Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Sunsets From Clearwater Beach! A Break From Fishing

Flashbacks From Another Great Trip!

Our last night enjoying a few more rays beachside

78' weather, cold cocktails and no crowds

The countdown is on again till I return in a few months for more fun!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Redfishing in Tampa! Bring on Some Reds, Snook and Cold Drinks

Taking It Easy Beachside in Clearwater For Turkey Week

Heading back to Clearwater again for another Family gathering, 80' weather, beaches, cold drinks, more food than my body should ever be allowed to eat and some Reds!

Past trips to the Tampa area always seems to finish my year out right whether we catch a few or just sit back and relax over Thanksgiving. I try and make it a few times a year to Tampa and Boca grande for some outstanding fishing. We'll see what this week brings me.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

South Park Fishing...Expect The Unexpected

Fall Fishing in South Park

It's another Fall day in South Park aka fishing the Dream on a weekend and what do I get? I got the unexpected with 68' weather, no wind and sunshine all day! What's wrong with this picture? Well a bunch if you've never fished here, this place tortures all from crazy wind storms, insane crowds, bad flows, picky trout and normally snow storms this time of year. I got the opposite from gorgeous weather and few crowds to some nice fish. Every Fall on the Dream Stream can be bring many surprises from my whiteout last year to big Browns years before, one never knows what to expect. The big browns were mostly gone due to it being a few weeks after but plenty of other trout to keep me entertained. I do prefer cloudy, light winds to bring out the big boys but who can complain on a day like this.

Start the day off with a few Rainbows, cutthroats, brownies and Salmon...hmm that could almost count as a partial grand slam since pike were elusive this day!

Early bird gets the worm. Yep 1st one there and nothing like getting to an empty parking lot at 6:20am and easy pickens for all my hotspots.

Cutthroats were stacked in there today and they seemed to be all around the Kokanee's and eager to take some eggs as well as dry fly's once the hatch began. Biggest fish of the day was a 22" brown trout, where's the picture you ask? SDR is what happened, yes I decided to release it right at my net, yep a break off right on the edge. Oh well a fun fight nonetheless.

The perfect place to spend a Fall morning and better yet the place to have for yourself an hour before the crowds started kicking up dust.

One sexy Papa, they can be fun to catch but I prefer to catch the Trout species, must be from all the Salmon caught in Alaska and not wanting to keep changing up my tippet due to those fine teeth!

Boca ready for the ride! Long day of fishing and chasing chipmunks. One tired pup right there

Tips for Fishing The Dream Stream
The Good
-Big fish and a variety of fish species to target
-Great hatches
-If the River isn't fishing well hit the lakes or 11 mile canyon
-If you want to be up and close with horses, Buffalo's and Donkeys, this is your place
-Easy access areas 3 1/2 miles worth
The Bad
-Crowds, crowds and more crowds
-If you don't get crowded in your hole, your spot targeted by others, people up from you, down from you and walking by it's a good day
-If you don't get 40mph winds it's a good day
-If you don't get snowed on (till June and starts in Sept)it's a good day
-The flows seem to always be off
-Tough fishing for big fish, sight fishing can be brutal
-Did I mention the crowds again?

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Utah Stream Access Coaltion lawsuit

Utah Stream Access Coaltion lawsuit
Article Link

Late Friday we received word that the Utah Stream Access Coalition had filed a lawsuit claiming that the Public Waters Access Act passed through the 2010 Legislature was unconstitutional. Among the groups listed in the suit: Victory Ranch; the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and Wasatch County Sheriff Todd Bonner. Here's the story the Tribune broke on Friday.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Revenge is a Sweet Thang! Georgia/Awburn Football game

Football Rivalries Down South Run Deep
Some traditions can be dangerous when idiots are out in public.

After the second-ranked Auburn Tigers (11-0) barely escaped beating the visiting Georgia Bulldogs (5-6) in the South's old rivalry (114 games/7th oldest in NCAA) Saturday evening, thousands of Auburn fans rushed to Toomers Corner to celebrate Auburn's victory that clinched a berth in the SEC Championship Game held in Atlanta. Due to the dirty play from Nick Fairley, the dirtiest player in College football who tried to take out Georgia's Aaron Murray a few times during the game via the video below....Dawg Fans got a little revenge back on the Town of Auburn! No love loss here from a true Dawg fan and this team lost a lot of respect from me after the personal fouls called and punches thrown by Auburn players in this one! After attending countless Ga/Auburn games over the years, 7 in a row at one point,this one turned into another battle on the field with a close finish. It was Awburns players who stole the show with countless cheap shots,personal fouls and 2 players ejected for punches,very classy tigers.

Good luck Cam Newton with that $200,000 payout now, being declared ineligible and all those negative rumors about cheating/payoffs!

*Glad no one got hurt when the fire caught from the toilet paper on fire, firefighters put it out within minutes of catching. I guess when you have toilet paper hanging from trees all over it's bound to happen sooner or later.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Monster Oregon Steelhead, Fall Lake Run Browns, Lake Trout, Alaska Bows and Rocky Mountain Big Cuttbows Of The Week!

Meet Big and Bigger!

Yes it's another Big fish edition on FFA. Can one truly ever get enough of some big fish pictures? Each Friday my fishing pals and other friends expect the all important email. What is this weekly email you speak of? I get numerous emails all week from friends traveling abroad and fishing all over. To keep my cubicle, hard working -I haven't fished lately friends happy, I send them some fish porn and big trout pictures each and every Friday. Why not return the favor and include a few from the last few weeks that I've sent out. Enjoy and send me yours if you get a Piggee.

Crazy Jake is finishing out his Steelhead fishing season with hopefully another 300 days this year

What's Fall without seeing a few big Laker shots from up north. Man what a beeeeast

G_Smolt with a Wild AK Fall Monster, 31" X 18", man did I mess up not going to Alaska again this Fall

Monster Colorado Cuttbow on a local Western slope Tailwater. Which River? Good question and I was told to not reveal....sorry!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Touching The Soul...BC Steelhead Video Trailer

Touching the Soul (BC section trailer) from Troy Costa on Vimeo.

A preview of the first journey for the documentary "Touching the Soul". A low budget film project depicting a group of friends as they travel to British Columbia. Fly fishing and relating a connection between steelhead, fisherman, their surroundings, and the vibrations that affect each moment.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Lost World Of Mr. Hardy

It's Hardy Time

I think most people in the Fly Fishing world knows the name Hardy, but how many actually know the remarkable story behind the name? I was contacted by Nick Foundoukis at Trufflepig Films regarding the movie about "The Lost World of Mr. Hardy" and asked to take a look at his video. I get a number of videos sent to me from time to time and always enjoy watching whether Fly Fishing adventures, or in this case, an incredible story about Mr Hardy. The film is also available for stream-rental from their website for $2.99 so take a look.

I received the video and enjoyed it from start to finish, if you haven't watched this or are interested in finding out more, definitely contact him and get your video today! This documentary is a span of time through the Hardy brothers and is worth watching a number of times. Between the amazing photography, classic historic scenes and an impressive music theme to accompany this film.

I am a definite fan of Hardy, the name, history and it's products (recent write up on Hardy from Denver's 2010 Retailer Fly Fishing Show).

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Picture of The Week! Here Comes a Freight Train...

It's Going To Be A Wild Winter in Yellowstone!
Story Link

This picture says it all, this is one sight I hope to never encounter on my travels to Yellowstone. Not sure if this guy made it (some say he was burned by the recent fires and euthanized later by rangers) but if he did, it's going to be one long winter for sure!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winter Fly Fishing Colorado, Top Colorado Tailwaters, Winter Flies and More!

What Is It About Winter That Calls You Back To The Water?

Is it the Lack of crowds? Is it the masses headed to the Hills to ski or maybe you just need to get out because, well you like to fish?

Winter Fly Fishing in the Rockies can be an experience all to itself if you need a day out on the water. Winter fly-fishing in Colorado is much different from Fall and Spring fishing, the people are gone, the scenery is awesome, and the pace is relaxing. Due the winter weather it can change minute to minute so be mindful of your area and always be prepared for that nasty storm at any time.

Definitely first and foremost you need to keep toasty and stay dry while Winter Fishing. A way to keep your feet warm is to always wear boot foot waders. Avoid various types of stock foot waders and wading shoes because they restrict the blood flow to your feet making them cold. You can also use the chemical heat packs in between two socks to help keep your feet warm on very cold days or go sockless if you're a tough guy. There are a ton of tips out there to do, it really comes down to how cold you get as well. I don't get that cold so my techniques may be different than others. My favorite gloves to use are capilene liners with a couple of fingertips clipped off. Over the gloves I wear fingerless gloves. One thing also to look out for since Winter time fishing means Midge Fishing, so watch out for those tiny flies catching your gloves when swapping them out. It's almost a magnet for small flies to get snared on your gloves every 5 minutes so I just take mine off when changing flies. I always carry two or three pairs of different style gloves (for me and those who may forget) so that I can replace them if I get a hand wet holding a fish for a photo. I’m also a huge fan of cold weather wading pants of the micro fleece variety with anything that breathes and no sweat. NO JEANS ALOUD!!! This set up allows me to fish in various temps well below freezing in comfort and safety. Jackets, hood and socks can also vary so do your homework and don't forget to be comfortable, nothing worse than being stiff and uneasy all day in the cold.

Fish tend to hold in the lower layers of the water, sometimes coming into the shallowest areas when the sun warms a specific area. Deep nymph fishing is the most preferred fishing method for most in the winter time. Some use a sinking tip line that will quickly take the fly but I still change up and a majority of the time use floating line. If you are not using a sinking line, try adding some split shot weights to your fly if needed, just watch your casting. If you chunk streamers, any big streamer or heavy fly, slow down your casting motion and you'll eliminate a lot of knots before they happen. Nothing is also worse than trying to keep changing your flies when freezing fingers are present so keep it simple and be confident in a few flies and leave it. For a complete listing of top winter flies to use, Pat Dorsey is the man to listen to on what to use, I've used so many of his flies during the Winter that anyone of a number of them will work perfectly.

Winter trout are unlikely to rise to take a single fly normally. Trout save their energy for either a big hatch or perhaps a tempting morsel. Streamers can be effectively fished using a slow retrieve or through various stripping techniques. On rivers like the San Juan this is a prime time to be out fishing, or other places can be a dead day so make sure to also do some homework on what is fishing well and what turns on better for Spring fishing.

Your Guides Freezing?
Use vaseline, dip rod into the water, use your forceps and pock/prod, use cooking spray, WD40 spray? Too many to choose from I'll let you decide what works best. If you are "dipping" you rod to thaw the guides be very careful. While fishing the water tends to run down the line on to the reel. The result can be a frozen reel that can lead to a variety of problems; some of which can be hilarious and others not so funny - sprung reels and when a fish attempts to run smash leaders and in one case a snapped rod tip. There are a ton of ideas on what guys use so feel free to let us know what you think also, opinions always vary.

As a final note, I always take a few rods, nothing worse than one rod hanging up and either not casting well, the line gets hardened or you need to change up quickly without freezing changing your gear out on the same rod. There are guys I know that fish much more in the Winter season than I do (it's my busy seasonat work) so this is just a little information I can up with, I'm sure there's much more out there on tactics and things that work better. Get out enjoy some fishing and stay warm!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Top Winter Fly Fishing Trout, Saltwater Species Destinations! Colorado, Florida and California Lead The Way

Top Destinations of Choice


The Keys
Christmas Island
Central America: Panama/Costa Rica/Quatemala
San Diego

No Cal
Colorado Top Tailwaters
Texas Redfishing
Louisiana Redfishing
New York Brown trout fisheries

Fall Fishing Getaway..Another Great Day in The Rockies

Fall Fishing...Is There Be Anything Else You Would Rather Be Doing?

Time to get out and chase some Fall Browns again. Escape the crowds and head to a few local getaways lately. Not much snow falling lately so despite the weather being almost too nice, the browns are still a bit edgy on getting their groove on.

A perfect place to finish the day throwing tandem streamers on my 6wt G loomis and sex dungeon flies. The bigger the flies the better on the day gets and come night time I'm all about chunking the big stuff. A few past trips take me back to some find memories of Fall in Colorado.

Spring Bows are on the list for me at the start of the season than by August I truly have the big to chase some brown trout. Something about the aggressive take, magical colors and throwing streamers to keep me coming back each Fall.

Even though the Lakes call my name for some massive browns, Colorado rivers still hold some nice fish on the Dream Stream, Colorado River, Arkansas, Frying Pan and Eagle Rivers!

Todd coming out after a nice time out and headed to another prime location to target before the day ends. The fishing was a little off for him but the weather made up for it. I may have lucked out and caught a few more, a rarity at times when fishing with Todd, but we both managed a few sweet ones.

Thought you might enjoy a little Flavor from the Fall Colors up in the Hills, hard to beat! A few more weekends out than it's on to Hunting season, Saltwater trips and plans for Wintertime skiing.

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