Sunday, June 26, 2016

Early Summer Stillwater Fishing for Trout!

Georgia Boys Weekend
What to do when a close friend from Georgia is headed out to the Rockies for the Summer? Head to some local hot spots and get the boats ready.
Spent a few weeks prepping but finally got the pontoon, belly boats and camper ready for a fun 4 days of fishing. Just as I had expected, great weather, awesome Chironomid hatch, good fishing and ample beverages.

Boca Dawg had to be there to spot some risers

6:30 am what better time for a take than now

Perfect campsite on the water
Rob learning quickly how to fight these nice rainbows
What a way to end the end and trip lakeside



Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fly Fish Addiction Blog Hits 200,000 Hits!

FFA has some great news to send out to everyone!

In June we reached a milestone that I, nor anyone associated with Fly Fish Addiction could have ever have imagined. We hit 200,000 hits on our Blog!

In 2008 we launched this FFA blog to associate with our Fly Fish Addiction main website. As many of you have noticed over the last few months if not the last few years, we have slowed down on our weekly postings.

You probably think that Troutdawg is out fishing more and not enough time right? I wish that was the case. With a busy life like most married with 2 little boys running around most of the week my fishing has slowed.

I'm told that over time that will change or over time my wife will offer a few more hall passes right? lol I can promise you that I will do my best to post as often as possible and as always, feel free to send me articles, reports or comment on threads you enjoy or hey, even if you don't like them all postings are welcome.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

FISH OR DIE SIZZLE - Premiering on Animal Planet

Four diehard fishermen are determined to be the first to fish the most remote waters left on earth. Getting to them could kill a person, or make their life worth living. These four best friends prefer to assume the latter. Following in the footsteps of their heroes; Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and Johnny Knoxville, these self proclaimed fish bums are determined be the first to find, and fish, these wild places -- or die trying.

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