessica Sall, a spokeswoman for the state fish and wildlife agency, said agency officials do not belief the two incidents at Rock Creek are related, or linked to practices or equipment at the facility

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Top Stillwater Fall Lake Fishing

Annual Fall Stillwater Trip

It's about that time to head out with my buddies for our annual Fall fly fishing trip. This trip was started early by me and 5 friends in a large RV were to meet up in a few days for some fun lake fishing.

I got warmed up a few days early to figure out the day/nighttime bite before the guys arrived. It wasn't long before the experts arrived to help me figure out these local lakes.

We had an absolute blast getting into a few trout the first day and also getting takes as soon as the lights went out. Brian managed to hook up a few times before we all could get our feet wet.

Boca Dawg loved every minute of her time spent here and was begging for me to take her. There is no way I was leaving her behind. She is my trout spotter and is pretty valuable when it comes to cruising trout. She was pretty sad when we left for home, can't wait to get her back again for some swimming and trout chasing.

Nothing like a little relaxing when the bite slowed down. Time for a siesta when nothing else is going on. Hey time for a beer and some time to chill out.

Nothing like the 6am bite while lingering outside my tent. Time to get going and catch up with the fellows. Fish On!!!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall Fishing on Colorado Rivers..Looking For Big Trout & Top Flies

Fly Fishing In The Fall

Fall and winter are great times to practice your fly fishing skills here in Colorado. As the weather cools, so do the crowds! The weather and scenery during the late season provide for some of the most pleasant and aesthetic days on the water and the fishing can be a little more challenging; the water is generally low and a little colder than normal. However, you have a few things going in your favor. The brown trout are spawning, adding a lot of food into the river in the form of protein rich eggs. Also, you have fewer insects to decipher, in the fall you can generally expect to catch most of your fish on small mayflies such as blue winged olives, midges, eggs, and forage items such as minnows and leeches.

The key to successful fall and winter fly fishing on our Colorado waters, lies in your ability to read the water. The beginning of fall, September and October, finds fish holding in their usual summer spots. As the water begins to cool, look for brown trout holding in shallow riffles, staging, getting ready to lay their eggs. Be sure and watch out for redds, or spawning beds. These areas can be easily identified by shallow depressions in the riffle that are light in color. Avoid fishing to fish on their spawning beds, as doing so can be very harmful for future populations of trout.

During the fall I would start out fishing a nymph rig. The lower and clearer water generally means longer casts, longer leaders, smaller more realistic flies, and finer tippets. Together these principles will help you approach trout and present flies in a more natural and effective manner. Stealth is going to be your overall key to success, use the clear water to sight fish. Once you have located a fish, approach him with care from behind. Take your time and make sure you do not line the fish with brightly colored fly line, instead make sure only the leader and indicator go over the fish’s feeding lane.Colorado fall fly fishing caught rainbow trout

A favorite fall nymph rig of mine that can be effective on most Colorado waters is the egg/pheasant tail combo. The egg makes a great point fly and overall attractor, then trail a realistic mayfly pattern behind it like a pheasant tail, pandemic mayfly, or Barr’s Emerger. Also midges will start to become more and more active so be sure and pack some midges in small sizes (20-22) and various colors, black, grey, olive, and blue. The midge will work well behind the egg, but my favorite set up is a three fly nymph rig consisting of the egg, mayfly, and midge. As always with nymph rigs, find the bottom and fish up. Your flies are always drifting shallower than you think, so when in doubt add more weight. As annoying as it is, if you are not occasionally snagging bottom with your nymphs, your flies are not getting deep enough.

Blue Winged Olive mayflies are the most prolific hatch on most Colorado trout streams during the fall months. These bugs are generally smaller, ranging from size 16 all the way to 24, but most of the time a fly tied on a size 18-20 hook will fool its fair share of fish. For the best dry fly fishing wait until you see fish actively rising, then tie on a good dry such as a Parachute Adams and get ready! For more hook ups suspend a dropper, like a Barr’s Emerger (size 18) off the bend of your hook. Let your flies swing at the end of your drift, the act of swinging will force your dropper to the surface, imitating emerging insects and producing more strikes!

Link to FlyFisher for Guide Service

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Grand Teton Fly Fishing Guide Service

Jack Dennis Fishing Trips becomes Grand Teton Fly Fishing

I was fortunate enough to have worked and fished with Scott Smith some 20+ years ago when we both were TW services employees in Yellowstone. Both of us Georgia boys looking for trout and not missing those small Southern trout, Wyoming was calling. Scott made the most of it and stayed, I however went back for a few years before settling in Colorado.

In 2009 famed fisherman Jack Dennis left Jack Dennis Outdoor Shop and started his own fly shop to become the new home for his veteran guide service – Jack Dennis Fishing Trips. Since then, Jack sold the service to his trusted senior guides he’d worked with through the years. Grand Teton Fly Fishing (formerly Jack Dennis Fishing Trips) is now excited to carry on the tradition of experience, service and expertise for our guests.

Rediscover the guide service you have trusted for over 40 years. Grand Teton National Park access allows us to guide in some of the most exclusive waters in the country. Their service driven and will work hard to give you the ultimate fishing experience.

Grand Teton Fly Fishing continues the proud tradition of Wyoming Fly Fishing that Jack Dennis Fishing Trips began 40 years ago.

They have a new location inside the Dave Hansen Whitewater building at 225 W. Broadway (2 blocks west of the town square on Broadway). Whether you want to go for some whitewater excitement or the fishing trip of a lifetime. Come see us.

BOOK NOW for a fishing trip of a lifetime.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Denver Post Quits on the Outdoors..Scott Willoughby Let Go

Sign of the times, you might say. Newspapers are shrinking. The outdoors beat isn't an ad magnet, so it's a logical section to cut.

But the The Denver Post? Seriously? Denver has always stood apart for its rich embrace of the outdoors ideal. When you count the number of people (millions) in this region, and match that with the sheer magnitude of world-class hunting and fishing opportunities to be had within driving distance, this might be the outdoor sports capital of the world. That’s why I live here. And that’s why the Post has been the standard when it comes to daily newspapers covering the outdoors.

So when Scott Willoughby, outdoors editor for the Post, called me to say that his position was being phased out, I felt sick. I felt sick for Scott. I felt sick for what that signals to the outdoor market. And I felt sick for what this all would have meant to Charlie Meyers.

Charlie Meyers was the previous fishing/hunting columnist of the Post, and he was my professional mentor. I loved him like an uncle, and he taught me things I still use in my work every day. The man could tell a story like nobody else, and he kept the policy makers accountable as well. There’s a State Wildlife Area in Colorado named after him now. I don’t know many newspaper writers, from Denver or otherwise, who have monuments like that dedicated to their memories.

Great Article by Kirk Deeter on an amazing Writer parting ways

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Large Colorado Rainbow Trout Picture of The Month

What a Rainbow!!

Big trout are nothing new for my friend Alex Ammon, he guides on a regular basis for many happy fisherman but this day I think he had a very happy client!

Great catch and for those looking at some outstanding fly fishing experience or instruction reach out to him at Minturn Anglers here in Denver.

Minturn Anglers Fly Shop Link

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

GEOBASS Season 2: Peacock Bass in Guyana by Costa Sunglasses Preview

I thought I would showcase a top Fly Fishing video to a new fly fishing friend of mine. I had the pleasure of fishing with Brian Jill recently in Florida and enjoyed hearing about his many travels as well as learning about Tampa area Tarpon. Thanks again Brian and looking forward to hearing about your next adventure.

After criss crossing the planet last year in a quest to locate and catch unique bass species, the four #GEOBASS anglers are back at it in 2015!

In this episode, GEOBASS take on the jungles of Guyana. Join the team as they search for the elusive three-bar Peacock Bass on the Rewa River.

#GEOBASS Season 2: Guyana Link

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer Tarpon Night Fishing Tampa Area On a Fly

Tarpon Night Bite

I was lucky enough to get a hall pass while on vacation with my wife and kids this Summer. It was that time of year again to head to Clearwater to see my family and also to try my luck at some Tarpon.

My trip almost didn't happen due to the fact Tampa had record flooding and our flight was delayed by 3 days, talk about almost calling it quits due to no flights in or out for a few days.

I got out with a local Fly Fishing guide Brian Jill from Lost Coast Anglers. Many area know him as a great guide who grew up in the area and knows a thing or two about night fishing for Tarpon.

We started with some Snook bites dockside before heading over to fish some bridges. Due to the migration being over with, record flooding and off/on tides, it was not great conditions. Than again when Tarpon fishing it's never going to be perfect, you just have to make the most of being out and enjoy it!

We did manage to see a few Tarpon, not a lot but enough to get me excited. I did manage at around 1:30am to hook into a nice Silver that worked me pretty good. Long story short, 60lb mono was no match for this guy and it was fun while it lasted. Many stingrays and dolphins later, by 3am we were ready to call it. Great time though and learned much from Brian, can't wait to get back out with him again.

                  Nothing like a Florida trip without a stop by to Disneyworld, lot's of fun!

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