Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Dry Fly Fishing Heaven!

Dry Fly Heaven from Jah Raven Creation on Vimeo.

Few places capture the true essence of dry fly fishing when compared to the amazing Elk River chasing Cutthroats.

A Short film showcasing what the Elk Valley has to offer for Flyfishing. Includes shots from the elk river, wigwam, michelle creek and more. Best dry fly fishing in the world.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Name That Saltwater Fish?

Crazy Looking Saltwater Fish Are Nothing New...What is it?
Wikipedia Definition

The ocean sunfish, Mola mola, or common mola, is the heaviest known bony fish in the world. It has an average adult weight of 1,000 kg (2,200 lb). The species is native to tropical and temperate waters around the globe. It resembles a fish head with a tail, and its main body is flattened laterally. Sunfish can be as tall as they are long when their dorsal and ventral fins are extended.

If you see this thing coming, go the other way or pull your fly with your 10wt quickly away!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shark Week Is Almost Here....Oh Yeah!!!

It's That Time Again

Shark week is back again and the next big question arises, is your TIVO ready? Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is anything but tame when it comes to excitement. Whether it's the incredible actions scenes, amazing leaps by Great Whites captured in HD, to the countless stories that encompass years of unknown knowledge that still cause curiosity as to what is known about this beast of all beast!

Shark Week is celebrating a record 23rd year returning to the Discovery Channel starting this Sunday, August 1 9pm ET. Fly Fish Addiction has been a Shark Week fan as long as I can remember. I believe it was my Sophmore year of college coming in at 1am that Sunday when "The Week" actually started, I stayed up all night watching and never missed an episode that week let alone a year since -that was some ago!

Other shows have popped up from Expedition Great White to popular Shark videos to watch, there's never a shortage of Sharks on TV lately. Can't wait to tie into more Florida sharks sometime soon again on the fly or make it back out to San Diego and fish with master sharkmaster Conway Bowman.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Top Fly Fishing News, Tips, Reports, Clubs, Websites, River Reports, destinations, fall fishing and More!

100 trout days (1)
2010 fly fishing trips (2)
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abused pets (1)
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AFFTA members (1)
AFFTA update (1)
AK Best (2)
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alaska big rainbows (1)
alaska coalition (1)
alaska dog (2)
alaska dolly varden fishing (1)
alaska fall fishing (2)
alaska fall fishing kenai river (1)
alaska festival (1)
Alaska fishing (3)
Alaska Kenai (2)
alaska king salmon (1)
alaska rainbows (1)
alaska ranbows (1)
alaska resident record fish (1)
alaska river fishing (1)
alaska salmon shark (1)
alaska spring fishing (1)
albany (1)
alejandro martello fishing (1)
alligators in florida (1)
amazing photography (1)
amazon river dolphins killed for bait (1)
american rivers (1)
andros island (1)
andy mill (1)
anglers input on colorado fishing (1)
angling books (1)
angling exploration group (1)
angling university (1)
angus drummond fishing (1)
antero fishing (1)
antero kill off (1)
antero reservoir fishing (2)
antero reservoir fishing tips (1)
antero summer fishing reports (1)
April pike fishing (1)
arbor reels (1)
argentina (1)
argentina brown trout (1)
argentina dorado fishing (1)
argentina fishing (2)
argentina fly fishing trips (1)
argentina fly fishing trips seasons (1)
argentina trout (1)
arkansas river caddis hatch (1)
arkansas river sept (1)
arkansas river spring fishing (1)
arkansas trout (1)
athens superjam concerts (1)
atlanta fishing (1)
atlanta flooding (1)
atlanta relief flood (1)
autumn fishing (1)
backcountry florida (1)
bad fishing guides (1)
baghdad puppy rescue (1)
baghdad stray dog rescue (1)
bahama bonefish (1)
Bahamas bonefishing (2)
bamboo fly rod restoration (1)
bamboo fly rods (1)
barry reynolds fishing (2)
basalt area fishing (1)
Bass fishing (3)
bass fishing east coast (1)
bass fishing on a fly (2)
bass on a fly (4)
bass pro rods (1)
bear alaska (1)
bear and salmon (1)
Bear Attacks (1)
bear fights fisherman (1)
bears (1)
bears on the river (1)
best british columbia steelhead fishing (1)
best colorado guides (1)
best colorado hatches (1)
best deals on fly fishing gear (1)
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best fly fishing websites (5)
best friends organization (1)
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best shark videos (1)
Best Time for Fishing (1)
best time to fish tips (1)
best trout (1)
Bestfriends (1)
big bluegills (1)
big brown trout (2)
big browns (2)
big browns on dry fly's (1)
big carp (1)
big colorado summer trout (1)
big cutthroats on a fly (1)
big fall colorado rainbows (1)
big fall trout (1)
big fish (3)
big fish costa rica (1)
big fish fraser river (2)
big lakes carpin (1)
big permit on a fly (1)
big roainbow alaska (1)
big sharks to go after (1)
big spring rainbows (1)
big spring trout (1)
big steelhead (1)
big streamers (1)
big sturgeon (1)
big taimen on a fly (1)
big tarpon on a fly (3)
big thompson trout fishing (1)
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big trout argentina (3)
big trout at night (1)
big trout colorado (2)
big trout egg fishing (1)
big trout fall fishing (1)
big trout gallery (1)
big trout patagonia (1)
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big trout tips (1)
big tuna (1)
big wyoming rainbows (1)
bighorn fishing reports (1)
bighorn river (1)
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bill dance fishing (2)
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Bill Klyn (1)
birthday fishing (1)
bitterroot river skwala hatch (1)
black canyon (2)
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black canyon of the gunnison fishing (1)
black marlin catch (1)
BLM land (1)
Blogs (1)
blue quill (1)
blue quill guiding (1)
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blue river trout (1)
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boca grande fishing (1)
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bog stillwater trout (1)
bone fishing (1)
bone fishing abacos (1)
bonefish flies and videos (1)
bonefish on the fly (2)
bonefishwhisperer (1)
Boulder creek (1)
boxwood gulch (1)
bozeman area activities (1)
bozeman area rivers fly fishing (1)
bozeman daily chronicle (1)
bozeman fishing (1)
bozeman lodging (1)
bp oil spill update (1)
brad befus (1)
break a rod on a fish (1)
bream fishing (1)
breckenridge big trout (1)
Brian O'keefe (4)
brian o'keefe fishing (2)
brian o'keefe photography (2)
brian yamauchi (1)
brian yamauchi pictures (1)
broken rods (1)
bryan gregson photography (1)
buena vista fishing river rafting (1)
bulldawgs and buffaloes (1)
Bulldogs ranked #1 (1)
buying fly fishing gear (1)
california fly fishing (1)
california steelhead (1)
canoeing georgia (1)
capt greg (1)
Capt Tom Rowland (2)
careless rod holding (1)
carp colorado (1)
carp fishing (1)
carp fishing great lakes dave whitlock (1)
carp fishing tips (2)
carp flies (1)
carp fly fishing (2)
carp fly fishing tournament (2)
Carp on a fly (10)
carp on a fly spring (1)
carp on a fly tips (1)
carp on a fly video (1)
casting instruction (1)
casting techniques (1)
catch magazine (2)
catch more fish (1)
catching caddis trout (1)
Catfish and Carp (1)
cathy and barry beck (1)
Ceaser Way (1)
celebrity fly tyer (1)
celebrity fly tyers (1)
central denver dog walking (1)
charlie meck (1)
charlie myers articles (1)
charlie myers fishing (1)
charlotte harbor (1)
chasing silver (2)
chattahoochee fishing reports (1)
chile fishing (2)
chile fly fishing best (1)
chile fly fishing discounted trips (2)
chile fly fishing trips (1)
chile trout (1)
chironomid fishing (1)
chironomid flies (1)
choosing a fly rod (1)
choosing the right fishing dog (1)
Chris Patterson (1)
christmas fly fishing (1)
chukar trail (1)
clearwater area fishing (1)
clearwater beach (1)
clearwater beack fishing (1)
clearwater redfishing (1)
climax (1)
cloudveil closing (1)
CNBC goes fishing (1)
Coho Salmon (1)
coho's in alaska (1)
cold weather fishing colorado (2)
coldwater florida fishing (1)
coldwater trout (1)
college football and fly fishing (1)
College Football kickoff (1)
collegiate peaks raneg fishing (1)
colorad fish kill (1)
colorado basin water flows (1)
colorado bass (1)
colorado big rainbows (1)
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colorado caddis (1)
colorado canyon (1)
colorado carp (4)
colorado carp fishing on a fly (2)
colorado carp on a fly (2)
colorado carp tournament (1)
colorado cutthroats (1)
colorado division of wildlife (1)
colorado dry fly action (1)
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colorado fall fishing (1)
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colorado fall rivers (1)
colorado fisheries department (1)
colorado fishing (1)
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colorado fishing links (2)
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colorado fishing reports (1)
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colorado flies (1)
colorado fly fishing guides (1)
colorado fly fishing show (1)
colorado fly fishing shows (5)
colorado fly fishing trips (1)
colorado fly shops (5)
Colorado goes roadless (1)
colorado guides (4)
colorado hatches (1)
colorado hunting show (1)
colorado infected trout (1)
colorado kokanee salmon (1)
colorado lodges (1)
colorado maps (1)
colorado mountains (1)
colorado outdoors (1)
colorado parasites (1)
colorado pike fishing (1)
colorado pike season (1)
colorado pollution (1)
colorado river access laws (1)
colorado river clean restoration (1)
colorado river fall fishing (1)
colorado river fishing (1)
colorado river midges (1)
colorado river rights (1)
colorado river runoff (1)
colorado river september (1)
colorado river spring fishing (1)
colorado rivers and wildlife (1)
colorado rivers to fish (1)
colorado runoff (1)
colorado runoff fishing (1)
colorado salmonflies (1)
colorado save our rivers (1)
colorado sawatch range fishing (1)
colorado snowfall reports (1)
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colorado snowpack levels (1)
colorado sockeye (1)
colorado south platte fishing (1)
colorado spring fishing rainbows (1)
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colorado summer fly fishing (1)
colorado tailwater fall fishing (1)
colorado trout (4)
colorado trout fishing (1)
colorado trout unlimited (1)
colorado tv show (1)
colorado water issues. colorado rafting rights (1)
colorado water safety (1)
colorado wilflife pictures (1)
colorado winter fishing (2)
colorado yampa river fishing (1)
colorado's best trout streams (1)
colroado summer hatches fishing (1)
combat fishing areas (1)
corey kruitbosch fly fishing (1)
corey kruitbosch photography (2)
coronoda fishing (1)
costa del mar (1)
costa rica fishing (1)
costa rica float fishing (1)
costa rica summer fly fishing (1)
Cougar Attacks (1)
crazy saltwater fish (1)
crowded fishing areas (1)
crowded trout streams (1)
CU buffs and georgia (1)
cutthorats (1)
cutthroat anglers (2)
daily fishing report (1)
damsel dragonfly patterns summer patterns (1)
Dangerous Encounters (1)
dave matthews concert tour denver (1)
dave rosgen (1)
dave whitlock (1)
dave whitlock fly fishing (2)
david pratt (1)
Deer hunting (1)
deer while fishing (1)
delaney butte fishing june (1)
delaney buttes (3)
delaney spring (1)
delany buttes fishing (1)
Democratic Convention Concierge (1)
Democratic Convention Updates (1)
Democratic Denver News (1)
denny breer (1)
denver area carp (1)
denver area carp fly fishing (2)
denver area fishing (1)
denver area fly shops (1)
denver area pets in need (1)
denver area pike (1)
denver area thefts (1)
denver bass (2)
denver bluegill (1)
denver carp (3)
denver carp fishing (1)
denver carp slam (2)
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denver carp tournament (1)
denver colorado fishing (1)
denver colorado project healing waters (1)
denver crappie (1)
denver dog walker (1)
denver dog walking (1)
denver dog walking services (1)
denver events (1)
denver fishing (3)
denver fishing guides (1)
denver fishing show (1)
denver fishing shows (1)
denver fly fishing (1)
Denver Fly Fishing Retail show (2)
denver fly fishing retailer show (1)
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denver fly fishing trips (1)
denver fly shop (2)
denver fly shops (2)
denver fly tyers (1)
denver fly tying events (1)
denver golf (1)
denver happy hour (1)
denver hunting show (1)
denver IFTD fishing show 2010 (1)
denver international retail show 2010 fly fishing (1)
denver orvis (1)
denver outdoor speakers (1)
denver pet sitting (1)
denver pike (1)
denver post fishing (1)
denver renewable energy (1)
denver sporting events (1)
denver sportsman show (1)
denver trout (1)
denver trout club (1)
denver trout fly shops (1)
denver trout happy hour (1)
denver trout unlimited (2)
denvers top restuarants (1)
department of wildlife colorado (1)
derek deyoung (1)
derek redwine fishing (1)
deyoung art (1)
diana rudolph (1)
difficulty boat launching (1)
disabled vets fishing event (1)
discounted flies (1)
discounted fly fishing gear (1)
discounted fly reels (1)
Discounted gear (1)
discounted sites (1)
discovery channel (1)
discovery channel shark week (1)
division of wildlife (1)
DNS Denver (1)
Dogtown (2)
double hall (1)
DOW (1)
Downtown Denver (1)
drake fly fishing films (1)
drake fly fishing video awards (1)
Drake Magazine (3)
Drake movie awards (1)
dream stream fall browns (2)
dream stream fishing (3)
dream stream spring (1)
dream stream spring fishing (1)
drift the movie (1)
Drift video (1)
drop off fishing (1)
drunk boating (1)
drunk fishing (1)
dry fly action (1)
dry fly fishing Colorado (1)
dry fly fishing cutthroats (1)
dry fly fishing slough creek (1)
durango train (1)
east coast fly fishing (1)
east portal gunnison (1)
easy fly fishing knots (1)
egg patterns (1)
eggs benedict (1)
eleven mile reservoir (1)
elk river dry fly fishing cutthroats (1)
endangered rivers (1)
estes park fishing (2)
estes park trout fishing (1)
european fishing (1)
excuses on fishing (1)
fall big brown trout (1)
fall big fish (1)
fall bonefishing (1)
fall brookie colorado fishing (1)
fall brown trout (1)
fall brown trout spawners (1)
fall brown trout tactics (1)
fall changing on river (1)
fall fish streamers (1)
fall fishing (4)
fall fishing alaska (1)
fall fishing brown trout (1)
fall fishing colorado (1)
fall fishing dream stream (1)
fall fishing in the rockies (2)
fall fishing kenai (1)
fall fishing kenai river (1)
fall fishing news (1)
fall florida redfishing (1)
fall in colorado (1)
fall season. Fall in the Rockies (2)
fall snowfall fishing (1)
fall steelhead fishing (1)
fall stillwater fishing (2)
farmington (1)
favorite fishing dogs (1)
Fay (1)
federation of fly fishers colorado (1)
Feeding fish (1)
felt soul media (1)
fighting off fisherman crowds (1)
filets on the grill (1)
firehole river summer fly fishing (1)
fish art (1)
fish colorado (1)
fish dogs (1)
fish drwaings (1)
fish excuses (1)
fish exporer fishing site (1)
fish on the move (1)
fishbone art (1)
fisherman chat live (1)
fishing antero reservoir (1)
fishing articles (1)
fishing at work (1)
fishing blog (1)
fishing boat (2)
fishing book signing (1)
fishing books to read (2)
fishing buddy (1)
fishing calendar (1)
fishing canada (1)
Fishing Charts (1)
fishing colorado september (1)
fishing conclave (1)
fishing contest winner (1)
fishing delaney buttes (1)
fishing diary (1)
fishing dog (1)
fishing dogs (2)
fishing equipment (1)
fishing excuses (1)
fishing favorite (1)
fishing florida (1)
fishing form a train (1)
fishing fourms (1)
fishing happy hour (2)
fishing hot spots (1)
fishing in Colorado (1)
fishing in the gulf with oil spill (1)
fishing in the rockies tips (1)
fishing in the snow (1)
fishing information (1)
fishing injuries (1)
fishing knots 101 (1)
fishing lake erie (1)
fishing log (1)
fishing making a difference (1)
fishing maps (1)
fishing mayfly hatches (1)
fishing messageboard (1)
fishing movies (1)
fishing news (1)
fishing origin (1)
fishing over the holidays (1)
fishing pets (1)
fishing pictures (1)
fishing radio (1)
fishing reports (1)
fishing RSS feeds (1)
Fishing saltwater (1)
fishing shows (1)
fishing spawning trout (1)
fishing spinney mountain (1)
fishing streamers (1)
fishing talk (1)
fishing topics on google (1)
fishing tour (1)
fishing updates (1)
fishing video (1)
fishing video rentals (1)
fishing with bears (1)
fishing year in review (1)
fishpond fishing (1)
flats boat fishing florida (1)
flats fishing (1)
flint river (1)
flip pallot (1)
float fishing (1)
floating colorado (1)
florida fish kill (1)
florida fishing news (1)
florida fishing october (1)
florida fishing reports (1)
florida fishing websites (1)
florida flats (1)
florida fly fishing (4)
florida fly fishing reports (2)
Florida Hurricanes (1)
florida keys fishing (2)
florida keys permit and tarpon fishing (1)
florida keys spring fishing (1)
florida keys tarpon (3)
florida keys tarpon fishing (1)
florida october fishign reports (1)
florida saltwater fly fishing (2)
florida tarpon (4)
florida tarpon bonefish regulations (1)
florida tarpon fishing (5)
florida winter fishing (1)
fly currents (1)
fly currents blog. improve fly fishing (1)
fly fish chat (1)
fly fish competition (1)
fly fish forum (1)
fly fish new mexico (1)
fly fish speakers (1)
fly fish travels (1)
fly fishing america (1)
fly fishing and golf (1)
fly fishing around livingston (1)
fly fishing authors (2)
fly fishing baja (1)
fly fishing big browns (1)
fly fishing big trout pyramid lake (1)
fly fishing bonefish (2)
fly fishing books (1)
fly fishing bookstore (1)
fly fishing brookies (1)
fly fishing brown trout (1)
fly fishing chile (1)
fly fishing colorado rivers waters and lakes (1)
fly fishing colorado waters (3)
fly fishing community (1)
fly fishing crazy site (2)
fly fishing cup (1)
fly fishing dawg (1)
fly fishing dog (1)
fly fishing equipment (5)
fly fishing events (2)
fly fishing experts (1)
fly fishing favorite (1)
fly fishing film (1)
fly fishing film fest (1)
fly fishing film tour (2)
fly fishing film tour recap (1)
fly fishing florida (1)
fly fishing for carp (1)
fly fishing for permit (1)
fly fishing for Tarpon (1)
fly fishing forums (3)
fly fishing furture growth (1)
fly fishing gear (1)
fly fishing gifts (2)
fly fishing goals (1)
fly fishing golfers (1)
fly fishing history (2)
fly fishing indonesia (1)
fly fishing industry (1)
fly fishing info (1)
fly fishing injury (1)
fly fishing july (1)
fly fishing knots (1)
fly fishing leaders (1)
fly fishing lodges montana (2)
fly fishing magazine (1)
fly fishing magazine list (1)
fly fishing magazines (2)
fly fishing maps (1)
fly fishing memorial (1)
fly fishing montana (1)
fly fishing movies (3)
fly fishing news (8)
fly fishing night (1)
fly fishing online radio (1)
fly fishing over the years (1)
fly fishing past and present (1)
fly fishing past time (1)
fly fishing photographs (1)
fly fishing photography (3)
fly fishing pictures (2)
fly fishing product gear reviews 2011 (1)
fly fishing redfish (1)
fly fishing resource websites (1)
fly fishing retailer (1)
fly fishing retailer show (1)
fly fishing rods (1)
fly fishing saltwater (1)
fly fishing saltwater gulf (1)
fly fishing seychelles (1)
fly fishing show (2)
fly fishing shows (2)
fly fishing spring colorado (1)
fly fishing stories (1)
fly fishing summer reports (1)
fly fishing tailwaters (1)
fly fishing tales (1)
fly fishing tarpon (1)
fly fishing techniques (1)
fly fishing the kenai river (1)
fly fishing the Madison river (1)
fly fishing the moffitt (1)
fly fishing the south (1)
fly fishing the yellowstone area (3)
fly fishing thefts. fly fishing bandit (1)
fly fishing tips (3)
fly fishing top blogs (1)
fly fishing top films (1)
fly fishing top flies (1)
fly fishing top tips (2)
fly fishing top websites (1)
fly fishing topics (2)
fly fishing tour (1)
fly fishing tournaments (1)
fly fishing trapper rudd (1)
fly fishing travels (1)
fly fishing trends (1)
fly fishing trips (1)
fly fishing vendor (1)
fly fishing vendors (1)
fly fishing video 101 (1)
fly fishing videos (5)
fly fishing wintertime (1)
fly fishing with friends (1)
fly fishing wyoming (1)
fly fishingfishing with google (1)
fly rod review (1)
fly shop listings (1)
fly shops colorado (1)
fly tying booths (1)
fly tying instruction (1)
fly tying party (1)
fly tying vises (1)
fracois botha (1)
frank smethurst (2)
frank smethurst fly fishing (1)
frank smithers (1)
frying pan articles (1)
frying pan big trout (1)
frying pan fishing (1)
frying pan fishing reports (1)
frying pan river (1)
frying pan river fishing (3)
frying pan river hatches (1)
frying pan river seasons (1)
frying pan river september (1)
frying pan spring (1)
frying pan spring fishing (1)
funny fish pictures (1)
funny saltwater video (1)
funy fishing (1)
g loomis fly rods (1)
G loomis rods (2)
gallatine river summer fly fishing (1)
gary okizaki (1)
gary okizaki fishing (1)
georgia bass fishing (1)
georgia big trout (2)
Georgia Bulldawgs (1)
georgia bulldogs and colorado buffaloes (1)
georgia drought (1)
georgia fishing photography (1)
georgia spring bass fishing (1)
georgia sturgeon (1)
georgia trout tips (1)
gibbon river (1)
Glen Mercer (1)
golden bone (2)
golden bones (1)
golden dorado bolivia (1)
golden dorado fly fishing (1)
golden trout (1)
golf course bass (1)
good fishing guides (1)
google search fishing blogs (1)
gps fishing (1)
grand county fishing (1)
grant fishing north fork south platte (1)
grasshopper summer patterns (1)
great fly fishing videos (1)
great lakes carp (1)
great white shark video (1)
green river (1)
green river spring (1)
grey reef fishing (1)
grey reef spring fishing (2)
guide fishing (1)
guide fishing Colorado (1)
guide reports (1)
gulf fishing stops from oil spill (1)
gulf oil spill (1)
gunnison gorge (1)
gunnison river (1)
gunnison river fishing (1)
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Tarpon Anyone? Shots Of The Week

Shots To Get You Through The Weekend

Okay, I still can't kick the Tarpon in me this Season. What can I say seeing how I got sidetracked from chasing my favorite fish out there this season, maybe a late Summer/Early Fall trip will get me back into Silvers!

Jan Bach is back at it again taking Poons to another level and capturing Tarpon the way we like to see em! I talked about Jan Bach awhile back on FFA and still can't get enough of his shots still!

Tosh Brown is back as well making me one jealous Saltwater guy! More great shots by Tosh and can you say a perfect wallpaper shot. Tosh also has been mentioned many a times here on FFA also and when you take great shots like these, you'll be on my site a ton!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lake Fly Fishing Tips For Carp & Possible State Carp Record

Summer Carp Fishing is Heating Up

With rivers on the rise and rainstorms increasingly more prevalent, where to go for some great Carp fishing? Well no other than your local pond or reservoir to find some Golden Bonefsh for some fun.

Most of you know that I'm a pretty big Carp fanatic, yes it's finally okay to come out and say that one fishes for Carp now that the mainstream has officially caught on. It's caught on so much that a little idea a few of us had some 4 years ago regarding a now Popular Carp Slam has taken off and become the new Fly Fishing tournament each Summer in Denver.

How does one exactly target Carp in a local Lake? That's a good question and one you need not to fret too much about. What Lake in general doesn't hold many of the finest freshwater species to catch, let alone here in the Front Range area. My West Slope brethren may need to drive a bit, sorry Brad Befus, to get into some sweet Carp fishing.

Once you find that perfect Pond, Lake, or Reservoir -be it in Colorado or elsewhere to fish, the next thing is to find out when the prefect time to fish it. Well, let me take that back, anytime you have to fish for Carp is as good as the next so get out whenever possible. The next step, if you can be picky is to see what time of year is good. I've fished with Andrew Green, a fanatical Carp guy from the UK, who also runs the Colorado Carp Association/Carp Angling Group and learned a ton about Stillwater Carp fishing from him. This guy also fishes Carp year round and though they may not fight as hard as the Summer bite, there's still plenty of action even in the early Spring and late Fall it seems.


Top Carp Flies to use vary depending on seasons but many of the same patterns work month after month. The top season to fish for big Carp in Lakes by far are the Cottonwood seed hatch and also the Mulberry period. I love to fish these in May and especially June, but be especially aware that Carp also start to spawn in June so picking those important feeding periods even with the Spawners will be the time to look for.

Carp to Target:
Sunbathers- beware of the bathers, nice to look at but never interested
Cruisers- sure you can cast to and "maybe" get a taker but chances are still pretty slim for a bite
Feeders- well...these would be the ones to go after, finding them is easier said than done though

A state record was just caught in the Denver area a week ago by a young kid at a local pond chasing bass. How big was it? Take a look here and see what he got. The next Carp to be caught a week or so later was by our Pal and Carp Master himself Barry Reynolds. How big was his? His actually measured longer in width and girth than the new record....possible new state record? You bet, but Barry doing what most of us would do is he put it back to live another day.

Lake fishing is hard work no doubt about it, some opinions vary and though I still fish rivers more than anything, Lake fishing can be some of the toughest fishing you can do. One thing to keep in mind is that landing a Carp in a lake is not going to be easy so don't give up. Conditions just like Saltwater have to be in your favor. The right day for sunshine, few clouds, no wind, few crowds so they're not put down by foot traffic, feeders and oh yeah...the rigth cast! Keep it up and send us your pictures when you get one, we'll be happy to post it for you.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Denver's Trout Happy Hour, The Boys Are Back and So Are Big Golden Dorado's!

Let The Stories Begin!

It's another email again from a few weeks back requesting "When are we having another Trout Happy Hour?" It seems to have been on everyone's mind and after plenty of fishing trips to report from some of our members, a Happy Hour was scheduled immediately.

Summertime brings on the heat, but it also brings out a few frosty's from our favorite Brewpub the Irish Hound here in Denver. After a quick announcement it was now time to get the Fellas together again. Be it Tim who just got back from a week in New Hampshire, Kyle from Compleat Thought who is still reeling from his Henry's Fork Trip, to Steve who just returned from a 10 days in Missoula chasing big browns, to our newest member Joe from Flyrecipes, to Nick from Reelescape Films who brought me a copy of his Drake Film Festival DVD "In the Land of The Cutthroats", Todd who fishes every water every weekend around the state and Charles who just got hitched and headed to Yellowstone the exact time I'll be there with my guys.


We can't forget one of the oldest members of the group Dr. Fred Miller. He would have loved to join us but some lame excuse via his Iphone last week "I'm in Bolivia Fellas chasing massive Golden Dorado's" not able to make it this time. Only Dr. Fred could have been given a hall pass seeing how he's traveling it seems every week to some foreign location, whether be it Mongolia catching huge Taimen, Russia or planning another Chilean Trip again.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Global Epidemic: 58,000 Stray Dogs Killed in Iraq & Amazon River Dolphins being Slaughtered For Bait!

Global Killings Needs To End!
pic and Story by AP/Link

Most of you know that I try and stick to Fly Fishing topics a majority of the time, but when stories arise about health, safety and important issues that affect us all, I have to talk about it! These two stories are important to me seeing how most of you know I am very involved in the Pet Care Industry as well as how Fisheries are being deeply affected on an International scale.

BAGHDAD - Teams of veterinarians and police shooters have killed some 58,000 stray dogs in and around the Iraqi capital over the past three months as part of a campaign to curb an increasing number of strays blamed for attacks on residents. What's wrong with this picture?? You can't control your city, the people in it as well as provisions for animal welfare so the next best thing is to just Kill them??

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) International calls the methods used by the Baghdad culling program inhumane. SPCA spokeswoman Terri Crisp says the organization understands that Iraq is a war zone, posing a unique set of challenges, but alternatives such as mobile spay and neuter and vaccination programs are available.

Please checkout the Baghdad Pups website on how to help, donate and offer support to helpless dogs on Baghdad at this time


RIO DE JANEIRO — The bright pink color gives them a striking appearance in the muddy jungle waters. That Amazon river dolphins are also gentle and curious makes them easy targets for nets and harpoons as they swim fearlessly up to fishing boats. 1,500 Dolphins on average are being slaughtered annually for bait and from no regulations being enforced. When you have only a "modest" 5 Game and Fish patrol men that cover an area 2x the size of Texas, what do you think the outcome will be?

Now, their carcasses are showing up in record numbers on riverbanks, their flesh torn away for fishing bait, causing researchers to warn of a growing threat to a species that has already disappeared in other parts of the world. Link

Also checkout the support group: The International Society for The Preservation of The Rainforest

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Denver Dog Walking-Pet Care Specialist! Winter Discounts, Washington Park and Stapleton Areas!


Denverdaawg Pet Sitting is the friendly neighborhood pet care specialist! Whether you are going on vacation, a business trip, or just spending long hours at the office, Denverdaawg Pet Sitting is here for you. We provide a variety of attentive services for ANY pet, from private dog walks and park adventures, to cage-free in-home sitting, private boarding and day care as well as cat play.We'll keep a watchful eye on your home, bring in the newspapers and mail, water the plants and keep everything safe while you're away! And of course we're fully licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind.


Denverdaawg Pet Sitting offers loving, attentive pet care, professionally trained and includes references so you can be sure your pets are well taken care of and given the extra TLC they need while you are gone.Best of all, we are situated in your local neighborhood. No more having to call around or stay home because your sitter wasn't available. One call to us is all it takes to line up professional pet care in your area. For more information visit us on the web at , contact us via email at, or call us.We look forward to meeting you and your furry, feathered friends soon! Denverdaawg Pet Sitting is a Licensed, Bonded and Insured business. References Available! We are Proud members of NAAPS & Pet Sitters International


Denver Dog Walking/Stapleton Dog Walking/Cherry Creek Dog Walking
Denver Pet Sitting/Metro Denver Dog Walker/DU area Dog Walker
Denver Pet Care/Washington Park Dog Walking/
Stapltn/WashPk/Cherry Crk/Prk Hill

Monday, July 12, 2010

Top Summer Fly Fishing Destinations! From Montana to Costa Rica

It's Time For A Vacation

When Summer finally arrives most of us have already been out a few dozen times, well atleast most of you should have been out that much! Whether it's pre-runoff, prime run-off or post, we all plan around these times to maximize the most from being out during this Season.

Besides planning that Summer getaway you've been daydreaming about day in/day out for months, the next question is how long before my Summer vacation begins. One of the best parts of Summer fishing is not the actual trip itself -though exciting, but the planning one does ahead of time in preparation.

Where is everyone headed this Summer for that much needed getaway? Here are a few choices if you're still on the fence.

Is there a more impressive venue for a Summer fly fishing trip? The country's top dry fly fishery 100x over and more water to fish than many states combined. I should also know, I lived there many moons ago and get back whenever possible. It's also where I'll be in a few weeks after to Peak rush of Tourons (a term we conceived when living there between tourists and morons). I've been daydreaming about this place for the last 6 months and it doesn't help when you have friend's that keep coming home reminding me of how great it's been lately.

The summer months in Yellowstone see good dry fly fishing on most of it's area rivers and increasing insect activity on the many lakes which offer good fishing. It is a superb time to hike to backcountry fisheries as the small mountain streams are warming, trails have dried out and fishing can be excellent on these out of the way rivers. The small streams in the area are at their best at this time of year and these places are a lot of fun to fish dries to smaller trout. The Madison in Montana remains the focal point for much of our fishing, as few fisheries in the area can match the fish present in the river.

Florida Keys
Most of you who know me know one word gets me every time, well okay two words Saltwater and Tarpon! Those two together can cause me to stop everything I'm doing, float away to Big Pine on a hot Summer day and imagine a 100lb Poon ripping line into my backing from my Riptide Tibor reel. If you haven't experienced this in the last year there's something wrong with you, if you haven't done this at better jump on board bucko!

Although tarpon are caught year 'round in the Keys -except during the worst of the winter cold fronts, the months of April, May, and June are considered "prime time." And as anyone who has fished for tarpon during prime time at some of the more popular spots (Channel 2, Seven Mile Bridge, Bahia Honda Bridge and Key West Harbor) will tell you, there are a heck of a lot of people who think fly fishing for the Megalops atlanticus is really something special, I'm one of them!

Rocky Mountain National Park is to those in the Rockies, the next best place to visit when you need an all inspiring Mountain Range without having to break the bank or use your frequent flyer miles. Hundreds to trails leading to every water imaginable, brook trout and greenbacks on a 3wt, what could be better? Well maybe it's the 20 elk you passed earlier or the sunset that still has you marveling at your digital camera from.

When the temps warm up and the lakes start to thaw out "pretty much right now" most in Colorado know that Greenbacks are on the bite! There are plenty of hot spots to fish in Colorado during the Summer and one of the main decisions to deal with is, where are the people not fishing and where can I fish that run off is not taking place? Good thing to know and especially how to deal with. With a little bit of research and some know how, a few locations in RMNP can provide you with all one needs to escape for that Rocky Mountain high adventure.

Costa Rica
One of my favorite Saltwater destinations by far -sorry Belize, Baja and the Bahamas, is Costa Rica! What is it about this place you ask? Hmm between some of the best offshore fishing around and pretty sweet inshore action for Roosters and Tarpon, it's hard to compare with anywhere else for me.

Golfito Sailfish Rancho is one of the top flyfishing destinations on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Come live in a wonderful relaxed section of the coast while you pursue the dream of a Sailfish or Marlin on the fly.

Rogue River Oregon
Rogue River Summer Steelhead is an anomaly among steelhead runs. Rogue River Steelhead return from sea at 2 distinct level or age groups the first referred to as the Half Pounder is very numerous over 300,000 per year driven by the need to feed. Making these steelhead very aggressive and great Fly fishing subjects. Rogue River Steelhead have been to sea and returned to the river with as little as 6 months at sea.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Colorado Summertime Fishing Adventures! Yampa-Delaney-Spinney-Antero

One Week, A few Out Of Town Guests, Plenty of Rods Bent!

Summertime in Colorado with some out of town guest means there's going to be plenty of stories to be told and lot's of trout caught. Friend's Brian and Rob recently made the trek back to Colorado to hit some of our top fisheries and they timed it perfectly! Whether it was the Yampa, Delaney Buttes, Spinney or Antero, they couldn't have timed it any better. Great to catch up with them and I wish we had more time to fish together since I got short on time and missed some time on the water with them.


Brian ,Rob & Vincent out on the Lakes

Vincent Su from Flywheel and his friend Sean also joined me in South Park for some fun, a few nice fish and some crazy weather. What's fishing Stillwater in the Summer without some insane wind, rain, hail and whitecaps....oh yeah welcome to South Park! Anytime I can get out with Brian to fish or even Vincent, I jump at the chance. These guys know their Stillwater flies and hook ups are never to far from them. Hopefully other friend's like Travis, Todd, Tak and Dave can join in on some fun on our next adventure.


My Fat Snake River Cutty from Antero,Damsels = Trout sushi!

The Yampa River is a popular fishery and if you can time it right, like the guys did, it can be pretty insane as to how good the fishing can be. Between some big browns caught by Rob (7lb browns) and a 30 fish day by Brian, I'm planning a trip back up that way as soon as possible.


Delaney Buttes is another favorite of mine and one I know quite well. I should, Brian taught me a ton as to how to fish this place and everytime I fish there with him he puts on one heck of a clinic as to how and catch fish! This guy could probably catch trout on a bare hook he's so good. Last year on a Delaney trip, he had 10 landed before I even knew what hit me, still got some learning to do I guess. It didn't matter though, even at Spinney Brian still managed an epic day even with a 7lb bow and 20+ fish!


Why do we fish Stillwater? The takes, the size of fish, the camping inches away from the water or maybe it's the fun we have everytime we get together who knows. One thing is for sure, the more you do it the better you get and the more knowledge one has for increasing their chances of catching fishing, whether to North or South Park.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Fly Fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Head To The High Country

The roads are getting more crowded and so are the local trout streams, one thing comes to mind....It's Summer Fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park time again! I missed a recent opportunity with my Pals at Project Helaing Waters and hopefully I can connect with them again soon for some fun up that way.

When the temps warm up and the lakes start to thaw out "pretty much right now" most in Colorado know that Greenbacks are on the bite! There are plenty of hot spots to fish in Colorado during the Summer and one of the main decisions to deal with is, where are the people not fishing and where can I fish that run off is not taking place? Good thing to know and especially how to deal with. With a little bit of research and some know how, a few locations in RMNP can provide you with all one needs to escape for that Rocky Mountain high adventure.

Populations of at least four trout species exist in the park - brown, brook, rainbow, and cutthroat. Some suckers also inhabit the streams and lakes. Only 48 of the 156 lakes in the park have reproducing populations of fish. Cold water temperatures and lack of spawning habitat prevent reproduction in high altitude lakes. Supplemental stocking is done only to restore native species to altered waters. Fishing success at high altitudes varies, even from waters known to contain fish. Restoration efforts have kept the possession limits to a minimum, and have resulted in increased trout populations in many areas within the park.

Everything you need to know about fishing RMNP you can find at some of out prior reports on fishing Rocky Mountain Park. Even though Summertime has some of the best dry fly action around, more crowds and warmer temps, Fall fishing in RMNP there can also prove successful so don't forget to come back again in a few months.

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