Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weather Forecasting With Weatherspark....Use This When Out Fishing This Summer!

Check The Forecast 1st

Weatherspark is an impressive collection of weather data, graphs, and tools that I've been using for sometime now and does everything one needs when headed out to an area for fishing or a weekend of fun. I know whether it's in South Park or heading out Lake fishing (my fav this time of year) one better have a detailed report on how the weather, as well as the pontoon hatch, is going if I want to have a good trip.

WeatherSpark is a new type of weather website, with interactive weather graphs that allow you to pan and zoom through the entire history of any weather station on earth. Get multiple forecasts for the current location, overlaid on records and averages to put it all in context.

Sorry, it's hard to talk weather in Colorado, let alone how our Summer will go without a detailed map showcasing how much snow our state has gotten this year. Get ready for some major runoff fellow fisherman!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Front Range Denver Warmwater Grand Slam Day!

All In A Days Work

Okay so I got a Denver area Warmwater Grand Slam depending on who you ask! All but a Walleye I suppose. A few weeks ago I set out one Tuesday morning to catch a few Pike before work. After having success with a few fish, the ball kept rolling and I was a little late to say the least!

Started the morning off fishing with Jake and Nick, they both got into some nice Pike but both had to leave for work so I stayed a bit longer.

With a few decent Pike I moved over to another local pond close by to see what else I could catch on a fly. 1st a Crappie, than a bluegill and finally a Bass! After this I thought how interesting it might be if I caught a few more seeing how catching Pike doesn't happen everyday and to catch a few species, -including a Carp, could become a true challenge.

Mammoth Largemouth Bass

After heading into work for a few hours I had to get back out to my honey hole to see if I could keep this challenge alive. Luckily after 30 minutes I found a few feeders, had a Golden Bone landed and with a little time to spare between clients, I was off to Golden to finish up with a Trout on Clear Creek!

I drove up the canyon to another little hotspot I take people to and within 15 minutes I finished my day with a Front Range area Grand Slam..my 1st! Better yet I spent I think maybe 4 hours total, who knows what would have happened and what I could have kept catching if I would have had a full day!

Both Walleye & Catfish escaped me, than again I wasn't really planning on trying to catch them on a fly nor do I want to normally. Due to the fact that most people don't target these and one rarely has a chance to catch on a fly I'll let these pass for now.

Species Caught today:
Largemouth Bass (might have gone for smally's but was early in the season)
Common Carp
Brown Trout

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Denver Water Turns on Floodgates To My Garage Sale!

Thanks Denver Water...For Nothing!

So I decided to clean out a few things in my basement, garage, office etc... and what better weekend to do it seeing how it was to break in weather from 6 straight days of Thunderstorms. One problem, 5 minutes after my Sale begins they open up the pipes in my neighborhood and all hell broke loose!

Nothing like a river outside my house to entice Garage sale buyers! Thanks to my Pontoon boat for bringing in the people curious as to what that was...

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bolivian Golden Dorado Fishing!

Chasing The True Goldens
Golden Dorado Trip Pictures

It was not long ago I was sitting next to my pal Dr. Fred Miller at the Greenback Film Night in Denver, when we were talking about recent, or soon to be fishing trips adventures.

For those who aren't familiar with Dr. Fred, I'm sure you may know someone who knows this crazy guy. From 2 years ago catching a Monster Taimen in Mongolia, a 14lb beast of a Colorado Rainbow that was posted in the paper or his many travels all over...he is definitely the world traveler!

He not only travels every month to some wild destination but he also knows how to catch nice fish. I still owe him for putting me on a great Tarpon guide a few years ago in Boca Grande, Fl.

It wasn't enough for him to catch Golden Dorado's a few years back, he's back again and I get a text via his iphone with some gorgeous new catches. Another wild thing about this trip is that one of his guides slash photographers is Alejandro Martello. Alejandro was posted on my top fly fishing photographers theme awhile back so I was happy to get an update from Alejandro as well as to how the fishing has been down in Bolivia!

Fly Fishing Bolivia is like no other from what I've heard. Much better than Argentina a few say, some believe the it's better in Argentina? Nonetheless I will go wherever the invites lead me. I ran into Tucker from Trout's Fly Shop today over at Wash Park and he too will be heading to Bolivia shortly for an adventure. Can't wait to see how he does and get more pictures to post!

After a few trips to Mongolia, Bolivia, Russia & Patagonia...what next Fred?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Trophy Trout Stalking!

Cold Weather & Nasty Winds Means Big Fish

Got a Hallpass for the weekend and guess where I'm headed? Back to the Gunny area for some fun and some double digit trout chasing.

One thing is for sure about this place; there's plenty of wind, cold weather and a tough fishing to be had. One great day and one terrible stormy day to end my trip, hey a few good fish so no complaining here!


The first thing to decide on when heading there is who's in, usually I can only get 1 or 2 trout bums to tag along, most can't deal with the distance, weather or frustration in landing these fish.

It was 3:30am bright/early and I was up out the door before I could think about it. When 8:30 rolled around guess who was in the parking lot rods rigged and fresh coffee in hand.


Rough weather weekend which was to be expected. Most of the masses stayed away due to the weather forecast, that and most of my friends. I did luck out with one great blue sky day but my last day, as harsh of weather and you could expect. It takes a lot for me to not want to fish but by 2pm I was wind burned and finished!


I was up at 5am and to the Parking lot by 6am with 2 hours to spare before anyone showed up. It took it's toll on me and by 1:30 I was headed out when I decided to hit my last hotspot. It paid off with this gorgeous Rainbow above, she took for a ride 50 yards downstream and one wild fight!


Fat Cutbows, what more could you ask for? Tough fishing despite a few nice pigs as well. 4x tippet not 5-6x was the way to go seeing how I get tired of all the breakoffs and even worse, all the breakoffs from others when I land the fish. Talk about a charm bracelet found on each one, learn to fight fish or use 3-4x so these trout don't have to carry around your three flies next time. The thing about this place is you need to know your ability and be smart about it, these fish take enough beating and to the guy who was using 7x, good luck to ya landing one on that light tippet!


Some friends made it a few days prior and got blown out by wind, sorry I didn't get to fish with you this time. A few more friends are headed back a few days after me from Minnesota to Trophy Stalk! Good luck and I can't to get back again soon.


I just got another invite yesterday to hit this place again, man that's a tough one to pass up on but I'm headed to the Pan for a little Birthday fun with my gal so maybe by July this place will see me again when the drakes come off.

Lot's of good memories from freezing my tail off this winter and Spring here. Ahh the misery, long drives and cold weather...wouldn't change a thing and counting down the days again till I get back!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Costa Rica Challenge! Checkout This New Fly Fishing Video

Pura Vida

The Costa Rica Challenge from N.S.A. on Vimeo.

In the heart of Central America, 5 veracious trout fisherman, launch on a salty journey that most said couldn't be done. One Country, Two Oceans, Three Species, 430 Kilometers all in 36 Hours. Is it possible?

Catch The Costa Rica Challenge this Fall on WFN, the International Fly Fishing Film Festival and DVD!

This was a great blurb from Costa Rica that brought back many memories from the Trip I had to Costa Rica recently as well. It looks like we used the same Outfitter and stayed at the same Hotel Mimos..too funny! Viva Costa Rica

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blood Knot Magazine..The Blue Collar Issue, Guess Who Makes a Guest Appearance

Golden Bonefish is Where To Look

I was lucky enough to have been a part of the latest issue by Blood Knot Magazine. Feel free to checkout a great new magazine if you haven't seen it yet. "Golden Bones" is a little excerp (around page 35) about chasing one of the most popular warmwater species these days, yes there are guys out there chasing these amazing fish!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Late Winter Trophy Trout Fishing..Cold Weather Applies

Cold Weather, High Winds = Nice Fish
Trip Link and Pictures Click Here

Just got back from another great trip up in the Hills. Can't wait to get back again for big fish, crazy weather and having your A game present when attempting to chase these Pigs! Early Spring fishing can often be incredible fishing, just make sure you bring a goretex jacket and some patience.

I've been lazy so just now getting around to posting this trip report from back in early March. Timing is key, finding a driver with a good 4 X 4 to drive mucho importante, cold weather gear very critical, strong knots/savy flies and patience...top of the list!

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Lake Carol Ann Denver...A Fisherman's Paradise, Well Close To It!

Back By Popular Demand

I had to do another write up on Lake Carol Ann, with close to 20 hits a week for this page it still remains a popular posting on FFA for freshwater being around the Denver area.

Pound for Pound I can't see any other fish fighting as hard as a Bluegill on a fly. When you get a nice one on, hold on for a fight. While Carp and Bass both fight well also and bream rarely jump, that tug keeps you coming back for more out at LCA! With 15lb Steelhead, 12lb Bass, 2lb Bluegill, 40 lb Catfish, 50lb Carp, Tiger trout, snake river cutthroat, rainbows, 30" Browns, Smallmouth's, Wipers, Largemouth, Gorilla Bass and 50,000 shad to munch on...this place has it all!

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